Paul Wight Explains Why Pro Wrestling Competition Is A Good Thing

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Paul Wight has revealed why he believes competition in the professional wrestling world is good for business.

Former WWE Champion Wight is no stranger to competition having originally debut in WCW IN 1995, winning the WCW Championship in his professional debut before making a shock switch to WWE in 1999.

Wight departed WWE after 22 memorable years with the company in 2021, opting to sign for AEW where he has primarily been used as a commentator and in global promotional roles.

Speaking in a recent appearance the Battleground podcast , Wight stated his belief that multiple successful brands was good for both fans and the business:

“If an athlete doesn’t make it in one brand for whatever reason, they get a chance to regroup. They might be successful in another brand.

That’s good for the fans, because you might see somebody that’s ‘Oh I really like this person. Why aren’t they getting a push? Why aren’t they making it?’ And then they go to another company and they do really well.”

Wight would also highlight that competition was good for wrestlers, noting that wrestlers were likely to benefit financially from business driven by healthy competition:

“There’s a lot of talents that’s gonna get a great opportunity to discover themselves on a national platform, between social media and everything else.

TBS and TNT exposure, there is a chance for a lot of great stars to discover themselves. And then great thing for talent and fans is when you have viable companies that are taking care of the athletes, that are paying the athletes, the contracts are guaranteed, the money is good.”

When Does Paul Wight Plan To Retire?

During the podcast, Wight admitted that his in-ring career was winding down and that he planned to continue broadcasting when the time to hang up his boots arrived:

“I got a year and a half, two years left, before I hang it all up. Really, it’s about trying to help this younger talent and then moving on to that commentary role.”

H/T: SEScoops for the above transcription