Jake Roberts Shares Hilarious Rick Rude Arrest Story

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts has shared a hilarious story about his friend and former on-screen rival “Ravishing” Rick Rude getting arrested due to not having a condom when he needed it.

The on-screen rivalry between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude was a very personal one in the late 1990s. Rude was a ladies man that tried to woo women everywhere he went, so there was a story where he was going after Jake’s wife Cheryl. Rude even had her face painted onto his tights at one point in the story to make it really personal.

Roberts and Rude feuded for most of 1988 including a 15-minute draw at WrestleMania 4. Later that year at Survivor Series 1988, Roberts pinned Rude in a tag team elimination match. Since Roberts was the face in the rivalry, he won the feud although he never won a title in WWE while Rude would go on to become an Intercontinental Title.

During a recent edition of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Roberts told a very interesting story to co-host Jon Alba about a time when Rude was actually arrested for a strange reason.

As Roberts told the story, it was after their storyline had ended and they agreed not to call eachother unless it was an emergency. At 4 am one evening/early morning, Rude called Roberts with a question: “Brother, do you have any condoms?”

Roberts replied angrily: “Are you f’n kidding me? Don’t you ever call me again to wake me up looking for condoms.” Roberts hung up the phone after that.

When Roberts got off the elevator in the morning, he saw Rude handcuffed at the front desk. Roberts was about to leave on a shuttle to the airport, but he waited around because he wanted to see what happened to his buddy.

The shuttle driver said to Jake: “You know that f**king guy?” Jake said yes, so the driver continued: “That guy’s a f**king thief!” Roberts asked: “What are you talking about?” The driver replied: “That f**king guy broke into our restaurant at 4:30 am. Yeah, your buddy kicked the lock, kicked the door in.”

Roberts said that Rude wasn’t like that and the driver told Roberts that Rude was a “weird cat.” When Roberts asked why, the driver told Roberts, “The only thing he stole is a large roll of saran wrap.”

That led to Roberts having a moment where he was left speechless. Roberts shouted at Rude: “Rick! Saran wrap?”

Rude signaled with his hands and said back: “Wrap my d**k!” Alba replied: “Oh my God.”

At that point, Roberts did a bowing gesture while saying: “I’m not worthy of your presence, mighty Rick.” Jake was laughing and said “yeah” a few times. Jake went on to say he was married at the time and didn’t have condoms with him.

You can hear Jake tell the story in the below Youtube video starting at 32:30.

Jake Roberts was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 while Rick Rude was inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

H/T WrestlingInc for the transcript