Xavier Woods Shares How He Designed His Ring Gear

Xavier Woods makes his way down ramp

Xavier Woods has revealed the surprising way he used to design his wrestling gear.

Over the years, The New Day has become known for their ring and entrance gear which is often based on pop culture. From their amazing Dragonball Z cosplay at WrestleMania 32, wearing tribute gear to their out-of-action teammate, Big E, at WrestleMania 38, and, more recently, their Marvel-based Thor and Loki outfits on the latest episode of SmackDown, the team always bring something new for big occasions.

Recently, AEW star Nyla Rose took to Twitter to praise wrestler’s who use the Create-A-Wrestler mode in WWE videogames to design their gear for thinking outside the box.

“YOOOOO i just saw that someone out there used CAW to design gear and sent screenshots to their gear maker. I know this SEEMS like I’m clowning them, but I’m not! This is GENIUS!!!! A great example of thinking outside the box and using every tool to help elevate yourself”

Xavier Woods responded to the star by revealing that he was one of the wrestlers who used the feature “for years”, although he didn’t specify when he moved on from the practice.

“This was how I designed my gear for years [lauging emoji]”

On SmackDown, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston took on The Viking Raiders in a ‘Viking Rules’ match. However, despite attempting to channel the power of Thor and Loki, the duo were unable to overcome their foes and Woods was felled by a double powerbomb through two tables on the outside before being pinned by Ivar.