AEW Announce Changes To Their International TV Deals


If you live in Mexico, South America, Central America or The Caribbean, and you’re an AEW fan, then your coverage of the promotion is about to be affected.

Made official on October 1, AEW has ended all of their broadcasts of their television shows on Space in each Mexico, South America, Central America and The Caribbean. However, Brazil will retain All Elite Wrestling on Space.

AEW is advising those affected that they can still watch despite the changes in programming, made available on their subscription-based Plus service on FITE TV, with the streaming platform carrying all content from the company.

Here is AEW’s statement in its entirety:


To our fans in Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean… we want to thank you for watching on Space. We hope you’ve enjoyed the amazing action. However, we have an update to share. As of September 30, content will no longer be available on Space, with the exception of Brazil.

Starting October 1, you can continue watching programming on “Plus.” Plus will exclusively stream all weekly shows including Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, Dark: Elevation, and Battle of the Belts.

Tony Khan’s promotion is holding a week-long celebration throughout this upcoming week to mark the three-year anniversary of their show Dynamite. Featured in the festivities are two live shows back-to-back (Rampage and Battle of the Belts IV) that will bring us a two-hour Friday night from the company.