CM Punk Speaks His Mind After Receiving Prestigious Prize

CM Punk

CM Punk spoke his mind after being honoured for his contributions to the pro wrestling business.

CM Punk opened the All In pay-per-view on August 27th in front of the biggest paid wrestling attendance in history but by the time he made his entrance, things had already gone very wrong.

Punk was reported to be part of a backstage altercation with Jack Perry after Perry made a comment about using real glass during his Zero Hour match with HOOK. The two men are believed to have got physical in the Gorilla position with one report noting that the incident caused monitors to fall around Tony Khan.

Once he made it to the ring, CM Punk received a loud reaction from the Wembley fans, many of them choosing to boo the “Real World Champion.” Punk ended up retaining his self-appointed title against Samoa Joe. Now, Punk has been bestowed with another prize.

CM Punk awarded for his contributions to pro wrestling

Punk has been honoured by the Cauliflower Alley Club with its Iron Mike Mazurki Award which is “bestowed upon individuals who have made exceptional contributions to professional wrestling and have exhibited outstanding dedication to the sport both inside and outside the ring.”

At the ceremony in Las Vegas, CM Punk accepted his prize in an unscripted 45-minute speech where he alluded to his troubles and said people’s opinions don’t matter to him because he was accepted by some of the greats:

“When people tell me that they don’t like me or that the internet is mad at me, I just chuckle because Roddy Piper liked me. Dusty Rhodes liked me and Harley Race liked me. And that means more than anything else in the world because these legends put their stamp on me before anyone else did. It gave me the confidence and it gave me the ability to succeed.”

CM Punk was introduced by Ace Steel, who noted that the man he has known for decades has never changed for one simple reason:

“He has never changed. No matter what anybody says about him, he hasn’t because he doesn’t put up with sh*t.”

CM Punk is currently believed to be suspended by AEW which is also thought to have had major implications for the All Out pay-per-view which is set to take place in Chicago on the 3rd of September.

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