FTR Discuss What Aspect Wrestling Is Currently Lacking

FTR - Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood

Currently seen as one of the top teams in wrestling, FTR have discussed what they feel there needs to be more of in the modern era.

FTR are currently one of the most decorated teams in the wrestling industry, holding the AAA, ROH and IWGP Tag Team Championships all at once. Whilst Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler could be seen as the latest belt collectors, their output in the ring certainly matches the gold they’re carrying.

Speaking to Culture State, FTR’s Dax Harwood opened up on the aspect which is currently missing in wrestling and it’s nothing to do with what moves you are able to hit. He also gave a match which he feels is a prime example of what is needed.

The match we had with The Briscoes, go back and watch it. There weren’t really any big moves. All it was, was selling… The big suplex to the floor which did hurt like hell, we sold, all of us, all of us sold for like two minutes … The thing that makes them remember is their feeling, you know? How they felt. Again, the match with the Briscoes, they’re not going to remember the suplex to the floor. That’s not — they’re going to remember the feeling they got from that. That’s all there is to it.

… That’s what’s missing in wrestling, is the emotion. My wife will watch when I’m on. She has no idea what a 450 feels like, or a Shooting Star Press, or even a Snapmare, you know? She doesn’t know what those feel like, but she knows what sadness feels like, and frustration, and happiness … So when you can make people feel that then you’ve got them, and that’s when it becomes a classic.

FTR’s most recent AEW appearance came on the 29th June edition of Dynamite, in a successful outing teaming with Danhausen to defeat The Gunn Club and Max Caster.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.