The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 10/26/20 Review

Welcome to the WWE Raw Deal review on TJRWrestling. This is the post-Hell in a Cell edition of Raw following a night where Randy Orton became a 14-time World Champion in WWE after defeating Drew McIntyre to become the WWE Champion once again. My Hell in a Cell review is here in case you missed it.

For this review, I’m going with the shorter, summary style format for the matches and promos rather than in-depth play by play. I’m watching on Tuesday morning because on Monday night I was watching my LA Rams crush the Chicago Bears and I just feel like using the summary once in a while. It’s what I do for NXT regularly. I’ll do play by play for the last match on the show since I know it was the best one.

From the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, this is the Raw Deal for episode #1431 of Monday Night Raw. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Please visit daily for our regular updates on the wrestling business featuring WWE news coverage, insightful columns from our team along with reviews about wrestling’s past and present. Let’s roll.

There was a video package that showed highlights of Randy Orton beating Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell to become the WWE Champion. Drew took a big bump off the cell through a table, sold it big time along with some internal bleeding and Randy finished him off with an RKO. Randy celebrated with the WWE Title as he became a 14-time WWE Champion counting the WWE Title and the older World Title. The Raw intro video aired. I’m still getting used to the new song, but it’s pretty catchy.

The Raw announce team of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe were on hand to call the action.

Let’s Hear from Drew McIntyre

The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre walked out in a black shirt and slacks without the WWE Title in his possession. Drew was the champion for over six months. Drew said there were no excuses, but he promised he will be WWE Champion once again. Drew mentioned the movie Rocky saying that it’s not about how hard you hit, but how much you can take and keep moving forward because that’s how winning is done. Drew said even though he fell 16 feet off the cell through the table, you might be scared right now and here’s The Miz with John Morrison.

The Miz is the new Mr. Money in the Bank as he walked out with the green briefcase with the contract and John Morrison was with him. They complimented Drew for his run as WWE Champion for over 200 days. They weren’t calling Drew a loser, just not a winner.

The Miz reminded us that he is Mr. Money in the Bank, so he reminded us that it entitles him to a World Championship match any time he wants. Miz mentioned he became WWE Champion before when he cashed in MITB on Randy Orton right there in Orlando and that was ten years ago. Miz said that history could repeat itself because Orton is a guest on Moment of Bliss.

Miz told Drew that if he won Hell in a Cell, then he would be standing there with the WWE Championship outnumbered by them and Miz thinks he would have cashed in to become WWE Champion. Morrison said there’s no target on McIntyre anymore.

Drew was sick of them, so he hit Miz with a headbutt. Morrison spoke with a bad Scottish accent, McIntyre punched him and suplexed him across the ring. McIntyre went for a Future Shock DDT on Morrison, but Miz did a cheap shot to the knee and the heels retreated. McIntyre stepped on the sunglasses on Morrison to break them. McIntyre said that he’s got a great idea that he’ll run by management and said that it will be a bad night for Miz/Morrison. Drew had a smile on his face.

Analysis: That took up about 12 minutes with McIntyre showing off a positive attitude while Miz/Morrison were annoying heels. It was smart to have McIntyre come across that way in the promo instead of whining about losing because Drew’s a babyface. The best Miz is when he’s cocky even though he’s a chickenshit heel, but I find him entertaining even after all these years. I just wish Morrison could be presented as more of a star instead of as a joke.

AJ Styles made his entrance with the big man Jordan Omogbehin in a suit although WWE still isn’t calling Jordan by a name when he’s on camera.


Later on Raw is Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz.

AJ Styles said he’s 2-0 since being on Raw while dominating everybody that’s in the ring with him and it’s the return of the Phenomenal Era. Styles complained about how he had to qualify for the Raw Survivor Series team. Styles said he should be the captain because he’s the face that runs the place. Styles spoke about his associate (big man Jordan) that doesn’t like to be noticed or looked at or talked to. Styles complained about Jeff Hardy using the knee brace to beat him for the IC Title earlier in the summer and that led to the match.

AJ Styles (w/Jordan Omogbehin) vs. Jeff Hardy

The winner gets to be on the men’s Raw Survivor Series team. The action spilled to the floor quickly, Hardy jumped off the middle turnbuckle, Jordan caught Hardy in his arms and…that led to a commercial less than one minute into the match.


Styles was in control with an enziguri kick and a brainbuster for a two count. The announcers kept talking about Jordan by saying “gigantic man” and “associate” instead of using a name for the guy. Hardy got some offense going with a low dropkick, mule kick and the corner dropkick for a two count. Styles with the slam off the shoulders into the knee that hit the back of Hardy. Jeff came back with a jawbreaker, legsweep and pin attempt using his legs to keep Styles down for a two count. Styles sent Hardy into the turnbuckle followed by a Rack Bomb (slam off the shoulders) for two. Hardy avoided the Pele Kick leading to a rollup for two. Hardy with sitout front suplex, then he was delayed staring at the big man on the floor, so Styles tripped up Hardy on the turnbuckle. Styles sent Hardy into the ring post and then Hardy hit a Phenomenal Forearm off the top for the pinfall win after ten minutes.

Winner by pinfall: AJ Styles

Analysis: **3/4 It was a good match between two veterans that have wrestled many times. They got enough time where Styles and Hardy each came close to winning a few times, but Styles ended up getting the clean win. There needs to be a big name to use for Jordan because the announce team commentary about him is weird. Just get him a name.

After the match, Elias showed up behind Hardy and hit Jeff in the back with a guitar. This feud must continue after Hardy attacked Elias with a guitar at Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

R-Truth, the 24/7 Champion, was shown walking backstage with Sarah Schreiber there to conduct an interview. Truth said he was going to scout the competition in a tag team match. It featured the unique Truth dialogue as usual.


There was a video about WWE working with Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness month. I’m surprised they didn’t mention that earlier in the month.

Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik)

Gulak worked over Dorado a bit, but then Dorado countered a move into a slam that sent Gulak face first into the mat. R-Truth walked out with the 24/7 Title to scout the competition. Tozawa got a rollup on Truth for a two count and Truth sent Tozawa into the barricade. Truth into the ring, Dorado wit ha dropkick for two as Gulak broke it up. Dorado ended up jumping off the top with a cross body block on Gulak for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik)

Analysis: * A silly match that meant nothing. At least the cross body block off the top looked cool.

After the match, there were three pin attempts on Truth on the floor, but Truth kept kicking out at two. The losers chased after Truth to the back.

They showed Huskus the pig because Firefly Fun House is next.


Firefly Fun House

There was a lot of food on a table as Huskus, Mercy and Ramblin’ Rabbit were shown at the table. Bray Wyatt welcomed us to the tea party. Alexa Bliss arrived with some tea. Bliss made it extra special for Ramblin’ Rabbit while adding it had strawberry, peach, sugar and a smidgen of a secret ingredient…arsenic. Rabbit ended up “dying” from it because that’s his gimmick. Wyatt said that they’re all mad and they don’t have to hide from anything anymore. Wyatt said that he protects you, he heals you and he comforts you. Bliss looked down, then up and there was a red light on her creepy-looking eyes that were white with a red outline. She said “Let Him In” and some Fiend graphics appeared. Bliss said she gets to host a Moment of Bliss with new WWE Champion Randy Orton as Wyatt did not look happy as we heard fire noises since Orton burned down the Wyatt “house” three years ago. Rabbit woke up from his death saying he was alright, so then Wyatt attacked him and Bliss laughed about it with some red light in the room. Wyatt said he can’t wait to see Randy Orton on a Moment of Bliss later tonight, he said it’s going to be fire and they said bye.

Analysis: This was fine with a bit of a different feel to it since crazy Alexa Bliss is there now. At least there was some story continuity with Wyatt getting angry when Orton’s name was mentioned. Meanwhile, I am writing about the death of a hand puppet on a wrestling show. Life is weird. Serenity now.

Keith Lee was interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso. Lee said that Braun Strowman couldn’t beat him clean, so Braun went below the belt and took a cheap way out. Lee said that the next time he faces Braun he’ll show him a real monster. Lee said tonight is about destroying Elias and joining the Survivor Series team.

A commercial aired for NXT Halloween Havoc this Wednesday with some big matches: NXT North American Title match with Damian Priest defending against Johnny Gargano, NXT Women’s Title with Io Shirai defending against Candice LeRae, Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez and Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis. Plus, Pat McAfee returns with the new Tag Team Champions. Shotzi Blackheart hosts it. I’ll have a review up on Thursday morning on TJRWrestling.


There was a backstage scene with WWE Official Adam Pearce walking up to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Nia thought she was team captain of the Raw Women’s team, Shayna Baszler thought she was the captain and Pearce told them they’re not the captain. Pearce said that they’re working on the team and have an announcement before the end of the night. Baszler asked Jax if she was on her team list, but Jax didn’t answer.

Elias did a pre-match song. Elias has a new album out called Universal Truth that was released on Monday. It did pretty well in its first day although I didn’t check it out.

Keith Lee vs. Elias

The winner gets to be on the men’s Raw Survivor Series team. Lee showed off his athleticism early with a leapfrog followed by a running cross body block. Elias got some momentum by stunning Lee against the ropes, then a kick into the barricade, but Lee hit a shoulder tackle to send Elias over the announce table.


Elias fought his way out of a Spirit Bomb with a headscissors along with a jumping knee to the face. Elias continued the attack by shoving Lee into the ring post and barricade. Elias grounded Lee with a chinlock with Lee coming back with a powerslam. After Lee hit a corner splash, Elias came back with a bit of a sloppy neckbreaker. Elias went up top, Jeff Hardy’s music played with no sign of Jeff, so Elias was distracted and Lee slammed Elias off the top. Lee hit the Spirit Bomb for the pinfall win after 10 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Keith Lee

Analysis: **1/2 An average match with Lee getting the win as he should. I think if it was a few minutes shorter it would have been better, but I guess WWE wanted Elias to get some offense. I don’t like the music distraction finish, but it was payback for earlier in the show. I don’t buy into the “Elias is going to get a push” reports that much. I think he’ll be a midcard heel, but I don’t see him getting past that level because his matches are too boring. Lee is a future main eventer as long as they book him right.

After the match, Elias got back up and Jeff Hardy hit him in the back with a guitar as payback for earlier in the show.

The Hurt Business foursome of MVP, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley were standing backstage. A short guy tried to use their bathroom, but MVP intimidated him and the guy ran away. The short guy was a long-time creative team member named Ryan Ward, in case you’re wondering.


The video package aired showing Randy Orton’s WWE title win at Clash of Champions. This aired 1 hour, 20 minutes after the start of the show when they showed the same video package. We know WWE likes to repeat things.

Randy Orton was shown walking backstage with the WWE Title with Charly Caruso asking if Orton was concerned about The Fiend making an appearance. Orton said he has no concerns and the only people that should have concerns are people that cross Randy Orton.

A video aired about The Hurt Business’ issues with Retribution to set up this match.

The Hurt Business entered for an eight-man tag team elimination match.


The Hurt Business foursome US Champion Bobby Lashley, Montel Vontavious Porter, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander did a pre-match promo. MVP said when Retribution first showed up on Raw, everybody ran away except The Hurt Business because they don’t run. Lashley said they looked at Retribution as an opportunity. MVP said if you’re a good businessman, you know you never do things for free. MVP said something about how they wanted payment in the form of gold. That’s how we got to this match.

Analysis: It’s a weird feud between two heel groups where it’s hard to root for either side. This also feels like a blowoff match, but I’m not sure if it is.

Elimination Match: The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) vs. Retribution (Mustafa Ali, T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack) w/Reckoning

This is an elimination match, so it’s like Survivor Series although it’s 4 on 4 instead of 5 on 5 like at the PPV. Lashley and T-Bar got into a slugfest as the two biggest men in the match with Lashley hitting a shoulder tackle followed by a flatliner. The heels took control with Mace and Slapjack working over MVP, who managed to send Slapjack into the turnbuckle and a suplex across the ring. Reckoning aka Mia Yim was having a fit of sorts and she was shaking as if she thought she had bugs on her or something like that. Anyway, MVP was distracted by that, so Slapjack did the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! to eliminate MVP.

MVP eliminated by Slapjack

Reckoning kept on acting weird in the ring. On Twitter, Reckoning said she was possessed. This was dumb.


Lashley had Slapjack grounded with a waistlock. During the commercial, Reckoning revealed she was faking her possession moment and she was ejected from ringside. Lashley hit a Spear on Slapjack to eliminate him.

Slapjack eliminated by Bobby Lashley

T-Bar went after Lashley, they went to the floor and kept brawling over the barricade. The referee was counting, so they were both eliminated by countout.

Bobby Lashley and T-Bar eliminated by countout

That means it’s Benjamin and Alexander against Ali and Mace. There was a nice leg lariat by Mace on Alexander to knock him down. Alexander with a dropkick to the leg to chop the big man down, Benjamin got the tag and Alexander hit the Neuralizer kick into Paydirt by Benjamin to pin Mace.

Mace eliminated by Shelton Benjamin

That meant that Ali was the last man for his team as Benjamin hit a fallaway slam. Alexander kicked Ali out of the ring and Ali hit Alexander in the ribs with a steel chair to get disqualified. The match went 15 minutes.

Mustafa Ali eliminated by disqualification

The winners were Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.

Winners: The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander)

Analysis: ** This was poorly booked for an elimination match. The booking of Retribution has been terrible. I’m not sure why Retribution has been booked to be such losers and what their future is, but this match didn’t help them at all. The stuff with Reckoning was just stupid. I really liked how well Benjamin and Alexander worked together with the Neuralizer into Paydirt, so maybe they should become a regular tag team moving forward.

Ali hit Alexander with a chair to the back as well. Ali tried to run away, but Lashley and MVP were walking down the ramp. Ali ran away by running through the crowd. The Hurt Business checked on Alexander with the other guys telling Cedric he did well. Phillips mentioned the group wanting payment in the form of gold.

Analysis: This storyline has made The Hurt Business guys look like faces even though they are more of a heel group. The line about looking for gold probably means Benjamin and Alexander going after tag team gold, which is fine with me. I like that idea.

The lovely Mandy Rose was standing backstage with Angel Garza hitting on her while holding a rose. Dana Brooke was there with Mandy. Rose said that Otis has had a rough 24 hours since he lost Money in the Bank and his best friend, but she is still close with Otis. Garza asked about Dana, who said nothing and Garza said hello to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, who wanted no part of Garza. Jax took the rose and winked at Garza. Rose and Baszler talked to Rose and Brooke, who noted that they haven’t been beaten on Raw. Dana told them to watch their backs and those titles. Baszler and Jax didn’t take them seriously. Jax liked the Rose, Shayna was like “seriously, Garza?” and that was it.

Analysis: Maybe Jax and Garza will be a thing or it leads to nothing. I can’t say I care. Mandy and Dana looked amazing. I do care about that.

Drew McIntyre entered for his match looking ready to go.


The announcers plugged that Elias’ new album Universal Truth is #2 in the iTunes Soundtrack Track and it was at number one later in the night.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz (w/John Morrison)

McIntyre was aggressive as he attacked Miz against the turnbuckle and he tossed Miz out of the ring. Miz shoved McIntyre ribs first into the steel steps with Drew coughing to sell the attack on the ribs that were injured at Hell in a Cell as well. Miz got a DDT for a one count leading to Morrison getting a cheap shot on McIntyre. Miz worked over the right knee of McIntyre a bit. McIntyre with clotheslines, and two overhead belly to belly suplex along with a neckbreaker. Miz managed to send McIntyre to the floor, Drew was ready for Morrison and suplexed him on the floor. McIntyre tossed the briefcase away. Back in the ring, Miz got a rollup for two and then McIntyre hit a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win after five minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Analysis: ** An easy win for McIntyre to get him some positive momentum after losing the WWE Title. Nice job of Drew selling the ribs again before he came back to win. I’m not going to look it up, but I review every show and I would venture to guess that Miz has lost 80% of his matches this year. Miz is Mr. Money in the Bank, though, so that’s what matters. I’m just saying that maybe Miz could be booked better.

After the match, Drew pointed at the ThunderDome where famous actor Matthew McConaughey and his two sons were watching at home. Matthew has the same birthday as me, next Wednesday, November 4. Anything going on the day before that? No comment.

The New Day were backstage imitating Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits with Kofi wearing a hat that said “FAM” on it since Dawkins says “FAM” all the time. Xavier Woods said that maybe he could face King Corbin as King of the Ring. There were graphics shown of Survivor Series matches and then Asuka joined them with Asuka saying “we want the smoke” like Street Profits. Anyway, the matches they went over were in this order. MVP mentioned US Champion Bobby Lashley bringing the hurt to Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. MVP let New Day know they have their sights set on the Tag Team Champions. Asuka told Hurt Business they’ll fail because “New Day Rocks” and the champs danced. Kofi did mention the elimination tags, but they didn’t show them on the screen. Anyway, the champion vs. champion matches at Survivor Series looks like this.

* WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

* Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Raw Women’s Champion Asuka

* Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

* Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley

This week on Smackdown: Jey Usos faces the consequences of quitting in his match against Roman Reigns and we found out what’s next for new Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.


Drew McIntyre was shown walking backstage with Charly Caruso showing up to ask if this was his first step to the WWE Championship. Drew said it was the first step and Orton will have a moment tonight, but it won’t be a moment of bliss and he promised us that.

The WWE Officials duo of Adam Pearce and Pat Buck were in the ring introducing us to the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team. Pearce introduced Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the Women’s Tag Team Champions, made their entrance. Buck introduced Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke, so that’s four of the women in the match.

Nia Jax said that the fifth and final team member should be announced by Nia, who thought she was the team captain. The four women argued. Pearce let them know that the fifth woman on team Raw would be settled in a Fatal 4-Way match.

Lana vs. Lacey Evans vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

They went to break 20 seconds into the match with Lana as the only woman standing in the ring.


Royce kicked Lana and the ribs and threw her into the ring post to send her out of the ring. Royce kicked Evans off the apron and Cross got a rollup on Royce for two. Royce came back with a clothesline. Cross was on fire as she sent Royce into the turnbuckle, clothesline to Lana on the floor and a DDT on Evans on the floor. Cross jumped off the top with a cross body block on Royce for two. Lana got back in the ring, Evens decked her with a Woman’s Right and Lana went to the floor again. Royce slammed Cross onto Evans for a two count. Cross went up top, Evans went for a superplex and Royce slammed the two women down. Lana pulled Royce out of the ring and Lana pinned Cross, who took the superplex. This match went eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Lana

The win means that Lana is the final woman on Team Raw for Survivor Series.

Analysis: *3/4 Happy Lana Day as Lana found a way to win just like in the battle royal a few weeks ago. I would have preferred Peyton Royce in the match since she has a lot of long-term potential, but I guess WWE wants to try to feature Lana more. I thought Royce was the star of the match while Lana didn’t do much, so it was a lucky win for her.

Lana joined her Survivor Series teammates at ringside and hugged Jax, who told Shayna to clear off the announce table. Jax gave Lana a Samoan Drop on the announce table for the sixth time.

Analysis: At least it happened after a win this time.

Randy Orton was interviewed backstage saying that he still planned to be on a Moment of Bliss talk show. Charly noted that earlier in the show it seemed like The Fiend was coming for him. Orton said that he was not afraid of The Fiend, so if The Fiend wants to show up then he has no problem introducing The Fiend to the RKO.

Matt Riddle entered for his Survivor Series qualifying match.


This week on Raw Talk hosted by Charly Caruso R-Truth the guests are Sheamus, Elias, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. It’s on WWE Network now.

Retribution was shown backstage with Mustafa Ali saying that they are not a failure. Ali said that Retribution is a mission. Ali said that they win when you suffer and they will win because they decide when you will be shut down.

Analysis: This group has not been booked well at all. I don’t know if they can be saved at this point, but the right way to do it is to book them to win some meaningful matches because all of the losses have hurt them.

Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle

The winner gets to be on the men’s Raw Survivor Series team. I’ll go play by play for this match.

Riddle went for a takedown, but Sheamus got away by going to the floor. Sheamus grabbed a headlock with Riddle getting out of it by grabbing an armbar. Sheamus went for an armbar with Riddle hitting a gutwrench suplex across the ring. Sheamus with the backbreaker along with a suplex that sent Riddle across the top rope. Sheamus worked over Riddle with the forearms to the chest. Riddle came back with an armbar stretch using the ropes. Riddle sent Sheamus over the top to the floor, Riddle with a running kick and Riddle hit a twisting cross body onto Sheamus on the floor.


Sheamus was in full control with a backbreaker for a two count. Riddle was on fire with some kicks including a kick to the back of the head, a kick to the chest and a broton splash for a two count. Riddle with a running forearm on Sheamus against the turnbuckle, but then Sheamus hit a lifting knee strike for a two count. That looked brutal with the announcers reacting to it in a big way. Sheamus went to the top turnbuckle, Riddle met him there and hit an Exploder Suplex off the top for a two count. Great nearfall there with Riddle looking shocked that it wasn’t enough to win…bro. Riddle went for the Floating Bro off the top rope, but Sheamus got the knees up to block. Sheamus tried a slam, Riddle jumped on the back with a sleeper and Sheamus got him off his back. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick, Riddle avoided that and Riddle hit a German Suplex for two. Riddle picked up Sheamus, but then his back gave out since he was selling a back injury and Sheamus bounced off the ropes with a Brogue Kick for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a great match. They had a lot of chemistry together while putting on a match that felt like a competitive fight instead of guys just doing spots. There were a lot of hard strikes from both guys and you could tell that they were both comfortable with that style of match. That knee by Sheamus looked rough, but I think Riddle was fine after it. A win for Riddle would have been nice since he’s the newer guy, but Sheamus is still an established top star that is going to be in the spotlight, so I’m fine with that. I just think at some point WWE has to decide to push Riddle more because they need “new” stars that stand out more. I don’t mind Sheamus at all, nor do I think it’s a bad thing for him to win a match like this. I just want Riddle to be booked stronger in the long term. Anyway, if you missed this match, I recommend it because it was pretty damn good for a Raw match.

That means the men’s Raw Survivor Series team is AJ Styles, Keith Lee and Sheamus with two more members to be determined. Perhaps Drew McIntyre will be on the team along with The Miz, but I don’t know for sure.

Randy Orton was shown walking backstage for the main event talk show segment.


There were less than ten minutes left for this main event segment.

A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton

Alexa Bliss was in the ring seated on a chair. She was in this schoolgirl style outfit that said “Yowie Wowie” on it. She had on white sneakers while rocking the pigtail hair look as well. Bliss introduced the 14-time World Champion and new WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Randy Orton walked out with the WWE Title on his right shoulder while looking over his shoulder as he entered the ring while staring at Bliss, who had a bit of a smirk on her face. Orton faces Roman Reigns at Survivor Series in a matchup between two heels that have faced off in the past, but it’s been a long time.

Orton stood up instead of sitting in a chair. Bliss asked if it surprised him that he could deliver a “super-duper performance” as he did? Orton said he wasn’t surprised by it and asked Bliss if she had a surprise for him. Bliss mentioned that last night, Orton burned the house down. Orton said that there it is in reference to “burn the house down” since Orton burned down the Wyatt house three years ago. Orton said he knows that Bray Wyatt is close, so he asked: “Where is The Fiend?” Bliss laughed.

Analysis: I thought Alexa Bliss did really well here. She’s a pretty good actress for somebody on a WWE show. Some of the men and women are not good actors, but she has shown a lot of versatility of late. I’m impressed by her becoming a completely different character than what we have been used to whether she was a heel or face. Now she’s like a creepy, comic book villain type of personality.

Drew McIntyre’s music hit as the former WWE Champion went out to the ring to fight with Orton while Bliss sat on the turnbuckle and she was laughing about it. McIntyre stomped on Orton against the turnbuckle. McIntyre tossed the chairs and table out of the ring. McIntyre set up for a Claymore Kick, but that’s when the power slowly went out to signal an appearance from The Fiend.

When the lights came back on, the red lights were on with McIntyre alone in the ring while Orton was up the ramp. As Orton stood on the ramp with the WWE Title, The Fiend appeared over his right shoulder and stared at Orton, who peered back over his right shoulder where he noticed The Fiend was there. Orton decided to go back into the ring where McIntyre was, so Randy and Drew fought around ringside again. McIntyre whipped Orton into the barricade until Orton managed to reverse it and sent McIntyre into the barricade. McIntyre sent Orton into the steel steps. Orton managed to hit a belly to back suplex onto McIntyre on the announce table. Randy and Drew continued to fight with punches and they were fighting around the ringside as the show ended there.

Analysis: That brawling by Orton and McIntyre would suggest that there’s another match coming between them whether that’s on Raw or a future PPV if they want to do it at TLC in December. If they did it on Raw before Survivor Series it might pop a good rating, or at least a better rating, since WWE Title matches on TV are rare these days. The presence of The Fiend adds in another dynamic because then it becomes a three way rivalry. The problem is with Survivor Series as the next PPV, Orton is against Roman Reigns, so I’m not sure when there might be a title defense. I’m not a big fan of talk show segment main events, but the brawling by Orton and McIntyre was full of action, so it was fine by me.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Sheamus
  2. Matt Riddle
  3. Drew McIntyre


The Scoreboard

5.25 out of 10

Last week: 5

2020 Average: 6.21


Final Thoughts

This was just another average episode of Raw. Retribution continues to be booked terribly and they look like WWE has given up on them although they did a promo later in the show to suggest they’ll still be around. I thought Drew McIntyre did a nice job all night long in terms of his promo, his dominant win over The Miz and then brawling with Randy Orton in the main event. The Fiend seems like he’ll be in the WWE Title picture with Orton as well, so hopefully it ends up better than Orton’s feud with Bray Wyatt three years ago.

There were some boring segments all night long. Sheamus and Matt Riddle had a great, hard-hitting match in the third hour to save it from being terrible. With that said, having the younger guy Riddle win probably would have been the better result in that match, but I don’t mind Sheamus getting a big win either. I just think booking wise, WWE has to consider booking things for the future more and perhaps booking the younger talent in a stronger way.

If my rating seems too high, maybe I’m just in a good mood after my LA Rams picked up a big win on Monday night. That’s probably it.

The next WWE pay-per-view is Survivor Series on Sunday, November 22 with a Raw vs. Smackdown theme to the show. Here’s what we know so far.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Raw Women’s Champion Asuka

5-on-5 Men’s Elimination Tag Team Match: Team Smackdown (Five Superstars To Be Determined) vs. Team Raw (AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus and Two More Superstars)

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley

5-on-5 Women’s Elimination Tag Team Match: Team Smackdown (Five Superstars To Be Determined) vs. Team Raw (Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose and Lana)

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