“He Has A Really Good Understanding” – Recently-Returned WWE Star On Triple H

Triple H

Triple H is getting a lot of credit from WWE Superstars for his leadership.

There have been multiple wrestlers who have sung the praises of the new regime in World Wrestling Entertainment, and Karrion Kross has become the latest while talking about Triple H and his work on the product.

During a quick run on the main roster that was considered a failure by most, Karrion Kross and his wife Scarlett were dropped from WWE. However, when Triple H took over creative, Kross was brought back and has since been in a back-and-forth rivalry with Drew McIntyre.

While appearing for an interview with GiveMeSport WWE earlier this week, Kross said that Triple H had a knack for knowing what’s best for business. With Kross and Scarlett in particular, the Doomsday Superstar stated that The Game got the gimmick of Kross and Scarlett, and knew what they could contribute to the company and for fans’ entertainment.

“My feeling on the subject was just that he was so familiar with our work and presentation and even what we did before WWE. He had a really good understanding of how we could be potentially showcased and how people would enjoy that showcase.

My feeling with Triple H is he finds a middle ground between what you’re good at and what people want to see out of you, not necessarily what just you want to do. He knows what’s best for the programming and that’s just where we fell into all of it.”

H/T Sportskeeda