Superstars To Watch In WWE Women’s Evolution 2.0

With the noticeable change in the WWE Women’s Division recently, I think there is going to be a Women’s Revolution 2.0 on the horizon. The original Women’s Revolution brought the rise of the Four Horsewomen, who have set the standard as of late. Another revolution can bring us a few fresh batch of superstars to write the next chapter in women’s wrestling.

Let’s take a look at who could possibly comprise this new revolution (in no particular order):


Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley

Ripley has all of the tools to be a major star in the women’s division. She has held three of the four available women’s championships and will win that fourth one to complete her unique grand slam champion. Ripley is young, can talk, and can work great matches. She could be the unofficial leader of the Women’s Revolution 2.0. Ripley could become the most decorated woman in WWE history if WWE plays their cards right. Ripley has a very bright and fantastic future ahead of her.


Shayna Baszler

While Baszler has been on the main roster for several years now, I think she could be the perfect veteran heel that can be the measuring stick to try to topple. Baszler is a bit older but that works to her advantage. After being freed from the dead end tag team with Nia Jax, it appears that Baszler is going to revert back to her NXT gimmick and just start wrecking people. She’s a crafty veteran that could pose as a formidable opponent to all who oppose her.



The former Piper Niven has the talent to be what Nia Jax couldn’t be, a super talented and safe larger woman. Karma was a bust out of the gate and Jax isn’t that talented in the ring. I haven’t fully followed her NXT UK run but heard great things about it. I’ve seen a couple of her Indy matches and I was impressed. She could play a monster heel if truly turned loose. Doudrop has looked good in the ring for what we have seen from her on Raw. Dumb name aside, I think she’ll be able to make it work.


Io Shirai

The genius of the sky can be that veteran face that can mentor the up and comers. She is really good in the ring and has an exciting style people can rally behind. I think Shirai’s current run with Zoey Stark as NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions has helped both characters grow. She had a great run as NXT Women’s Champion showing a lot of toughness along the way. Shirai can become a dominate force in a new women’s revolution.


Zoey Stark

I am just impressed with Stark. There is something about her that I can’t put my finger on that makes her work so well. Stark seems like that one person that has chemistry with everyone and has great matches regardless of who her opponent is, similar to The Usos. Her current run as NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion with Io Shiari has been really fun and has established her character that can be built upon on the main roster.


Bianca Belair

Belair can be positioned as the #1 babyface if handled correctly. The EST of WWE has certainly proved that she deserves the moniker. Hopefully, she can come out of the Becky Lynch feud not too badly damaged and it propels her into superstardom. Belair had a great run as champion and really matured from it. Belair’s future will come down to how well she can weather the Becky feud and how much damage, if any, it does to her.


Toni Storm

I was surprised that Storm got called up before winning the NXT Women’s Championship. She definitely has the tools to match Rhea Ripley’s women’s singles grand slam champion. Storm is very talented and can go in the ring. She seems to have evolved a little since getting bumped up from NXT to the main roster. It’s always good to be able to evolve your character to keep it fresh and match up to differing styles.


Liv Morgan

I had thought about Tegan Nox for the third Smackdown choice, but we don’t know how much longer her knees will hold up do I picked Morgan instead. Morgan, like Nox, has youth on her side. She has a good following but just needs that proper push to put her over the hump to super stardom. I can envision Morgan as a perennial Money in the Bank participant, always a threat to win it. I believe a briefcase is in her future with a successful cash in as well.


Raquel Gonzalez

The current NXT Women’s Champion could be a major player when she jumps to the main roster. She has been able to step up and deliver in big time matches. Gonzalez’s current title run has been really good and I think it’ll translate well on to the main roster. Her size and power would work well against some of the best on the main roster. Gonzalez can become a big time player in the future.


That’s who I think would be the major players in the next Revolution. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Did I miss someone? I’m always open to discussion on my social media pages, Facebook and Twitter (@ciscowebwiz76), so hit me up and let’s talk.

That’s all I’ve got, until next time.