WWE Executive Blasts AEW For ‘Not Fluid’ Programming


WWE executive Brian “Road Dogg” James says that his company’s programming has been more pleasant to the eyes under the leadership of Triple H, while also commenting on AEW, saying their television shows are “not fluid.”

After Jeff Jarrett left WWE as SVP of Live Events, Road Dogg came into the role, but this isn’t the first position outside of wrestling that the D-Generation X member has on his resume. In the past, Road Dogg has helped coach and develop talent in NXT as a part of their staff.

Recently on “Superstar Crossover” speaking to Josh Martinez, Road Dogg praised WWE creative for what they’ve been doing with the promotion’s TV shows since the new regime has taken control, saying that Raw and Smackdown have been much more pleasurable to the eyes for the last few months.

“If you come out to this show, what you get to see, and it really is, all of our top talent and you mentioned on top of that stack is The Bloodline and Sami Zayn. Man look, Sami, and Roman, and some of those backstages were priceless. I mean, award-winning nominations. It was like I was watching a TV show or a movie.

But it’s these two guys I know and love. I just think that there’s some magic there with even the dynamic of the one Uso not liking him and the other, it’s television gold, and I love watching it, I would love even more to be a part of the creative of it. But that’s not my job right now.

Man, it’s so fun to watch, and it’s commonplace for me to say this company is the best and the other company’s [AEW] not. But their [AEW] television show is not fluid. It’s not. Things don’t connect, I don’t know, I just can’t follow their [AEW] television show.

When I watch [Raw] now, I will admit, three hours of Raw used to be a challenge. It used to be a challenge, but for the last three months, it’s been a joy to watch and a breeze to get through and SmackDown’s even easier. I don’t know, I just love what I’m doing, man.”

When asked to clarify his comments, Road Dogg said that he was indeed talking about the programming of AEW, but the WWE executive would also admit that his opinion is the way it is because his busy schedule prevents him from properly watching AEW and making a true judgment.

“You could say that, for sure. I also don’t know their talent like I know our talent, you know what I mean? So it’s more difficult for me to have a connection to get into it. Because I don’t know those guys.”

H/T to Fightful Select for the transcription