Chris Jericho Discusses Signing with AEW, Length of His Contract, Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns and More

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Chris Jericho signing with All Elite Wrestling was huge news this past week because he ‘s a 48-year-old wrestling legend that is still very active in the wrestling business. A lot of fans are likely shocked that he signed with an American wrestling company that isn’t World Wrestling Entertainment, but that’s exactly what happened.

Jericho sat down with Chris Van Vliet for an interview on Saturday and they talked for over 20 minutes about his career. This is the second Jericho interview we’ve posted in the last week because he covers some different stuff in this one. It’s a great interview that I recommend you check out at the bottom of this post, but for now, read these excerpts that Chris sent our friends at

Why he decided to sign with AEW and the length of his contract:
“As the past year progressed, going from New Japan to All In to The Cruise, and kind of seeing how life was on the other side, I realized, like The Young Bucks, like Kenny Omega and these guys, you can make a good living outside the WWE. Then when you have a billionaire getting involved, suddenly you have the biggest offer of my career — by far — I couldn’t say no. For the next three years, it’s AEW. That’s where I’m signed, and that’s the contract that I have.”

Would CM Punk sign with AEW?
“CM Punk’s not so much a free agent as he is a retired wrestler, from what I understand. Of course we’d love to have Punk come in there.”

The possibility of Kenny Omega going to AEW:
“Once I signed, the last remaining huge free agent is Kenny Omega. Jericho and Omega were the two. Where’s he gonna end up? I hope it’s with AEW, I really do. I guess we’ll find out, because his contract ends very quickly.”

Did he ask for Vince’s permission before signing with AEW?
“I spoke to Vince before I signed, and he knew it. The words we exchanged were very amicable, and it wasn’t like it was a surprise. Business is business. Vince McMahon is my friend; I respect him, I love the guy — no ill will whatsoever, just the business road took me this way. I would’ve been crazy not to do it because I might insult somebody. I think the first guy who would agree with that is Vince.”

An update on Roman Reign’s health:
“He’s doing his treatment, and I think things are going really well. I don’t really know much about leukemia. I don’t know what the endgame is as far as when you’re ‘cured’ — when it goes into remission, when you can do physical matches or travel or whatever it is. But we talk to him quite a bit. I’ve got a group text with him in it, and I text him on the side quite a bit. He always seems to be doing pretty well and in good spirits… We love him, and I think it’s just a matter of time before he comes back. But more importantly — that he stays healthy for his family, for sure.”

If you have 20 minutes to spare, I recommend checking out the interview. Van Vliet does a great job as usual.