Daniel Cormier Comments On Potential WWE Future

daniel cormier wwe referee

The WWE debut of Daniel Cormier saw the former cage fighter as the referee of the Fight Pit Match at Extreme Rules and now the UFC legend is talking about if he has a future in WWE.

Daniel Cormier is a former UFC Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight Champion that held both titles at the same time. After he retired from the UFC, he was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame in June 2022.

It is also well-known that Cormier is a lifelong WWE fan that has also tried out with the company in the past as an announcer. Cormier currently works for ESPN as a UFC announcer, which makes sense as a former top star in the sport.

At WWE Extreme Rules on October 8th, Cormier was the referee of the Fight Pit Match between a victorious Matt Riddle, who defeated Seth “Freakin” Rollins. At one point in the match, Cormier pulled Riddle off Rollins and warned him to not touch Cormier after an errant elbow. Cormier also warned Rollins about the same thing.

Prior to Extreme Rules, Cormier appeared on WWE’s The Bump show. When asked if he had a future in WWE after Extreme Rules, Cormier admitted he wasn’t focused on a potential future in WWE.

“I haven’t really thought much about anything more because I was approached to do a job. (…) I was brought in to do a job tonight and that’s what I’m here to do. I’m not worried about anything else. I’ve always been a fan. I’ve got friends here. I’ve got enemies here. I’ve just got a lot of things that tie me to this company and I like it.”

After Extreme Rules, Cormier was interviewed for a WWE Digital Exclusive and he talked about how it felt to be the referee of the Fight Pit Match:

“It was amazing. Those guys fought. You knew that a rivalry like that needed an ending like that. Something very true. Something that could not be questioned and Matt Riddle got it done. It was tremendous being inside the Fight Pit.”

“I had to put (Rollins) in his place because he’s been disrespectful. He grabbed me while I was checking on Matt Riddle. But I said I would be fair. I thought that I was that tonight. I came here to do a job and I think I did that job to the best of my abilities.”

Even though Rollins failed to beat Matt Riddle at Extreme Rules, Rollins will get a shot at Bobby Lashley’s US Title this coming Monday on Raw.