WWE News: Taping Schedule for Raw, Smackdown, NXT Until SummerSlam (Aug. 23), NXT Takeover on Aug. 22

It has been nearly four months now with WWE running the majority of their television shows out of the Performance Center in Orlando. That’s for Raw and Smackdown because NXT usually takes place at their home, also in Orlando, at Full Sail University. All of this is because of the ongoing health crisis that has put a pause on regular life for a lot of us.

There have been rumors of WWE possibly staring to do their shows in front of fans in larger arenas, but since the state of Florida has had an increase in daily Coronavirus cases over the last few weeks, it doesn’t make sense for WWE to do that. It is believed that WWE is going to be running Coronavirus testing before every taping.

The next major WWE pay-per-view after Extreme Rules on July 19 is SummerSlam on August 23 and there were also rumors that SummerSlam will be in a bigger venue. The original location was Boston, but that’s not happening now. The plan is for everything over the next two months to be at the WWE Performance Center just like it has been since mid-March.

Raw tapings include Main Event and Raw Talk (usually taped backstage) and Smackdown tapings include 205 Live.

Smackdown for tonight and next week (July 10) were taped yesterday. WWE is taping Raw for Monday (July 6) and the following Monday (July 13) today. Next Wednesday’s edition of NXT was taped this past Wednesday.

Here’s a rundown of the WWE schedule from now until SummerSlam with thanks to Post Wrestling’s John Pollock for the information.

Wednesday, July 15 – NXT for July 15 and July 2.

Friday, July 17 – Smackdown for July 17. It may be live or taped a few hours earlier.

Sunday, July 19 – Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. Once again it may be live or taped earlier. We know that Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt will be taped at a different location since it’s a Swamp Fight.

Monday, July 20 – Raw for July 20 and July 27.

Tuesday, July 21– Smackdown for July 24 and July 31.

Wednesday, July 29 – NXT for July 29 and August 5.

Monday, August 3 – Raw for August 3 and August 10.

Tuesday, August 4 – Smackdown for August 7 and August 14.

Wednesday, August 12 – NXT for August 12 and August 19

Monday, August 17 – Raw for August 17, Smackdown for August 21, plus Main Event, Raw Talk and 205 Live.

Saturday, August 22 – NXT Takeover

Sunday, August 23 – SummerSlam

The schedule has been posted on other respectable wrestling sites as well, so the information appears to be true. Of course, in this pandemic world we’re in, things can change.

There’s a bit more information coming out of the WWE TV taping with PWInsider reporting the following:

* Protective masks must be worn at all times while at TV tapings except for the talents that are on camera.

* WWE will be fining people that don’t wear masks $500.

* If somebody has a second offense of not wearing a mask then they will be fined $1,000.

Clearly, WWE is taking the Coronavirus health crisis more seriously now with full testing and also these potential fines for people not wearing masks.

TJR Thoughts: It’s nice to see NXT Takeover on the schedule. It hasn’t been announced by WWE yet, but it certainly makes sense it to during SummerSlam weekend as they have done in past years.

As always, things like the taping schedule can change. Nothing is ever set in stone in 2020. Plans change, pal.