WWE Star Taken Away In Ambulance After Raw Debut

WWE ambulance

One WWE star should have been celebrating after making his Raw debut but instead, they were carted off in an ambulance.

Bron Breakker was drafted to Monday Night Raw as part of the 2024 WWE Draft and he’s out to make a name for himself any way he can. The former NXT Champion was left out of the King of the Ring tournament and was looking to make a point as he was set for his first Raw match in over two years.

Breakker was faced with Kale Dixon, a WWE talent who had only appeared on TV via the NXT Level Up show so far where he has a grand total of one win. This was Dixon’s Raw debut and it is one that will live long in the memory – once the pain subsides.

Bron Breakker Sends WWE Talent Away In An Ambulance

Out to prove Raw General Manager Adam Pearce made a mistake in leaving him out of the King of the Ring, Bron Breakker took Dixon apart in no time at all. The referee was forced to intervene, calling the match off and declaring Breakker the winner as Dixon could no longer continue.

Breakker continued the assault, smashing a steel chair into Dixon while his head was left prone on the steel ring steps. Eventually, Dixon was taken away on a stretcher out of the arena.

After a break, Adam Pearce was seen backstage as Kale Dixon was being loaded into an ambulance. Pearce confronted Breakker but the dominant star told Pearce he could not control him and this was his fault for leaving him out of the tournament.