CM Punk Apologized To Tony Khan For AEW All Out Press Conference

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CM Punk has shared what he told Tony Khan after the fiery comments that Punk made during the All Out 2022 press conference.

For the first time since CM Punk blasted numerous people during a September 2022 press conference following All Out, the former two-time AEW World Champion is reflecting on how he felt at that moment and what he said to AEW’s Owner Tony Khan.

It was September 4th, 2022 in Chicago when CM Punk went to a post-All Out press conference to talk about his second AEW World Championship win over Jon Moxley. However, everything veered off course when Punk decided to go off on random tangents by venting about things like his former friend Colt Cabana, past comments made by “Hangman” Adam Page during their May 2022 rivalry and blasting the AEW Executive Vice Presidents like Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson).

Those comments by Punk also happened after he tore his triceps during the match with Moxley. An injury like that means eight months on the shelf after surgery, so Punk went into that press conference full of anger it showed by what he said.

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After the press conference, Punk was confronted by Omega and both Young Bucks in the locker room. That led to a fight between Omega & The Young Bucks facing off against Punk and his friend/AEW Producer Ace Steel. Nick left the room with a black eye from a chair toss coming from Steel while Steel bit Omega in the arm as well. That led to suspensions for everybody involved, Punk was out of action anyway and Steel was eventually fired, although Steel has since been re-hired by AEW at Punk’s request.

It’s been nine months since that All Out press conference and the fight happened. In an interview with ESPN, CM Punk recalled his anger at that press conference and how he has since apologized to AEW’s Owner, President and General Manager Tony Khan, who was seated right next to Punk during that entire rant.

“The first thing I said to Tony when I sat down with him and spoke to him after it was, ‘Man, I’m really sorry I put you in that position.’ I apologize for the scrum. But when you’ve watched that scrum, you’re looking at a very, very frustrated guy who had told people. That’s not the first time he heard all that. It’s not the first time lawyers were told all that. And I was just looking for something to be done and nothing got done. So, if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.”

“And I just didn’t approach it in the right manner, but tension was high. I was very, very pissed. I pretty much knew that I had just injured myself again. I was hurt, and I was disappointed. Yeah, it’s very easy for me to say I regret that and I handled it the wrong way, 100%.”

The story also noted that CM Punk’s current relationship with Tony Khan is considered to be “great” despite the problems in the past.

This Saturday on the debut episode of AEW Collision, CM Punk teams up with AEW Tag Team Champions FTR against ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe, Jay White and Juice Robinson in the main event.

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