Jeff Jarrett Explains His Triple H Dig On AEW Dynamite

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has revealed what lay behind his “banana nose circus” dig at Triple H on Dynamite and explains why he has compassion for Paul Levesque.

During his second appearance on AEW Dynamite, many noticed that Jeff Jarrett apparently was not shy about taking a pop at both Braun Strowman and WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H. Jarrett had been a Senior Vice President in WWE under the management of Vince McMahon but was replaced when The Game came to power by Road Dogg.

Speaking on his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett explained that while he has compassion for Triple H over the way he ended up in his new role, he plays an antagonist on television and he’s going all out to make an impression:

“I’ve got compassion for Paul. He’s on the hot seat, there’s no doubt about it. He’s worked and built and planned on taking this job for how long, 10-15 years, maybe more. Do you think he wanted to step into that role because of a Wall Street Journal article? Not at all.”

“With his heart condition and before the article came out, he was having some tough days. He’s leading the pack over there, so what’s the antagonist going to do? I’m going to stir it up, and I kind of like the phrase ‘banana nose circus.’ I’m not supposed to say everything that you just dismiss. Either you love it, or you hate it, one or the other. But I don’t want to throw no sliders or sinkers, just go straight fastballs.”

Jarrett also explained his remark that many felt was directed at Braun Strowman and says he has taken offence at Strowman’s recent “tone-deaf” comments.

h/t Wrestling Inc.