Jey Uso Received Blessing To Use Bray Wyatt “Fireflies” In WWE

Jey Uso WWE Yeet

Jey Uso has revealed that someone very close to Bray Wyatt has talked to him about using the “fireflies” during his WWE entrance.

As a top draft pick on the WWE Raw brand, Jey Uso has firmly established himself as a top singles star in the company. In addition to his big matches, Jey also has one of the most elaborate entrances in all of WWE.

The entrance song of Jey Uso has caught on with the fans as the superstar swings his arms up and down while the fans join him in doing that. Over the past month, there have also been fans holding their cell phones up to provide light in the darkened arena. At WWE Backlash in France, the crowd was particularly loud and that led to a spectacular entrance for Jey Uso.

That cell phone light entrance is familiar to WWE fans because it’s what the late, great, former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt used to have during his entrance. When Bray did it, they were called “fireflies.” On social media recently, Jey Uso declared that the fireflies were his now.

Jey Uso Received Support From Bray Wyatt’s Widow

Bray Wyatt was a father of four when he passed away. He had his first two children with his ex-wife and then he had two young children with former WWE ring announcer Jojo Offerman, who was engaged to Bray when he passed away in August 2023.

While speaking to Battle & Eli on the Battleground podcast, Jey Uso said he heard from Jojo recently and her support meant a lot to him.

“It was just with me. I don’t want to ever…you want to call them fireflies or whatever you want to call them because that’s what they are to me. I was really happy it was with me and they did it with me.”

The most I was validated (was when) JoJo, Bray Wyatt’s wife, texted me and said how emotional she was watching. She saw clips of it on YouTube and that let me know right there, ‘Alright, I’m going to keep it.’ I hope it sticks with me. I never asked for it. I think they did it and I want to keep it with me now.”

Jey Uso has been using the support of the fireflies to pick up some big wins recently. The former WWE Tag Team Champion is in the semifinals of the King of the Ring tournament after beating Ilja Dragunov on Raw last week. Jey has a tough test in his next match when he faces GUNTHER on the May 20th edition of Raw.

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