CM Punk Left AEW All In London On His Own After Jack Perry Incident

cm punk aew real world title all in

A new report on what happened with CM Punk at AEW All In London suggests the Real World Champion left the event on his own.

There was a backstage incident at yet another AEW show last night at All In London at Wembley Stadium. While the wrestling world should be celebrating a spectacular show in front of 81,000+ fans in London, this incident involving CM Punk and former FTW Champion Jack Perry is getting a lot of attention.

The story goes that Perry wrestled on the last Zero Hour pre-show match of the night in a loss against Hook, who regained the FTW Title. When Perry went backstage, he got into some sort of confrontation with CM Punk, who was in the first match at AEW All In London against Samoa Joe.

CM Punk and Jack Perry’s issues stem from an incident on AEW Collision when Punk put a stop to a spot that would have seen Jack Perry use real glass in an angle. Punk, as a veteran wrestler, was looking out for Perry, who is about 20 years younger than Punk.

Some of the previous reports indicated that there was some sort of shoving match and a possible headlock. Some have said there were punches while others denied that. AEW’s Miro, who was at All In London on the pre-show, responded to one report calling it “fake and untrue.”

New Details Emerge Regarding CM Punk-Jack Perry Incident at AEW All In London

There are some new details about what happened between Punk & Perry courtesy of Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling. According to him, “Punk was waiting in the Gorilla position before the show went live for his match against Samoa Joe when Perry entered the area and walked up to him. Punk initiated the verbal exchange between the two, asking Perry if he had something to say, and the conversation quickly escalated, leading to Perry asking Punk to ‘do something about it.'”

At that point, Punk shoved Perry and Perry shoved him back. At that point, Punk applied some sort of chokehold. It was viewed as Punk’s way of trying to neutralize the situation since Punk is a trained fighter and didn’t want to fight Perry. Hausman also reports that no punches were thrown.

From there, CM Punk would go out to have his match with Samoa Joe. Punk retained the Real AEW World Championship in a 14-minute match. Punk did a blade job during the match and had a bloody head for most of it.

After the match, according to Hausman, Punk went to his dressing and got cleaned up. When speaking to AEW security, Punk realized it was not a good situation and asked if it was better for everyone for him to leave the building. Punk was told that nobody was asking him to leave, but it might be easier on everybody if he did. Punk agreed. Hausman reported that when he got to the hotel, Punk ordered Nandos food (a popular restaurant in England) for some of the talent that he met with after the show.

It’s unknown what will happen next or if anything will happen at all regarding CM Punk or Jack Perry receiving any kind of disciplinary actions.

At the post-All In press conference, AEW’s Owner Tony Khan addressed the CM Punk-Jack Perry incident saying that they would be investigating it, but he refused to take any questions about it.

This is yet another backstage incident involving CM Punk, which is nearly one year after AEW All Out 2022. On that night, CM Punk got into a locker room fight with The Elite’s Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). That led to suspensions as well as Punk’s friend Producer Ace Steel being fired for his actions in the fight, but he was ultimately re-hired earlier this year as a favor to Punk. It has since been reported that Punk apologized to Tony Khan for his actions that night.