Kurt’s Review Of The Marine 4 Starring The Miz & Summer Rae!

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The idea was simple, My wife loves The Miz and I love Summer Rae. So of course we’d watch The Marine 4: Moving Target. I was pitched an idea to give my opinions on the movie, and I figured I would do so, so you guys don’t have to watch it. The thing is though, you should watch it. For a movie designed to be a straight to DVD sequel, you could do a lot worse than spending an hour and half watching this movie. It’s got action, explosions, a couple cool deaths, two beautiful women, and awesome B-Movie one liners. (“Go ahead and call my bluff bitch. Meanwhile I’m gonna have breakfast” was my personal favorite from The Miz.)

The Miz actually makes some quality “popcorn” movies. They’re not going to win any Oscars, but they will fill a couple hours of your day with mindless entertainment. The Marine 3 was better than anything John Cena or Ted DiBiase Jr. could dream of, and while Christmas Bounty was anything but a Christmas movie, it had some funny moments and The Miz shows a great deal of charm in it. The beauty of some movies is that you don’t have to think; just sit back and watch the bullets fly. I feel The Miz gets that.

The premise behind The Marine 4 has The Miz reprising his role as Jake Carter from the third installment of The Marine. On his first day in a new job, Agent Carter is assigned to protect Olivia Tanis, who harbors a lot of highly confidential information that would bring down a corrupt military group. Of course, five minutes after getting Olivia into his security detail SUV, they come under attack and Carter does all he can to protect her. The movie is predictable, with only one real “twist” early in the movie regarding those that Carter can trust while keeping the girl safe. They at least didn’t do an even more predictable love story between Carter and Olivia, so I give them credit for that.

One of the selling points to this movie is that Summer Rae became the first WWE Diva to secure a starring role in one of WWE Studios movies. And if you saw the DVD cover, you would make the assumption that she is an ally of The Miz and has a starring role. You would be wrong on both assumptions. Summer is actually on the mercenaries team that is going after Jake and Olivia. She also only had about five lines in the entire movie. Although, dialogue was at a premium throughout the movie so I wouldn’t say that’s a knock on her. Summer looks great in the movie, and actually stands out quite a bit being the only female in the group she’s working for. I really enjoyed the fight scene that The Miz and Summer have in the movie, as it’s a nice tip of the cap to the two cast members who came from WWE and wouldn’t be able to interact like that inside the ring.

The only thing I can say negatively about this movie is that the shooting accuracy has got to be the worst in film history. Half the movie is bullets flying everywhere, and yet no one dies unless Carter character hits a miraculous shot. There’s probably 8-10 people on The Mercenaries team, all aiming for Agent Carter or Olivia, and between the two of them, Carter gets hit once in the arm with a bullet. Who hired this team, Stevie Wonder? But again, sometimes that’s just the beauty of a B-Movie.

WWE Studios gets a bad rap for some of the movies they make, Knucklehead and anything John Cena makes for example. They also have some really good efforts however, and The Marine 4: Moving Target is definitely one of them.

I would give it a solid 6.5 out of 10 rating. You don’t have to go out of your way to see it, but if it’s at your local Redbox or on cable TV, it’s absolutely worth the view.