AEW Official Blasts Stars Who “Leak Info To The Sheets”

Tony Khan AEW

An AEW producer has hit back at those within the company who leak creative to the media.

Jerry Lynn has come to the defence of Tony Khan after it was suggested some within AEW were becoming frustrated with creative plans being revealed at the last minute. Lynn said creative is being passed to talent in this way because Khan is trying to keep spoilers out of the media. Lynn added that anyone leaking information is damaging the industry.

You can find the social media comments from the ECW legend below.

Because wrestlers and God knows who else have and continue to leak info to the sheets, podcasts, etc. So Tony tries to keep things confidential. You wouldn’t want to know everything before you see a movie. Anyone who leaks info is doing damage to the product and the industry.

AEW Talent Reportedly Frustrated By Last-Minute Decisions

Jerry Lynn was reacting to a report from Dave Meltzer that said AEW’s creative process is frustrating talent, comparing it to WWE’s well-documented policy of making late changes to its television shows. However, this has changed with Triple H in creative control.

“If you follow AEW you know a lot of the stuff is being decided at much later periods than previous. Guys are getting their information on what they’re doing later, decisions are being made later. So that’s just how it is, there’s times even the day of the show you don’t know how it is. There’s times like we used to talk about WWE which is also very frustrating for talent.

Meltzer added that even those with input over their creative plans are in the dark about long-term storyline direction.