Matt Cardona Takes A Shot At Mick Foley

Matt Cardona makes his entrance at IMPACT Hardcore Justice 2021

Despite Mick Foley’s continuous praise for Matt Cardona, the former Zack Ryder doesn’t share a similar view of ‘The Hardcore Legend’.

Many believe the work of Matt Cardona since being released by WWE has been his career-best, with the one-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion never failing to overstep the line. Cardona’s post-WWE body of work has brought him to AEW, GCW, IMPACT Wrestling, and everywhere in between, garnering him a steady line of rivals.

Mick Foley can add his name to the list. The WWE Hall of Famer was Matt Cardona’s latest target during a recent fan Q&A on his Twitter. Quite simply, Cardona stated, “F*ck Mick Foley”.

This was the latest of Matt Cardona’s jabs at Mick Foley. While wrestling former AEW star Joey Janela at GCW’s The WRLD on GCW card, Cardona made his entrance while wearing a signature Mick Foley red flannel, embroidered with the ‘f*ck Mick Foley’ sentiment.

Released by WWE in April 2020, Matt Cardona has remained a free agent ever since, using this to his advantage by plying his trade in every major North American promotion. Most recently, he embarked on a short UK tour alongside other GCW performers, debuting for both TNT Extreme Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling in the process.