What Was Adam Copeland’s “Rated-R Rebuttal” To Christian Cage?

adam copeland christian cage promo

Adam Copeland had a message for Christian Cage on Dynamite but it might not have been the one people wanted to hear.

Adam Copeland burst into AEW at the end of the WrestleDream pay-per-view where he came face-to-face with his long-time tag team partner Christian Cage. However, he stopped Cage, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne from taking out Sting but stopped short of getting physical with his old friend

Copeland tried to talk Cage into reforming their team and leaving Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne behind but the TNT Champion had a succinct answer of “go f*ck yourself” to that idea.

The Rated R Superstar competed in his first match in AEW on the Title Tuesday edition of the show as he took on Luchasaurus. Copeland picked up the victory but not before Cage twisted the knife by talking about his family including WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Adam Copeland “not going to fight” Christian Cage

On Dynamite in Rosenberg, Texas, Adam Copeland was advertised to give a “Rated-R Rebuttal” to Cage and he did just that but perhaps did not send out the message most people hoped to hear as he declared that he wasn’t going to fight his old friend:

“Things have not been going smoothly. I don’t understand what’s happened. The whole idea in coming here was to end my career with Christian Cage and team with him. And he sounded on board with that until it got real.

“I sat down this week and began replaying my relationship with him over the years. We’ve known each other since the 6th grade. We were best friends in high school and in college. We both entered an essay contest to get into wrestling school. I wrote in and he didn’t. Fast forward and I got the dream gig and I always said, to whoever would listen, you’ve gotta see my friend.

“For whatever reason, over the years, it’s always been Adam and Jay. And it’s stuck with him, and I feel it’s frustrated him. He said I had a rocket strapped to my back, but I worked hard. I’m surprised that this keeps repeating at this stage in our lives. He’s riding high right now. He came here first, and I didn’t intend to take away his spotlight. I don’t want his TNT Title. I’m not going to fight him. What that means for me, I don’t know. One thing I do know is eventually Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus are going to leave him high and dry. And I’ll be there to pick him up.”

Whether or not Adam Copeland will be able to stay true to his word or if Christian Cage will continue to provoke the Rated R Superstar into a fight remains to be seen.