Bobby Fish Talks CM Punk – “Not Sure You Can Be A Bully If You Can’t Fight”

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Ex-AEW star Bobby Fish still isn’t a fan of CM Punk.

During Jack Perry’s match with HOOK on the All In pre-show, the former Jungle Boy looked into the camera and said, “It’s real glass, cry me a river.” His words were in direct reference to reports that he and CM Punk had gotten into an argument on an early episode of Collision that stemmed from Perry wanting to use real glass as part of a spot and Punk putting a stop to that.

While accounts differ on what exactly went down once Perry came backstage after losing the FTW Championship to HOOK, it’s been reported that an altercation took place between Perry and Punk and that Perry was sent home from the arena while Punk went on to defeat Samoa Joe in the opening bout of the main show. Punk reportedly met with security after his bout and left Wembley Stadium of his own accord as he believed it would be better for everyone involved.

Bobby Fish would “be happy” to get physical with CM Punk

Speaking on his Undisputed podcast, Bobby Fish who has previously not held back when discussing CM Punk gave his thoughts on the situation:

“I said my piece one time, way back when, and I caught nothing but flack for it. All it was for me was, if you’re looking to fight everybody, you don’t have to go very far if I’m there, and I was there for a year. I’d be happy to indulge the man.

“At my age, dare I say at his age, is that what two grown men should be doing? No, probably not, but he’s running around trying to fight Dylan McKay’s [Luke Perry’s character on 90210] kid. That makes you kind of a bully, but you can’t fight. Not sure you can be a bully if you can’t fight. It is what it is. It’s pro wrestling, you can do whatever you want.”

Both CM Punk and Jack Perry are believed to be suspended following the events in London, something which is said to have caused a major pivot for AEW heading into All Out.

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