Triple H Discusses Planned Changes During WWE Talent Meeting

Triple H

A new report has claimed that Triple H revealed a number of planned changes for WWE during a meeting with talent ahead of this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Triple H was confirmed by WWE as Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations last week, in the wake of the retirement of Vince McMahon. It was then also announced on 25th July 2022 that the former World Champion would also be taking up the role of Head Of Creative.

Fightful Select are now reporting some of the details from a meeting Triple H held with talent ahead of the 25th July 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw, which took place at the historic Madison Square Garden.

According to the report, talent left the meeting with an air of optimism given the changes which have been proposed under the new regime.

It is also noted that Triple H promised the talent a level of transparency, something which it was seemingly felt wasn’t there whilst Vince McMahon was at the helm. The report also states that he said he wants there to be an open line of communication, which many didn’t feel was possible with McMahon as they would have to wait hours for a meeting and in general time with the former Chairman had been dwindling.

In a final comment, Triple H made it clear he wants work to be fun, something which helped to lift the mood of the talent.

Vince McMahon officially stepped away from WWE on 22nd July 2022, retiring from the company amid allegations of misconduct.