Jim Ross Praises William Regal For Helping AEW Roster

WIlliam Regal

The legendary Jim Ross is singing the praises of another fellow legend, William Regal.

A lot of people have praised the AEW promo that was done between MJF and William Regal, and this includes Jim Ross, branding it as “absolute money.” However, J.R. is also praising William Regal overall.

On the October 18, 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, Tony Schiavone was scheduled to interview William Regal, but the “Devil” MJF would come out to interrupt.

When the “Salt of the Earth” got into the ring, a promo then broke out between him and Regal. MJF would tell a story about attempting to get a gig with WWE when he was only 19 years old, and at the time, Regal played a key part in the company that could have gotten him hired. MJF would even share an email that he received from Regal that enraged him. Afterwards, Regal shot back at MJF, which led to a promo that was praised by many throughout professional wrestling, including WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross.

On his most recent episode of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Ross praised the promo done between MJF and William Regal, however, he would also praise Regal for what he’s done in contributing to the roster of All Elite Wrestling.

“They’re both students of the game, and Regal lending his experience and his instincts – it’s not just MJF that Regal has helped. He helps a lot of guys. He’s there early on TV days, he has workouts every time. He spends a lot of time with the talent going over psychology and things of that nature. William Regal is a valuable asset to AEW and helps us a lot.”