Becky Lynch Excited About Future Of WWE Women’s Division

Becky Lynch

The future of the women’s division in WWE will seemingly be in safe hands, with Becky Lynch seeing plenty of reasons to be positive.

Despite being away from the ring due to an injury suffered at SummerSlam 2022, Becky Lynch has seen and done it all when it comes to the women’s division in WWE. Having unified both women’s titles at WrestleMania 35, ‘The Man’ has played both face and villain roles during her time in WWE, so knows what to look for when it comes to what the next generation can bring to the table.

In a discussion at NYC Advertising Week around about WWE superstars using social media to build their brands, Becky Lynch has earmarked that the stars coming through NXT will be ready to take the top roles when the time comes.

I look at NXT and–this is no discourse towards the men–but the women, I go ‘oh, yep. That’s the future.’ That’s where the engaging characters are. There’s incredible athleticism, that’s athleticism that never in a million years I would be capable of. I think you can see the interest in what the women are doing down there and so I think it’s the future.

Continuing on, Lynch discussed those who are already on the main roster – including herself – who are able to keep the momentum going.

I look at our women’s roster now and I go between me (laughing), you’ve got Bianca Belair. You’ve got Rhea Ripley, who’s just incredible and she’s so young. And you’ve got Liv Morgan and you have all these incredible women just getting started. It’s awesome. I’m very excited about it.

There is also a report claiming that Becky Lynch could be a couple of months away from returning to in-ring action.

With thanks to SEScoops for the transcription.