“I Still Don’t Know What Happened” – Chris Jericho Recalls Supernatural “Abduction”

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Chris Jericho has revealed that he has no idea what happened while claiming that he dealt with a time displacement.

As the current ROH World Champion and Jericho Appreciation Society leader, Chris Jericho is one of the most successful wrestlers of his era. The eight-time World Champion continues to have great matches at the age of 52 even though a lot of wrestlers he used to wrestle have long since retired or moved on to other things in life.

Jericho’s durability in wrestling and ability to continue to have excellent were in full effect over the last week. At AEW Full Gear last Saturday, Jericho retained the ROH World Title against Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson and his own ally, Sammy Guevara, in a four-way match. That was followed up on the November 23rd episode of Dynamite when he retained the ROH World Title against Japanese wrestling legend Tomohiro Ishii in a brutal match where Jericho’s chest was full of blood due to so many chops from Ishii.

In addition to being a wrestling legend that is also a successful singer with his rock band Fozzy, Jericho also believes in the supernatural and has talked about it on his Talk Is Jericho podcast many times in the past.

Recently, Jericho joined American’s Got Talent judge/comedian and fellow Canadian Howie Mandel on Howie Does Stuff where Jericho said that he believes he experienced an abduction and time displacement.

“I’ve had time displacement. It’s when you can’t account for a certain stretch of time. It’s when you get like abducted. I was driving home on a country road and it should have taken me about an hour to get home, and instead of getting home at 2 AM, I got home at 5 PM. I still don’t know what happened. I don’t know.”

“I wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t doing drugs or anything. There is just a big chunk of time missing. I should probably go to a hypnotist and see what happened, if there was any abduction. I’ve had time displacement.”

The former AEW and WWE World Champion Chris Jericho also went on to claim that he had a supernatural experience when he was out hunting monsters.

“Here’s another one, I did a show for the travel channel, called Chris Jericho: Hunting Monsters. We went to the Louisiana Bayou to look for a Louisiana Werewolf. When we were there, there was a voodoo priest who put a curse on a town in the 20s. When she put a curse on the town, this is real, a hurricane came and killed 50 people. They have a mass grave in the middle of the swamp.”

“We were out there and I had a machete, I was cutting through the swamp and we got to the mass burial ground. I put the machete in the ground. They had the ghost hunters there with the thing where they scan you and the lights come on if something is attached to you. These guys were scanning me and it was going full-on Defcon green right on my arm. I was like, ‘let me see this thing. Is there a button you’re pushing?’ No, I do it to myself and it’s blinking.”

“Then I started feeling queasy, like I had been on a rollercoaster. ‘This is f**king not good. I have to get out of here, this is really bad.’ I pulled the machete out of the ground and it went away. I’m wondering if maybe when I put that machete in the ground, it made somebody mad that was buried there. I felt some weird shit going on in my body. I talked to a Shaman and they were like, ‘it happens, you get spirits attached to you and you have to be cleansed.’

Jericho went on to admit that when you feel something weird happening, it’s hard to really know or explain what is happening.

“It’s pretty out there stuff, but when you’re there and it’s three in the morning and you feel something weird going on and you know it’s not normal, it’s hard to explain it.”

As for his wrestling future, Jericho will defend his ROH World Title at the upcoming Final Battle pay-per-view on December 10th.

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