Arn Anderson Played Key Role In Signing Two Major WWE Stars

Which Former WCW Star Arn Anderson Believes Did Not Deserve

Arn Anderson played a big role in WWE signing two of its biggest stars.

Long before he landed in AEW, Arn Anderson spent 18 working behind the scenes with WWE as an agent and producer. The wrestling legend was also able to have an impact in shaping WWE’s roster for the future.

During a recent episode of his podcast ARN, the veteran recalled attending WWE tryouts in the UK. Anderson said Drew McIntyre and Sheamus both attended the same day, and it was clear to him the would-be stars needed to be snapped up. Thankfully for those involved, the Head of Talent Relations at the time John Laurinaitis and WWE took Anderson’s advice.

“We would go to UK at least once a year, and we would have tryouts from the local promoters,” Anderson said. “Those guys had the same tryout day. Drew had not filled out yet, but you could tell that– long limbs, tall, when he filled in, he was gonna have a hell of a look.

And Sheamus, the other end of the spectrum, was a 300-pound, fishy-white bruiser. I mean, it was the whitest human being I have ever seen. And, I mean he was just a big, rugged looking– he had to be 300 pounds… But he was a big, physical guy and he picked it up quick, same with Drew. Totally different.

But I talked to Johnny [Laurinaitis], I just said, if I was you, I’d take those two right there. And they did, and the rest is history.”

Arn Anderson Has Big Praise For Triple H

On an earlier episode of his podcast, Arn Anderson talked up Triple H’s impact on WWE since taking control.

The WWE Hall of Famer said the veteran has always had a great mind for the wrestling business, adding he’s not exactly envious of the star’s workload.

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