More Details On Brock Lesnar’s SmackDown Walkout

Brock Lesnar

A new report has offered some more information about Brock Lesnar walking out of a recent SmackDown taping.

July 22nd 2022 is a day that will go down as one of the most famous in wrestling history. Surrounded by allegations of sexual misconduct it was the day that Vince McMahon retired from WWE.

With the entire wresting world caught by surprise, rumours and speculation went into overdrive. It was then reported that in the midst of the chaos, Brock Lesnar walked out of the upcoming SmackDown taping.

Lesnar’s exit led to a frantic re-write of the show as he had been due to be heavily featured as his SummerSlash clash with Roman Reigns moves ever closer.

However, despite his exit, Lesnar returned for the main event segment where he attacked Theory. As the show went off the air The Beast stood tall leaving fans stunned.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now offered an update on exactly what happened. The report explains that despite the exact details being kept secret, Lesnar returned to the taping at 8.30pm, more than seven hours after he left.

Management reportedly kept in constant contact with the former World Champion and made a deal for him to return. It is unclear as to what this deal contained.

In addition, one source told the Observer that it was imperative for the company to get Lesnar back as his departure would have sent a “terrible message” to the public, showing that the company was “in chaos” following the news that McMahon had left.