Tension Thickening In The Bloodline

The Bloodline

On Friday night’s WWE Smackdown, The Bloodline made an appearance to receive acknowledgement of the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns from the crowd in Worcester, Massachusetts, and the Samoan faction was a success with flying colors. However, something interesting happened after the crowd acknowledged Reigns.

While Reigns was speaking, Logan Paul would interrupt him and come out to the ring, hesitating to get in the squared circle when he got to the ropes. Reigns then told Paul that it was a “safe space,” and he could come in, which Paul does.

Reigns then lectures more to Paul, then eventually hands the mic to Paul Heyman telling him to smarten up Logan Paul, which Heyman delivered, but then Logan Paul started to speak.

Instead of calling out Reigns and putting pressure on his Crown Jewel opponent, Paul shifted his attention to Jey Uso, saying that Uso should be the one to take care of Paul because he is the real “tribal chief.” Immediately, Uso got offensive and was ready to pounce on Paul, saying that he knows what Logan Paul is up to with his antics, with his brother Jimmy Uso holding him back in the process.

Interestly though, Reigns would step up to Uso after Paul slapped him with the “tribal chief” logo, leading to an intense stare down from The Bloodline leader Reigns to Uso, with Uso not making eye contact. This would eventually lead to Sami Zayn having to break them up before a fight broke out, putting the target back on Logan Paul who was exiting the ring.

Later, after Solo Sikoa’s victory over Ricochet, The Bloodline were backstage in their dressing room all watching the match and talking. Not out of the ordinary, Jey Uso would once again get annoyed with Zayn, leading to Zayn calling Uso a hothead. Afterwards, Reigns would lecture to Uso that he’s always been a hothead that they’ve had to deal with their entire lives, and that Uso will now answer to Zayn for now on in The Bloodline stable.

Walking backstage, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso would be confronted by The New Day, with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston making fun of the new arrangement. In response, Jey Uso would walk away in frustration from his faction members.

Story developing…