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wwe nxt november 30

This week’s NXT 2.0 episode was the final show before Sunday’s WarGames pay-per-view event.

That meant there were two ladder matches on this episode to determine who would have the advantage in the Men’s and Women’s WarGames matches on Sunday.

This episode is taking place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The show began with the eight women in the WarGames match brawling by the entrance area. It was the heel team led by Mandy Rose and the face team led by Raquel Gonzalez, so it was a lot of punches being thrown. Referees showed up to break it up. The women were separated shortly after that and that led to the first match. The commentary team was Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix as usual.

Women’s WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

The winner of this match gives their team the advantage in the WarGames Match on Sunday. There’s a briefcase above the ring, so you had to use a ladder to retrieve the briefcase to win the match.

Ray kicked Kai out of the ring and then Ray hit a somersault dive off the turnbuckle onto Kai on the floor. Ray used a ladder and drove it into the ribs of Kai to send Kai into the ring apron. Kai came back with a neckbreaker that sent Ray into the steel steps leading to some NXT chants. Kai grabbed another ladder from under the ring, but then Ray recovered with a hard whip that sent Kai back first into the steel steps. Ray hit a suicide dive near the commentary table and then Ray suplexed Kai onto the ladder that was on the floor. Ray tried a climb, Kai stopped that and then Kai managed to send Ray into the ladder. Kai with a whip into the turnbuckle and then a running kick to the head. Kai drove her foot into the throat of Kai while against the ropes. Ray with a front suplex sending Kai face first into the mat. Ray went up top, so Kai delivered a jumping kick to the head. Kai with a double stomp off the top rope onto Ray on the apron. That was impressive as they went to a picture in picture break.


Kai remained in control as the match returned from break with Kai wrenching on Ray’s right leg against the bottom rope. They left the ring with Ray giving the KLR Bomb onto the announce table. They showed Mandy’s Toxic Attraction team watching on a TV backstage. Ray climbed up the ladder while favoring the injured right leg. Kai got up the ladder to stop Ray. Kai sent Ray face first into the top of the ladder. Kai tried to get up higher, but Ray was holding Kai’s foot. Kail was slapping herself in the head because she’s a crazy woman now and Kai hit a double foot stomp off the ladder onto Ray on the mat. Kai tried climbing up, but then Ray stopped her and Kai was trapped against the ladder in an upside-down submission. Ray with a superkick while Kai was upside down. Ray went up the ladder and Ray retrieved the briefcase to earn her team the advantage in the WarGames match. It went about 14 minutes.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

Analysis: ***3/4 This was a great match with both women pulling off some innovative spots, especially with the Kai double foot stomps off the turnbuckle and ladder off a ladder. Ray did a nice job of selling the right knee injury throughout the match because even when she was climbing slowly, she was selling it and that’s the right way to do it. Ray is on the babyface team at WarGames so it gives them the advantage. Awesome job here, ladies. This match was a lot of fun to watch and I’m sure both women will feel some of those big bumps in the morning.

They showed the teammates watching the match on separate TVs. KLR’s team of Gonzalez, Shirai & Jade were happy while Kai’s team of Rose, Dolin & Jayne were frustrated by what happened.

A video aired from last week’s show with Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson setting up their Hair vs. Hair match at WarGames on Sunday. Andre Chase trash talked Grimes, so that set up their match this week.


They showed the Grizzled Young Veterans in the backstage area trying to steal something from a locker. Ikemen Jiro and Kushida showed up, so they were told it was a sensitive operation and there was a lot of “shush” going on. Briggs & Jensen showed up to catch GYV, so GYV ran off. Thrilling.

Cameron Grimes vs. Andre Chase

Grimes with an armdrag takedown leading to a kick to the chest. Chase did a hair pull takedown followed by a neckbreaker. Chase with a hard whip into the corner two times with Grimes bumping face first into the middle turnbuckle. Chase got his “students” to spell “Chase” as he stomped on Grimes repeatedly. Grimes came back with a hurricanrana, two running forearms and a running kick in the corner. Grimes went up top, he jumped, Chase avoided it and Grimes hit the Cave In double foot stomp to the chest for the pinfall win in about two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cameron Grimes

Analysis: *1/2 Easy win for Grimes over Chase as expected here. Grimes is in a match at WarGames while Chase is not, so the right guy won here.

Duke Hudson did a promo congratulating Grimes on his final victory with a full head of hair. Hudson said they had some photos about what Grimes could look like with a new haircut. The fans chanted “shut the hell up” at Grimes. One of the photos was a bowl haircut while mocking Cameron’s southern accent. Hudson had a picture that was bald with Hudson saying he’ll shave him bald like the day he was born. Hudson said on Sunday, he’ll give Grimes a real reason to cry.

Grimes grabbed Andre Chase and threw him into the ring. Grimes grabbed some clippers from under the ring, but one of Andre’s “students” pulled Chase out of the ring. Grimes told Hudson he’s shaving him bald at WarGames. That was it.

Analysis: The photo editing comedy is something WWE has been doing for decades. They think it’s funny, so it’s a go to segment whenever there’s a hair match. I thought Hudson’s promo was fine, but very generic dialogue. The crowd is firmly behind Grimes and I think Grimes should win.

The announcers were shown on camera with Barrett wearing a Toxic Attraction shirt under his jacket. Barrett was proud of it.

The fans voted to see who will be in the Men’s WarGames Advantage Ladder Match and they said it would be Johnny Gargano for his team.

The other WarGames team of Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams), Grayson Waller & Tony D’Angelo were shown walking for a promo after a break.


A video aired about Edris Enofe saying that as a kid, he was told he wouldn’t make it out of Inglewood, California. Enofe went to the military for five years and then he had doubters that made him feel alone. Enofe said that his first opponent Solo Sikoa fought in the streets, so they are not that different. Enofe said he strives to be the epitome of excellence.

Let’s Hear from Team NXT 2.0

Team NXT 2.0 is the name of the group with NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams), Bron Breakker, Grayson Waller & Tony D’Angelo. Alicia Taylor was there to interview them. Hayes talked about how they were the future. Hayes told Gargano that he is the A Champion and on Sunday, you know that when he shoots, he doesn’t miss.

Grayson Waller said that those guys want them to come in to carry their boots and bags. Waller said that there’s a handsome, more exciting version of LA Knight on the scene. Waller had a shirt that said “The Grayson Waller Effect” so he showed that shirt.

Bron Breakker spoke about how Tommaso Ciampa calls Breakker a puppy, throws out the math reference and Ciampa likes to brag about his 17 years of experience. Breakker said that at WarGames, they are going to beat the black & gold team and then he’s coming for the NXT Championship.

Tony D’Angelo did his mobster gimmick routine saying they paved the road for them. Tony said that they better bring their best because they are going to need it.

The fan vote was shown to see who will represent this team in the WarGames Advantage Ladder Match…Bron Breakker. The big man Breakker was excited about that and he’s getting Johnny Gargano later in the show. Breakker said that he will gladly fight.

Johnny Gargano showed up saying these guys are out there talking about how they are going to beat the guys that put NXT on the map. Gargano said that without guys like him, there wouldn’t be a ring to stand in. Gargano called Breakker the “big bad booty nephew” (Scott Steiner reference) and said that he’ll start with him. The fans chanted “booty nephew” at Breakker. Gargano wanted Breakker to leave his team in the back tonight so they can have a Ladder Match one on one. Breakker said he’ll leave his team behind and gladly kick Gargano’s ass.

Analysis: The promos were pretty simple with Hayes showing a lot of confidence, I like Waller more as a heel than during his face run, Breakker gets better every time I hear him and then D’Angelo is a mafia gimmick guy. Gargano vs. Breakker is a big first time match for later in the show, so that should be fun to watch in the main event.

Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner were shown getting ready for their match.

Legado del Fantasma’s Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza with Santos Escobar & Elektra Lopez were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. The Legado guys were confident they were going to win to earn the title match and then they’ll win the titles at WarGames so they’ll be draped in gold.


They showed the MSK duo of Nash Carter and Wes Lee in a car looking for the shaman they have been looking for. The GPS told them they have finally reached their destination and it’s only taken them five weeks. They were both nervous, then they went up to the door and Lee knocked on the door. When the door opened, there was somebody standing there with a bright light, but we couldn’t see who it was. MSK said: “It’s him.” That was it.

Legado Del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza (w/Santos Escobar & Elektra Lopez) vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

The winners of this match get an NXT Tag Team Title match against Imperium this Sunday at WarGames.

Mendoza with a kick to the head, but Wagner caught a kick and then Wagner hit a shoulder tackle. Kyle tagged in with a headlock, on Mendoza, Wilde tagged in and Legado hit a double team spinebuster along with a double team dropkick. Wilde with an elbow smash to knock Kyle down and then a drive into the ropes. Kyle tripped up Mendoza going for a submission, but Mendoza fought back with a kick. Mendoza with a rollup for two. Kyle got a boot up, Wagner tagged in and Wagner hit a jumping splash on the back of Mendoza for a two count. They showed Xion Quinn walking towards ringside to stare at Escobar and Lopez across the ring since they attacked Quinn a few weeks ago. The show went to break.


When the match returned, Quinn approached Escobar and Lopez, so Escobar put Lopez in front of him. Quinn went after Escobar with punches, so they went brawling to the back. The Legado guys did their spot where they hit repeated running clotheslines on their opponent Kyle in their turnbuckle. Mendoza with a kick to the head followed by a suplex. Wilde jumped off the top with a somersault dive onto Kyle for a two count. Wilde grabbed Kyle in a headlock leading to a neckbreaker for two. Mendoza back in, Kyle fought back against both opponents and Wagner punched Wilde down. Wagner tagged in against Mendoza with a clothesline, then a jumping knee and a powerslam. Wagner with a lifting flatliner. Wagner with an Olympic Slam for a two count. Mendoza did a great move showing his balance on the ropes leading to a dropkick off the top rope. Kyle tagged in against Wilde as they exchanged forearms. The forearm exchange lasted about 20 shots total, Kyle with kicks, Wilde with a forearm to the jaw and Wilde hit a DDT. Wagner was frustrated by some heel tactics, then Wagner pulled the rope down to send Mendoza out of the ring. Wagner got the tag leading to a sweep kick/clothesline combo for the pinfall win as Wagner pinned Wilde. That was it after 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

Analysis: *** This was a solid match with the fans not really getting into all of it, but there was a decent reaction for the finish. I just don’t think Wagner stands out that much due to a lack of interesting personality. The Legado guys are terrific and always have good matches, so I hope one day they get a bigger push. Kyle and Wagner winning made sense since they are babyface challengers to go after the heel champions.

The win means that Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner will get an NXT Tag Team Title match at WarGames on Sunday.

Imperium, the NXT Tag Team Champions, were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner were talking about how there was no way they can lose, then Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner showed up with Kyle saying that this team of misfits are one win away from being champions while Wagner said they’ll see them at WarGames and called them dumbasses. That ended it.

Joe Gacy’s All-Inclusive Invitational is up next.

This Friday on Smackdown, Brock Lesnar is back.


A video aired about Tiffany Stratton being a rich girl that wears the hottest clothes and doesn’t have to check the price tag. Tiffany’s dad says she can be anything she wants and she wants to be a NXT superstar. Tiffany’s debut is coming soon.

Joe Gacy was in the ring with the big man Harland with Joe saying this is how the future of the Cruiserweight Division will be. Gacy said that the reign of Roderick Strong has created an unrealistic environment for the NXT Universe and all of its competitors. Gacy said that this division will no longer have a height requirement or have weight shaming stop its competitors and will no longer allow gender bias to stand in the way of progression. Gacy invited these competitors to give him his best as Joe prepares to dethrone Roderick Strong at NXT…Conflict Resolution (he didn’t say WarGames). Gacy said to sit back, relax and enjoy your glimpse at our future.

Joe Gacy vs. Three Unnamed Opponents

Gacy with a shoulder tackle on a shorter opponent, who ran off the ropes with a kick. Gacy came back with a pump kick. Gacy with a clothesline and spinning uranage slam. Gacy with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the pinfall win after about one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Joe Gacy

Analysis: 1/4* A squash win by Gacy as expected here.

Joe Gacy did a promo about giving an opportunity to this young lady, but here comes Diamond Mine.

Malcolm Bivens said that this needs legitimacy like the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Bivens said that this is Gacy’s last invitational because they will shut up Gacy for good. Gacy said he respects Malcom’s passion and he wanted to speak to Strong person to person. Strong and Bivens got into the ring with him. Strong said he’s done talking, Strong punched Strong and then Gacy bounced off the ropes leading to a clothesline. Harland pulled Gacy out of the ring to save Gacy.

Analysis: It was a decent segment. Gacy is a very good talker that is a creepy kind of heel that wants to manipulate people. I assume WWE wants to kill the cruiserweight division by having Gacy go after the title and possibly win it, so then the title name may change after that. I just don’t think the decision makers care about having a cruiserweight division anymore after that match. Anyway, Gacy and Strong are both heelish so I’m not sure if that is going to work that well as a match, but it might. The fans will probably support Strong over Gacy in that match.

Solo Sikoa did an interview with Mckenzie Mitchell with Solo talking about his upcoming match. Boa walked up to Solo making strange noises, Solo didn’t understand him and left.


Solo Sikoa made his entrance with an undefeated record and he got a good reaction from the crowd. Edris Enofe made his entrance for his first match on NXT 2.0 so let’s see what he can do.

Edris Enofe vs. Solo Sikoa

Sikoa with a shoulder tackle followed by an armbar while Robert Stone appeared in the aisle watching the match. Sikoa with a kick to the leg followed by a headbutt to the chest. Enofe ran into the ropes, Sikoa caught him and hit a spinning slam for a two count. Enofe with a kick followed by a standing moonsault and a neckbreaker. Sikoa used his power to push Enofe away leading to a kick to the chest. Sikoa with a back fist, then kicks to the legs, a roundhouse kick to the head and a back senton splash for two. Sikoa went for a corner attack, Enofe moved and Enofe delivered punches along with a dropkick. Enofe hit a cross body block off the middle ropes. Enofe with a DDT. Enofe went up top, he went for a 450 Splash, Sikoa moved out of the way and Sikoa caught Enofe with a Samoan Drop. Sikoa hit a Superfly Splash for the pinfall win after about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Solo Sikoa

Analysis: **1/4 It was okay for a match under five minutes. It was mostly Sikoa on offense for most of it, Enofe got to show a bit of what he can do, but then he missed that top rope move and Sikoa put him away shortly after that. Sikoa continues his dominance in NXT.

Post match, Boa showed up with white/black face paint and kicked Sikoa. Boa grabbed Sikoa by the throat, but then Enofe hit Boa to get him off Sikoa. Boa grabbed Enofe around the throat, then Sikoa got back into it and Boa retreated.

Analysis: Boa is a crazy character now. I don’t know what’s going on, but they took away Mei Ying from him and he’s on his own.

Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell were warming up for their match. Somebody was sleeping on a coach behind them. Hartwell answered the phone. It was a doctor giving her an update on Dexter Lumis with the doctor saying Lumis is gone. They don’t know where Dexter went. Pirotta told Hartwell that their match is next.


Xyon Quinn was shown walking in the parking lot with Elektra Lopez there to talk to him. Elektra said she wished Quinn didn’t mess with Legado, but she admires somebody that marches to the beat of their own drum. Lopez wished Quinn good luck against Santos Escobar next week because he’s going to need it.

A Progressive replay was shown of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis having a love story leading to their wedding. Recently, Lumis was attacked and has a broken hand.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz

Indi looked sad, so Feroz attacked her and wrenched on the left knee. Indi kicked herself free, but then Leon tagged in with a dropkick and moonsault. Leon applied a half crab submission on Indi, who broke free. Pirotta was on fire with kicks, clotheslines on both women and Pirotta sent Feroz into the turnbuckle. Pirotta with a spinning slam off the shoulders for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

Analysis: 1/2* A dominant showing from Pirotta while Hartwell wasn’t focused on the match at all.

This Sunday night at NXT WarGames, here’s the lineup.

* Hair vs. Hair Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

* NXT Tag Team Championships: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

* NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Joe Gacy

* Women’s WarGames Match: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne & Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade & Kay Lee Ray

* Men’s WarGames Match: Team Black & Gold – Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight vs. Team 2.0 – Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, Bron Breakker & Grayson Waller

Johnny Gargano made his entrance for the main event as he climbed a ladder.


There was a video featuring a male wrestler named Draco Anthony saying he is what NXT needs and his actions speak louder than your words. He was sitting alone in a restaurant with a coffee in hand.

Bron Breakker made his entrance representing the 2.0 team and he was dressed in the colorful singlet as usual.

Men’s WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker shoved Gargano down. Breakker with a shoulder tackle followed by a delayed vertical suplex after walking across the ring. Gargano wit ha running hurricanrana followed by a dropkick out of the ring. Gargano with a slingshot dive over the top onto Breakker on the floor. Breakker managed to get back up and used his power to knock Gargano down with a ladder. Breakker no sold a clothesline and Breakker hit a powerslam. Breakker set up a ladder under the briefcase. Breakker tried a climb, then he stopped and Gargano hit a slingshot Spear. Gargano with a kick followed by Gargano slamming a steel ladder on Breakker. Gargano hit a suicide dive on Breakker, who bumped over the commentary table. They went to picture in picture break.


The match returned with both guys climbing up the ladder on opposite sides. Breakker worked over Gargano with punches, so Johnny shoved the ladder and Breakker bumped to the rope and then to the floor. Breakker was back up with a clothesline into the ladder that Gargano was holding. Breakker with an overhead belly to belly suplex across the ring. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Gargano with punches, but Breakker got a hold of him and hit a belly to belly over head suplex onto a ladder that was against the ropes. Breakker jumped off the middle rope with an elbow, Gargano moved and Breakker hit the ladder. Ouch. Gargano set up the ladder across the top rope leading to a drop toe hold that sent Breakker into the ladder. Breakker got a hold of a ladder on his shoulders, Gargano superkicked Breakker twice and Breakker dropped the ladder while Breakker delivered a middle finger salute. Gargano hit a third superkick. Breakker managed to get back into it, they went over to the top turnbuckle where Breakker pulled down the straps leading to a Frankensteiner off the top just like Uncle Scott Steiner used to do. Great sell by Gargano on that move too. It takes two to do a move like that and it led to “NXT” chants in appreciation for that move. Breakker went for a powerslam, but Gargano countered it into a DDT. They climbed up the ladder first, Gargano was up there first, Breakker was on the other side and Gargano hit Breakker with the briefcase. Gargano climbed again, Breakker pulled Gargano off the ladder, Breakker caught him and hit a powerslam. Breakker climbed up to grab the contract after about 14 minutes.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Analysis: ***1/2 A very good ladder match, but the women’s match earlier was a bit better in my humble opinion. Breakker hasn’t had that many singles matches on NXT, so it’s not like I expected a classic or anything like that. Gargano is always going to have good matches and I thought they set up some spots well with Breakker taking some big bumps. Gargano was technically sound as usual while putting over Breakker’s power moves very well. I loved seeing Breakker doing a Frankensteiner flawlessly. That was so cool to see. Gargano putting over Breakker clean was the right call for this match.

Post match, members of Gargano’s team went into the ring against Team 2.0 and it was a wild brawl in the ring. There was no time left, so we only got to see about 30 seconds of that. It was the end of the show.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Kay Lee Ray
  2. Dakota Kai
  3. Bron Breakker/Johnny Gargano

The Scoreboard

This week: 7.25 out of 10

Last week: 6.75

2021 Average: 7.12

Final Thoughts

It was a pretty good show this week with three longer matches thanks to the two Ladder matches and the tag match in the middle of the show. It was a solid job of building up WarGames matches.

NXT WarGames takes place this Sunday, December 5th. Here’s the lineup.

* Men’s WarGames Match:Team Black & Gold – Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight vs. Team 2.0 – Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, Bron Breakker & Grayson Waller

* Women’s WarGames Match: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne & Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade & Kay Lee Ray

* Hair vs. Hair Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

* NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Joe Gacy

* NXT Tag Team Championships: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner


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