Ex-WWE Star Credits Christian Cage For Saving Him During Match

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Christian Cage may be known as an evil guy on AEW TV, but he is actually a nice guy who saved another wrestler from a serious injury.

Former WWE Superstar has been praised recently for launching a YouTube channel where he talked about his WWE career while revealing certain things that the fans didn’t know.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Maven spoke about the time he broke his leg during a match with Christian Cage (just Christian when he was in WWE) by doing a basic move.

“There it is. That makes me cringe. The move is called a baseball slide. I played baseball for the better part of 17 years of my life. The fact that I broke my leg on a baseball side is God proving that he has a sense of humour. At this point, my leg, I knew it was broken.”

“On a baseball slide you are supposed to jump and put your lead leg out. It’s called a baseball slide but you are not supposed to slide on your legs. My boot gets caught on the canvas and immediately I break my ankle and my fibula.”

As he continued talking about the match, Maven spoke about how he had to alert the referee Teddy Long that his leg was broken.

“I threw Christian out right there, that wasn’t the called spot. He immediately knew when I threw him out just to follow. Christian is a professional, he knows what is happening in the ring. I am alerting the ref, ‘Hey I’m hurt, my leg is broken.’ My leg was pretty much snapped in two spots at this point.”

Maven spoke about a spot in the match where he did a slingshot dive over the top heading toward Christian, who managed to step up and catch/break Maven’s fall. If Christian didn’t do that, Maven likely would have landed on his head.

“He saved my life there. Thanks, Christian. I was going down on my head. If he doesn’t catch me there, that’s not a good day for me.”

As for Vince McMahon, he reacted to Maven’s broken leg by wondering if Maven was able to finish the match.

“When Vince (McMahon) found out that I broke my leg, someone said, ‘Vince, Maven broke his leg during the match.’ And Vince’s reaction was, ‘Did he finish?’ I am very happy to this day to say the answer was, ‘Yeah he did.’ I don’t know what would have happened if I wouldn’t have finished.”

Christian Cage defending TNT Title on AEW Collision

While Maven is retired from wrestling as a full-timer and thriving on YouTube talking about his career, Christian Cage is performing at a very high level as the TNT Champion.

Tonight on AEW Collision, Christian will defend the TNT Title against Bryan Danielson. It was a match that Danielson earned because he beat Swerve Strickland in an incredible match this past Tuesday on the “Title Tuesday” edition of AEW Dynamite.