WWE Hall Of Famer Dismisses Fan Theory About Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes holding Undisputed WWE Championship

A WWE Hall of Famer has commented on whether Cody Rhodes is becoming an over-saturated WWE Champion.

Cody Rhodes officially became the “face” of WWE at WrestleMania 40 when he defeated Roman Reigns and put an end to the Tribal Chief’s 1316-day championship reign.

Since becoming the WWE Champion, Cody has become a Smackdown guy. At WWE Backlash France, Cody had a fantastic match with AJ Styles that saw Cody retain his title in his first televised title defense.

On WWE Smackdown in Jacksonville, Cody received a huge ovation from the crowd for a contract signing segment with Logan Paul. The fans love singing along with his “Kingdom” theme song, they cheer him during his matches and hang on to his every word during his promos as well.

Booker T is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer currently working on the NXT brand as an announcer. Booker also has a popular Hall of Fame radio show/podcast. On a recent show, he spoke about the idea that some fans might be getting tired of Cody Rhodes.

“I always felt like less was more. Less made you feel like a champion a whole lot more.

“Cody doesn’t seem like he’s over-saturated right now. It doesn’t seem that way. It seems like he’s on the show sporadically, but then he’s working.

“The matches that he’s working are high-caliber matches. It don’t get any bigger than working with AJ Styles, to go out and perform at that level, to be in a high profile angle with somebody like Logan Paul, who’s not just captivated the wrestling world – the kid has blown up, he’s totally in his own world.

“And then to be able to go out and perform in that type of a match and perform at a very high level, I’m wondering, what are you looking for when you make a statement like that?”

Cody Rhodes Learned About Roman Reigns-The Rock Plans On A Big Day

WrestleMania 40 ended up on a happy note with Cody Rhodes beating Roman Reigns to become WWE Champion, but that wasn’t the plan. Originally, WWE wanted to do The Rock against Reigns and have Cody involved in something else, but the fans rejected it so much that WWE pivoted and went with Cody over Reigns after all.

Cody has since revealed that he learned about the Roman-Rock plan on the day of the WWE Royal Rumble PLE, which was the same night when Cody won the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row.

“One thing that might be revealed in the documentary and might put things in a different perspective for people is I find out about the possibility of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns the day of the Royal Rumble and I had to leave that room head up and make sure no one knew what could possibly happen and probably one of the more difficult days I’ve ever had in the wrestling business.

But also, how could you complain when you’re winning the Royal Rumble. When you’re pointing at the sign [and] over 20,000 people in Tampa. It was such a high, such a low.”

Up next for Cody Rhodes is a WWE Title defense against Logan Paul at King and Queen of the Ring this Saturday, May 25th in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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