Bray Wyatt QR Code Leads To Psych Evaluation Report, David Bowie Song

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Bray Wyatt is back on WWE Smackdown, but the QR Codes about him keep coming as the mystery continues.

During the October 21st episode of Smackdown, Bray Wyatt was featured in a promo segment in a darkened part of the building while some ominous music played in the background. Here’s the summary from my Smackdown review.

“Bray Wyatt was shown in a darkened part of the building. Bray said he used to say all the time that revenge is the confession of pain. Bray said that confessing things can help. Bray confessed that he has always had problems and it’s not hard for people to say. Bray talked about how the anger takes him to dark places, but for whatever reason, he gets chances that most people don’t get. Bray said he was okay with being left alone, but he confesses that he needed all of you. Bray said you told him what to do without having to tell him and he’s thankful for that. Bray said now he can see, he knows “who you are” and he knows what you’re trying to do, but it won’t work. Bray said that he confesses he’ll do horrible things, but he’ll never feel sorry for them. Bray: “I’m just a servant now. I go where the circle takes me.” He winked at the camera to end it.”

Later in the show, a video aired featuring the creepy mask known as “Mr. Howdy” while a QR code appeared as well.

The QR Code that aired during Smackdown led to a WWE website, which featured the psych evaluation report for Wyatt. On the evaluation, it says Wyatt has “difficulty showing remorse or empathy.” Elsewhere in the report, it states: “Disregarding or violating the rights of others.”

What’s interesting about the report is the Client ID # is 855-211-1333, which is a phone number. If you call the number, you will hear Wyatt whispering this:

“Oh no, not me
I never lost control. Oh no, not me
We never lost control.”

Those are song lyrics from the David Bowie song “The Man Who Saved The World” from his 1970 album that had the same name. While Bowie’s version was popular, it grew in popularity in 1993 when Nirvana played it during a memorable MTV Unplugged appearance in 1993.

The short clip from Smackdown can be seen below.

Thanks to 411Mania for some of the information above.