Bobby Fish Gives His Thoughts On CM Punk’s Issues With The Elite

CM Punk with Bobby Fish in headlock

Bobby Fish has emerged as a man who isn’t shy to say what he feels and he has previously been very vocal with his thoughts on CM Punk.

Fish and Punk’s issues have been made very public in recent months with the former NXT star labeling Punk “a c*nt” after the two men met in the ring back in October 2021. Many fans noticed Fish kicked out right after the three count following his loss to the former AEW Champion and there seems to be ill-feeling from Fish at least.

Speaking to Nick Hausman for Inside The Ropes Bobby Fish says he has no opinion on CM Punk but any issues he did have with him come from the human need to be tribal:

“I have really no opinion on the man. I mean, it just is what it is. I don’t like or need to like everyone that I work with. And vice versa, but like, I’ll never not be professional, but that it’s in the eye of the beholder, you know, as to what’s considered professional and what’s not. And people, human beings have a need to be tribal. So everybody’s looking to be on a team. So that means, if I like you, I gotta hate him. And if I hate him, I gotta like you. So it’s like, it’s just human nature.”

As far as what Punk’s return could mean for the locker room in AEW, Bobby Fish noted that he thinks wrestling has taken a “wrong turn” as fans shouldn’t be concerned with what happens behind the scenes:

“Well, I mean, therein lies I think some of the problem. What should be interesting is, in this case, it would be AEW and Tony Khan. What should be interesting, and what people should be following is what’s being written, storyline-wise, and what they’re doing there, that should be where the fans invest their time and energy.

But everybody invests their time and energy in the, you know, whatever they think the perception is of what’s going on behind the scenes, etc, etc. And it’s like, where does the work begin and where does the shoot end? And where it’s like, if that’s what you’re tuning in for — I don’t know, I just think somewhere along the lines, pro wrestling has taken a wrong turn.”

While no announcement has been made, there is a belief that CM Punk is on the verge of a return to AEW and will be the centerpiece of the company’s new Collision show on Saturday nights.

h/t Inside The Ropes