WWE Planning More Roster Changes

Triple H WWE Draft

WWE’s rosters aren’t quite locked in.

The 2024 WWE Draft took place across the April 26th episode of SmackDown and the April 29th edition of Raw. Despite high expectations from fans, very few top names moved between brands with overall number-one pick Bianca Belair staying on SmackDown, and Roman Reigns being withdrawn altogether.

The likes of Seth Rollins, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Jade Cargill, Randy Orton, Liv Morgan, and Drew McIntyre also stayed put.

However, there could be some changes on the horizon.

According to Wrestle Votes, WWE is pleased with how the Draft played out and didn’t want to make too many changes to the top of the card. But some roster trades are expected before everything is fully locked in.

Sources indicate that WWE is generally pleased with the draft results and how everything played out on TV. I’ve been told they didn’t want too much high level shuffling as they were satisfied with the pre-draft breakdowns at the top of the card. It’s worth mentioning that a trade or two is expected before Monday’s “roster-locking” deadline.

The Undertaker Unimpressed By WWE Draft

If fans were left underwhelmed by the Draft, it seems they weren’t alone. Speaking on his podcast, The Undertaker said he would have liked to have seen more changes, commenting that this would have made it more “compelling” to watch.

In total, there were 56 picks made across the two nights of the WWE Draft including the supplemental draft that followed both SmackDown and Raw. 23 of those picks saw movement from one brand to another with 33 picks seeing talents remain exactly where they were.