The WWE Raw Reaction for 12/27/21

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Welcome to the Raw Reaction, where I offer my take on this week’s show in Detroit.

As always, you can check out John’s full in-depth report here.

We kick things off with Promo Time with Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro. Riddle is back this week and talked about Orton’s encounter with the Alpha Academy last week. That cued up Alpha Academy coming out. Gable cut a promo on Riddle to set up the singles matches between Gable/Riddle and Orton/Otis. It was a good way to start off the show.

Gable/Riddle started first. The match was shorter than I would have liked, but it was pretty good for the time it was given. Gable looked great as usual and Riddle sold the suplexes well. Riddle would pick up the win with a Floating Bro.

Orton/Otis is up next with a good little story about Orton trying to hit the RKO on Otis. Otis tried to use his size advantage while countering the RKO every time. Otis missed a splash off the ropes and Orton is finally able to hit the RKO to pick up the win.

These were a couple of good matches and will establish grounds for a future feud between the two teams. I wished Alpha Academy picked up one win here, as Gable really could use a win right now. I think Alpha Academy might be next in line for a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens is up to cut a promo for the Day 1 fatal four way match since everyone else appears to be in Covid protocols. He wants Kevin Patrick to change his name to Bert/Burt in a humorous moment.

Veer Mahaan is still coming. Did he get drafted to Impact or something?

Mixed tag action is next with Dana Brooke and Reggie taking on Tamina and R-Truth. We get a meaningless Three Minute Raw Special. Reggie picks up the win for his team and there were no 24/7 title attempts afterwards. I guess that title can just go away.

There was a nice promo package to promote the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar Universal Title match at Day 1. It was some nice promotion given Smackdown will be a year in review show this week.

The finals of the RK-Bronament between The Street Profits and The Mysterios is next. The winners face RK-Bro for the tag titles at Day 1. The match was given sufficient time and was action-packed. Rey’s gear kinda reminded me of Bret Hart’s gear. The tag match was really good. Dominik got a decent amount of time in the ring to gain valuable experience. The Street Profits pick up the win and will face RK-Bro at Day 1. I’d like to see a match with The Mysterios and RK-Bro as well. Only thing, why does Montez Ford look like Jay Lethal?

A video package promoting the feud between AJ Styles and Omos leads us into Promo Time with AJ Styles. Styles talks about slaying the giant in Omos when NXT’s Grayson Waller appears in the crowd. Styles invites Waller into the ring and introduces him to the WWE Universe. Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez randomly appear and Azeez challenges Styles to a match next.

The match starts after the break with Styles taking on Crews instead of Azeez and Waller disappeared. It was explained that Crews wanted Styles and gave Azeez the night off. OK, whatever. Crews and Styles match up quite well together and I wouldn’t be disappointed if this little feud continued. The match was really good, probably a better choice over Styles/Azeez but I digress. Styles picks up the win with the Styles Clash. After the match, Styles dropped Azeez with a Phenomenal Forearm and a punch (why?). An Azeez match should be in the cards to show he can beat a giant before putting Omos over. I can see Styles/Waller at New Year’s Evil down in NXT.

Promo Time with Kevin Owens is next. Owens tried to build on his earlier promo and the “live from home” promos from Big E and Seth Rollins. MVP shows up to speak on Bobby Lashley’s behalf. MVP reads a statement from Lashley and Owens disputes the message. This was a good promo exchange between KO and MVP. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin show up wanting to reform the Hurt Business by shutting Owens’s mouth.

Alexander is ready to face Owens with MVP on commentary. Owens wiped out Alexander with a Stunner within about three minutes and then gave one to Benjamin as well.

We get another great video package to highlight the Liv Morgan/Becky Lynch Raw Women’s Championship match at Day 1 since neither were in attendance. It was some great hype for the match.

Dolph Ziggler gets his United States Championship match against Damian Priest next. The match was okay but it didn’t seem to help Priest at all. The fans lost interest and Ziggler won by DQ after getting Priest to go all crazy eyes on him. Priest stays champ, but it was not a good outing for him. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt his momentum going forward.

Main event time with the Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony between The Miz and Maryse. It was nice to see Eric Bischoff show up as the officiant. If you’ve seen one WWE heel wedding, you’ve seen them all. The vows were overly obnoxious and just killing time until Bischoff announced the Edge appearance. Edge with a quick basic promo before leaving to his old Brood music to cue the Broodbath on the happy couple to close out the show.


Let’s take a look at tonight’s highs and lows.

The Highs

The Styles/Crews and RK-Bronament matches were really good. Both are worth a watch and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Styles/Crews feud. The rest of the in ring action was okay.

Randy Orton got to hit Otis with the RKO tonight and I think that is the first time Otis has been knocked off his feet since turning heel and joining the Alpha Academy. Please put them in a tag title match.

The Lows

Maybe it was just the Covid issues, but Detroit just deserved a better show. I remember being in much more active and vocal crowds at the old JLA for Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs. I do not regret skipping attending it live. Maybe next time they come into town.

The Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony was as awful as you would expect it to be. It was funny hearing Bischoff saying we all know how this is going to go before Edge showed up.


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