Braun Strowman & Cruiserweights Take Out Enzo Amore After WWE Raw (VIDEO)

TJR Wrestling

Last night’s edition of Raw ended with Enzo Amore celebrating that he is now the new Cruiserweight Champion. Enzo defeated Neville at No Mercy. He did so by causing the referee to be distracted and illegally kicking Neville in the groin.

During Enzo’s celebration he talked about how he’s made 205 Live relevant until the Cruiserweight division (minus Neville) interrupted him by walking out on stage. Enzo took turns making fun of many of the Cruiserweights until Neville came out. Neville: “On behalf of the entire cruiserweight division, Enzo Amore, I am here to end you.”

Neville beat up on Enzo even though Enzo had a clause signed by Kurt Angle that said nobody could touch him during his celebration. Raw went off the air with Neville standing over a fallen Enzo. However, the beatdown did not end there.

Once Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman came out to deliver a running powerslam to Enzo. Strowman then motioned to the rest of the Cruiserweight division as if to say, “he’s all yours.” The rest of the cruiserweight division then entered the ring and took turns beating up Enzo. You can watch this extra five minutes of post-Raw below.

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