Details On CM Punk Argument With Jack Perry Over Planned AEW Collision Spot

CM Punk Jack Perry AEW

Jack Perry has been added to the list of people confronted by CM Punk as AEW Collision drama continues.

CM Punk is no stranger to controversy, and according to a recent report from Fightful Select, he and Jack Perry had a heated backstage argument at an early episode of AEW Collision. The report states that the confrontation took place during the Canadian tapings toward the start of Collision.

Sources on the side of CM Punk told Fightful that Perry insisted on using real glass for a backstage segment, and that Punk wasn’t in favor of this. He believed Perry only wanted to use real glass so that he didn’t have to come to work the next week, and he saw that mentality as problematic for the company.

According to those sources, Perry was going against the wishes of production, the medical staff, and even Tony Schiavone, who had advised him not to use real glass as it presented a safety hazard, and Perry was upset with being told not to go ahead as he wished. Shortly after this incident, safety protocols were put into place that required AEW talent to obtain clearance for certain types of spots.

CM Punk Told Jack Perry He Could “Stay On Wednesdays”

Sources told Fightful that Punk claimed he was asked to step in and mediate the situation, and he calmly told Jungle Boy that those sorts of spots weren’t done on Saturdays (on Collision), and if he didn’t like it, he could stay on Wednesdays (on Dynamite). When word of the confrontation spread around the locker room, it was referred to as an “argument.” Punk reportedly claimed that Perry was throwing a “temper tantrum” over people preventing him from doing the spot with real glass.

Fightful reached out to Jack Perry, but at this time Perry has not commented on the situation. While Fightful was unable to obtain information on how the situation ended, several sources indicated they agreed with how Punk handled the situation.

In a new update, Punk was not responsible for Matt Hardy being sent home from AEW Collision.