Cody Rhodes Refuses To Rule Out Heel Turn

Cody Rhodes holding Undisputed WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes has admitted an unlikely heel turn isn’t totally out of the question.

Since returning to WWE at WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes has become the most beloved babyface in the company. In fact, he’s arguably the biggest babyface WWE has seen in several years.

The crowning moment of this crowd-pleasing run came at WrestleMania 40 when he finally defeated Roman Reigns to become Undisputed WWE Champion.

Despite his incredible popularity, some have wondered whether fans will turn on the star, and what will happen if they do. Some have suggested such an outcome could lay the groundwork for a heel turn.

During an interview with Peter Rosenberg on Cheap Heat, Rhodes admitted he’s thought about turning to the dark side, but a switch is unlikely given his connection with WWE’s young fans.

“I think I’m lying if I say I don’t think about it,” Rhodes said. “The truth is, I’m so caught up in the connection that I have, whether it’s the friendships bracelets I get at the shows, or just these moments you have with the kids coming full cosplay, this new generation of fan that’s going to grow up and have podcasts and radio shows…I’m so invested in them, it’s rare when I think outside of ‘Well, what about a version of me that’s hated? That’s disliked, that’s booed?’

I’ve certainly been booed before, been booed heavily…I guess I think minimally about it. And I could…you never say never. John [Cena]’s never happened, and I think rightfully so. I think what we got there, we look back at now and realize, I was just watching him vs. Umaga the other day, you see the magic of what John was able to do.

With the time I have left, contract wise, I don’t see it. But again, never say never. Absolutes are the worst thing in sports entertainment and pro wrestling.”

Cody Rhodes Addresses AEW Exit

During the same interview, Cody Rhodes also discussed his departure from AEW back in early 2022.

The American Nightmare said the narrative had changed around his time with AEW, something he described as disappointing. However, he admitted he’d never be able to root against the company because of the relationships he built up while he was there.

Cody has remained quiet on exactly why he decided to leave AEW, but recently admitted he was angry with how his wife Brandi Rhodes was treated by some when they left.

H/t to Wrestling Inc