Big E Comments on The New Day’s Run in WWE, The Group Nearly Being Broken Up, Potential Storylines, More

It’s a big week for WWE’s The New Day group with Big E competing in a Money in the Bank match for the first time in his career while Kofi Kingston will challenge for the WWE Championship on the same night. Alex McCarthy of recently conducted an interview with Big E where they discussed a wide range of topics to promote One of the topics discussed was splitting The New Day up. It seems like an insane idea. but it was actually brought up after Wrestlemania 35 where Kofi Kingston became WWE Champion. According to Big E, however, it wasn’t brought up for long:

“I know there were rumours for a while that certain things were pitched, but I think because we had been so adamant about not wanting to be broken up I think that’s where people were like ‘ehhh, I don’t know if we should because they really don’t want it.’”

“I can’t really divulge the conversation, but even from the top of the business, the very head of what we do – you know exactly who I’m talking about – he directly told us ‘hey, this is the idea’ and we said, we’re not feeling it. This was post-KofiMania. There were people who wanted it earlier [than that] as well.”

Big E also addressed the original intent of the group, which many compared to a modern-day Nation of Domination back in 2014 when Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston were kind of just floating along without direction until a freshly dressed Xavier Woods came out and said no more shucking and jiving and they were going to take what was owed to them.

“If we’d done it, we would have missed out on so many great moments. I still think that doing it now or soon, there are great moments to come and we have a lot more to offer. I think you’ve seen happy, clappy New Day for a very long time.”

“I still even want to play around with the original ideas we had. When you saw Woods come out in that red and white suit in 2014… that was our original intent, our original plan! To be this hard-nosed, not shaking hands, not singing, not shucking and jiving anymore – we’re not taking it anymore. We’re not sitting back, we’re going to take it.”

“Obviously, the group ended up being the exact opposite [laughs]. Instead of no more shaking hands and kissing babies, we now specialise in shaking hands and kissing babies and dancing [laughs]. We had to pivot a bit but it all worked out for us.”

Big E still thinks there are a lot of stories left to tell for The New Day which is why they’ve been so adamant about not breaking up.

“I think we still have so much to offer as a group and I just like telling stories in a different way. I get our business is a business of conflict, but I think the story of brotherhood and three guys who genuinely want the best for each other is different and unique.”

He even proposed some different ideas of how they can stay fresh, noting that a breakup has never even been teased before.

“I think there’s a lot of things we could do; we haven’t even really teased any tension. We haven’t done a friendly rivalry. There’s things we could do to tow that line.”

I’m sure everyone remembers the video game battle between The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) versus The New Day. It was even promoted on WWE’s social media channels! Big E certainly remembers and he considers it a bigger moment than some might think.

“The fact that we got to play video games with Kenny [Omega] and The Bucks… we didn’t do that behind people’s backs! Everyone approved it, that happened. To some that’s video games, but to me, that’s a moment.”

We have seen WWE approve things like this before such as AEW superstar Chris Jericho appearing on Broken Skull Sessions but rarely does WWE promote talent from other companies interacting with their talent no matter the circumstances so it was considered somewhat of a big deal.

The topic of Big E’s solo run came up. He mentioned last year that plans were in place for it and it sounds as if it hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.

“It’s chaotic here, it’s constant chaos! The plan is always in flux, even when there is a plan the thing can unfold at any time. It felt, for me, being inside of it, that there’s a plan here and a path. Then WrestleMania happens and now it feels that plan is off-track. My hope is to get it back on track.

“I think what I’ve done the past couple of months has been nothing to write home about and I was pretty proud of the stuff I was doing earlier this year right up until WrestleMania. Demonstrating different sides, showing a fire and intensity I hadn’t been able to show in a long time, if ever. So I was proud of a lot of that, and then things have kind of stalled for me.”

Big E appears to be one of the favorites in the Money in the Bank match on Sunday against Drew Mcintyre, Riddle, Ricochet, John Morrison, Kevin Owens, King Nakamura, and Seth Rollins while Kofi Kingston battles WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship.

Joel’s Take: A lot to unpack here. Obviously, Big E’s solo run hasn’t gone as well as a lot of us hoped. It hasn’t gone terrible because he is in the ladder match and he has been Intercontinental Champion. It just hasn’t been a smooth ride. The comments about the break up are interesting. I’m in the boat of not ever wanting them to break up. They’re way better together. It’s fun to speculate what a New Day versus Elite feud might look like. I doubt it will ever happen but I guess you never say never in this business. Good interview. Big E might be my pick to win the ladder match based on my Big E/Bobby Lashley feud idea. We’ll see.