Colt Cabana Responds To “F**k CM Punk” Chants At AEW Full Gear

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Colt Cabana has addressed the “F**k CM Punk” and “Colt Cabana” chants that were taking place at AEW Full Gear.

During The Elite’s (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) All Elite Wrestling comeback at the pay-per-view, coming out to a thunderous applause from the crowd over the Kansas hit song “Carry on Wayward Son,” the fans didn’t take long to make it known how they’ve been feeling about their situation.

Shortly after the match began, while Kenny Omega was wrestling and The Young Bucks were on the apron, the Full Gear crowd started chanting “F**k CM Punk! F**k CM Punk! F**k CM Punk!,” and then following that were “Colt Cabana” chants.

The audience would also have other chants as well, such as “This is awesome!,” but it was the Punk and Cabana ones that stuck out the most.

While the chants were going on, none other than Colt Cabana himself took to Twitter and said that he was “chanting for the Elite!”

“I was chanting for the Elite! @AEW#AEWFullGear

CM Punk and The Elite were suspended back in September by All Elite Wrestling after their AEW All Out pay-per-view because of the sides brawling backstage, this because of Punk’s media scrum comments about Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and Colt Cabana.