Bruce Prichard Names Wrestling Promoters On His Mount Rushmore

Bruce Prichard wearing a suit

WWE Executive Producer Bruce Prichard has looked at wrestling promoters over the year and selected the four who make his Mount Rushmore.

Originally learning his craft under the tutelage of Paul Boesch at Houston Wrestling, Bruce Prichard has gone on to serve in senior roles with many wrestling promotions, including multiple spells with WWE.

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard came up with the Mount Rushmore of wrestling promoters he’s worked with over the last three decades, including explaining why one person doesn’t make the list.

Vince [McMahon] obviously, I think Vince is number one. I do have to put Boesch on there because Paul was a true promoter. You have to view it through the eyes of who was a promoter, who was a marketer, who was a booker. Paul was a promoter’s promoter. Vince McMahon Sr. was a promoter.

Jim Barnett, Jim was a promoter and as years went on, Jim Crockett was the guy who owned a business, Jim [Crockett] didn’t promote. Dusty Rhodes was a promoter, even though Dusty didn’t have that moniker, that’s what Dusty did. So that would probably be it, the two Vince’s, Paul and Dusty.

Earlier this year, Bruce Prichard gave a public apology to The Undertaker on his podcast for matches he was put in which “stunk to high heaven”.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.