The John Report: AEW Dynamite 05/01/24 Review

AEW Dynamite May 1

This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Adam Copeland defending the TNT Title against somebody from House of Black, Kenny Omega in his hometown and more.

It’s a long night of AEW action because they are doing two hours of Dynamite live from Winnipeg followed by a one-hour edition of Rampage right after. I will only be reviewing Dynamite. Last week’s Dynamite featured The Elite beating up AEW Owner, CEO & GM Tony Khan to end the show, which was painful to watch just because Tony should not be bumping. Tony followed that up with a bunch of ridiculous statements in interviews while wearing a neckbrace. I like you AEW and Tony you’re cool with me, but don’t be an on-camera character. It’s not a good thing.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #239 from the Canada Life Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

There was a video of Tony Khan looking ridiculous with a neckbrace while saying that he was running the show remotely from Jacksonville. As Tony spoke about Kenny Omega being there and how Tony wasn’t able to travel due to his injury, the screen faded away and we saw The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) in the production area. The Young Bucks said people might be wondering why they won’t be fired for their actions and they revealed that they had Iron Clad contracts with a Founders clause. Matt said that they aren’t going anywhere. Matthew said that if Tony can’t be at an event, then the EVPs would run the show. Nick called for the new show open.

The new show open featured The Elite’s Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada & Jack Perry only.

Analysis: A nice way to follow up on last week’s show ending. The Elite are a heel group that already has a lot of heat and hopefully that heat grows for them as a group.

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. The commentary team was Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone.

Let’s Hear from Swerve Strickland

The AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland entered with Prince Nana as the fans cheered for the champion. Swerve talked about having three matches in one week and said that’s the kind of champion that he’s going to be. Swerve said that AEW doesn’t need power-hungry EVPs while adding that what they did was a bitch move. Swerve said that it can be handled in the future, but let’s get down to business about who will be his opponent at Double or Nothing. Swerve wanted somebody to present themselves to him.

The Young Bucks appeared on the screen with their AEW Tag Team Titles while wearing headsets. Matt didn’t like Swerve bashing them with curse words as Nick added that’s a fine. Matt said they could arrange for a talented Canadian wrestler to be Swerve’s challenger and he’s ready to meet you out there right now. It sounded like Kenny Omega, but instead, it’s former TNT Champion Christian Cage.

Christian Cage made his entrance joined by Killswitch, Nick Wayne and Nick’s mom Shayna Wayne.

Christian got in Swerve’s face as the fans chanted his name. Christian teased talking, but instead, he hit Swerve with a microphone to the jaw. Swerve fought back with strikes for Christian and his friends. Killswitch headbutted Christian and knocked down Nana. Christian hit his move Killswitch on the AEW World Title. Nick Wayne hit his Wayne’s World move (leaping Cutter) on Nana to put him down.

Christian told Swerve that he never forgets. Christian mentioned that Swerve beat up Nick Wayne in the past. Christian reminded Swerve they were a tag team at the biggest show in the history of business, but Swerve lost and embarrassed Christian. That led to Christian stomping on Swerve. Christian said he’ll end Swerve’s title reign and make sure he is a footnote in the history of AEW. Christian mentioned that Swerve put everything into being AEW World Champion and saying that it felt like Swerve’s daughter didn’t know him. Christian said that he’ll make sure that Swerve’s daughter has a father she can be proud of. Christian trashed the Winnipeg Jets losing to the Colorado Avalanche and said he would rip the championships from Swerve’s hands. Christian told Swerve that the pain has just begun. Killswitch ripped off a piece of Swerve’s hair, so Swerve sold that on the mat.

The graphic was shown for AEW Double or Nothing with Swerve Strickland defending the AEW World Championship against Christian Cage. That’s on Sunday, May 26th in Las Vegas.

Analysis: It was a good angle to establish Christian Cage as a threat to the AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland. While I don’t think that Christian has a chance to beat Swerve at Double or Nothing, at least Christian is a credible challenger due to his long reign as TNT Champion and the fact that he’s an established veteran wrestler. There is an issue of how the challenger was chosen because Christian has been off for a few months, yet now he’s back and just given an AEW World Title match. They can explain it by saying the heel Young Bucks made the decision, so of course they would pick a heel like Christian to be in that spot. I’m okay with it.

A video aired about Adam Copeland’s rivalry with House of Black. Brody King of HOB said that he has two wins over Copeland. Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews said that Adam will find out his opponent on Dynamite when the rest of the world finds out.

Adam Copeland made his energetic entrance for his fellow Canadians and he got a big pop as usual. Copeland is 7-0-1 in singles matches in 2024 and he’s the TNT Champion. The lights went out in the building, then there were some words from Malakai Black and then the lights went out again. It was Buddy Matthews entering for the match.

TNT Championship: Adam Copeland vs. Buddy Matthews

Adam and Buddy each hit shoulder tackles that did not knock their opponent down. Adam and Buddy each went for quick pin attempts, but Buddy quickly got back to his feet. Buddy did a headscissors to send Adam out of the ring. Adam got back in the ring and sent Buddy out of the ring. Adam hit a suicide dive onto Buddy on the floor.


The match continued with Buddy hitting a DDT by the ropes. Buddy remained in control as he stood on Adam’s back followed by a kick to the back. Buddy applied a headlock for about a minute until Adam broke free and hit a flatliner where Buddy got a lot of height while taking that move. They did a spot where they battled on the turnbuckles, then they punched eachother and each guy bumped to the floor. Both guys got back into the ring right before the ten count. They were back in the ring as Buddy hit an elbow smash, then Adam hit an elbow smash and both guys ran the ropes leading to a cross body block collision spot. Buddy was bleeding from the mouth as they went to a picture-in-picture break.


Adam was working over Buddy with corner punches, but Buddy came back with a running Powerbomb for a two count. Buddy was continuing to sell the stomach/rib injury since the story is he had internal bleeding and that’s why he was bleeding from the mouth. Adam blocked a move out of the corner and Adam kicked Buddy in the ribs. While Adam was on the middle turnbuckle, he caught Buddy and gave him an Avalanche Impaler DDT for two. Adam went for a Spear, but Buddy blocked it with three knees in a row followed by Buddy doing a Jackhammer slam for two. Buddy applied a Crossface submission and Adam leaned back for a two count. Adam hit an Olympic Slam for a two count. Adam had a rivalry with Kurt Angle way back in 2002 so it was cool to see him doing a move like that. Adam charged, Buddy avoided it and sent him into the turnbuckle. Buddy hit a GTS-like knee to the jaw with no cover. Buddy went for The Stomp, Adam avoided it and Adam hit the Spear for the pinfall win after 21 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Adam Copeland

Analysis: ***1/2 A terrific match featuring some intense action for over 20 minutes. Buddy selling the stomach/rib injury throughout the match was a good story because it played right into the finish since Adam used a Spear as a finishing move, which is a move that would hurt the injury that Buddy was dealing with. A lot of the match was done in a way where it was even between them and Buddy got plenty of offense although I doubt many people watching this thought there would be a title change.

After the match, Adam punched Buddy a few times to keep him down. Adam brought two chairs into the ring and hit Buddy in the back with one of the chairs. Adam teased a Conchairto, but the lights went out as expected. The lights went on and Malakai Black told Adam to do it. Buddy was on his knees telling Adam to do it. The lights went out again. When the lights came back on, Adam was still in the ring with a chair while House of Black were gone. Copeland held up the TNT Title to end it.

Analysis: It was more mind games from House of Black daring Adam Copeland to attack with the chair, but then they left before it could happen. I assume the story will continue leading to Copeland facing Brody King or Malakai Black at Double or Nothing and maybe there will be a title change that night. I think a Copeland-Black match is more interesting, so they could do Copeland-King in a match on television at some point this month. At least it’s something interesting for the House of Black group.


Samoa Joe vs. Isiah Kassidy

Kassidy put Joe’s white towel around his neck and did some dancing, so Joe choked him. Kassidy ran the ropes, Joe launched him in the air and Kassidy shrieked to sell it on his way down to the mat. Joe teased a move on Kassidy on the floor, but Kassidy avoided that and Kassidy hit a neckbreaker. Kassidy did a somersault dive to the floor, but Joe walked away in a classic Joe move and Kassidy landed back first on the floor. That was great. When they got back in the ring, Kassidy hit a dropkick. Joe blocked a monkey flip attempt, Joe with a headbutt and Joe hit a Muscle Buster for the pinfall win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Samoa Joe

Analysis: *3/4 Samoa Joe needed a win so he got the easy victory over a tag team wrestler. That spot where Joe did the walkaway on the floor was tremendous. Easy win.

Skye Blue did a promo about how Willow Nightingale was a fraud and said she was better than her. Blue wanted Willow to put the TBS Title on the line on Rampage.


Let’s Hear from Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy made his entrance for a promo even though he’s not really known for promos. They showed highlights of Trent Beretta beating Chuck Taylor in a bloody Parking Lot Fight on Rampage last week. Trent shattered Chuck’s ankle at the end of it.

Orange said that he hates this. Orange said he thought that after Trent and Chuck beat eachother up, he thought they would stand together again as best friends. Orange said that’s never going to happen. Orange said that he has been told that his best friend Chuck Taylor will never wrestle again. Orange said that he was standing in the ring alone.

Trent interrupted and said that Orange was making this about himself again. Orange charged at Trent, who stood behind security guys and Kris Statlander held Orange back too. Trent said that Chuck’s career is over because Orange is too selfish. Don Callis walked onto the stage to talk to Orange as the fans booed Don, who was in his hometown. Callis walked with Orange to the back, which drew more boos. Trent did a Thumbs Up gesture to end it.

Analysis: I don’t know if the Chuck Taylor news is legit or just a storyline. If it’s a work then obviously you can build to Chuck’s comeback at some point. I’m not that interested in the story, but good for Trent to get a chance as a heel. We’ll see how the story develops in the future.

The Young Bucks were interviewed by Renee Paquette backstage. Matt said they were looking for an old friend. Nick said they had too much TV time so let’s give some time to the “Scapegoat” Jack Perry. That led to Renee asking Jack what went through his mind when he attacked Tony Khan. Jack said that taking out Tony was what was best for AEW. Jack said that he accepted being the scapegoat because it was a sacrifice that we all had to make. Jack said thanks to Tony, we are entering a new era under The Elite.

Analysis: A simple explanation from Jack Perry about why he attacked the boss Tony Khan last week. Jack was kept off TV for months by Tony Khan, so in Jack’s opinion, he got revenge for that by taking Tony out and giving more power to The Elite group. It’s a logical explanation.

Chris Jericho got a hometown pop from the crowd and even had some fireworks. Jericho had the FTW Title around his waist while his father Ted Irvine was at ringside.

FTW Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Taz complained about Jericho put “The Learning Tree Chris Jericho” on the FTW Title since Taz created the title nearly 30 years ago. It’s anything goes in an FTW Championship match. Jericho did an arm drag followed by some of his sarcastic waving. Jericho knocked down Shibata with a forearm. Jericho hit a Lionsault with his knees nailing Shibata hard in the body and that got a two count. Jericho brought a trash can lid into the ring and hit Shibata in the head with it. Jericho dumped out a black bag of hockey pucks into the ring. They had Winnipeg Jets logos on them. Shibata did an STO trip onto the hockey pucks. Shibata suplexed Jericho onto the hockey pucks. Shibata chopped Jericho in the chest a few times. It turned into a chop exchange so that both men had visible red marks on their chests. They went to a PIP break.


The match continued with the chop fest continuing. Shibata hit more chops and charged at Jericho, who threw a hockey puck at Shibata. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho submission. Shibata stepped through to take down Jericho leading to a Figure Four Leglock, but Jericho got another hockey puck. Jericho threw a hockey puck into Shibata’s face to break the submission. That was innovative. Jericho brought the “For The World” trash can (Taz said “For the World is “soft crap”) and Jericho had a kendo stick as well. Jericho put the trash can on Shibata followed by Jericho hitting the trash can with the kendo stick. Shibata got back to his feet and walked toward Jericho. Shibata attacked with “headbutts” with the trash can to knock Jericho down. Shibata hit a running dropkick onto Jericho in the corner. Shibata had a kendo stick and gave another kendo stick to Jericho for a duel of some kind. They sat down in the ring leading to kendo stick shots to the upper body. Shibata delivered a high-angle belly-to-back suplex onto some hockey pucks. Shibata brought a table into the ring. Shibata brought a table into the ring and set up the table against the turnbuckle. Shibata worked over Jericho with strikes. Shibata charged, but Jericho countered with a Codebreaker for two. Jericho went for the Judas Effect only for Shibata to counter with a sleeper. Shibata nailed an overhand chop to knock Jericho down. Shibata opened up the table in the corner. Big Bill showed up at that point to nail Shibata with a boot to the head. Bill picked up Shibata and Bill gave Shibata with a Chokeslam through the table. Jericho covered Shibata on the broken table for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: *** I thought it was okay. I don’t know why they felt the need to spend so much time chopping eachother. It was about five minutes of chopping if you include the time during the picture-in-picture break. I kept waiting for Big Bill to interfere based on the storyline, so of course, once the table was set up, I figured it was coming. A cheap win by Jericho, who acts like a babyface, but is really a heel. I like Chris Jericho historically speaking as one of my favorite wrestlers ever, but the last couple of years haven’t been great for him in AEW and this current story is just average stuff.

After the match, Big Bill told Jericho to keep watching him. Jericho nodded at him. Jericho waved at the crowd with smiling that looked sarcastic more than anything.

The TBS Champion Willow Nightingale was interviewed by Renee Paquette while Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway was there too. Kris said she was sorry about getting involved with Mercedes Mone last week. Willow said that last week’s fiasco left her in a fighting mood and she’ll pay Mercedes back for the slap. Willow said if Skye Blue wants a fight, Willow will massacre her right here in Winnipeg on Rampage. Hathaway complained about The Young Bucks beating up Tony Khan. Renee read a text from The Young Bucks saying that Kris & Stokely are banned from ringside for Willow’s match on Rampage.


There were two matches announced for next week’s Dynamite.

* TNT Championship: Adam Copeland vs. Brody King

* Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brian Cage

Claudio and Cage exchanged clotheslines repeatedly with neither guy knocking the other guy down. Claudio hit an uppercut followed by a suplex. Cage came back with a dropkick. Claudio got a hold of a charging Cage and hit a backbreaker. Cage hit a kick to the chest to knock Claudio down. Claudio hit a body slam followed by a double foot stomp to the chest. Claudio to the apron, Cage knocked Claudio down and Cage hit a superplex from the middle ropes and back into the ring. That was impressive.


Cage hit his own version of a 619 kick followed by a discus clothesline for two. Claudio hit a springboard uppercut for two. Claudio worked over Cage with repeated uppercuts. Claudio and Cage exchanged boots to the face. Claudio hit his own version of a 619 kick followed by a clothesline for two. Cage hit a spinebuster for a two count. Claudio hit an uppercut for two. Claudio gave Cage the Giant Swing for a few spins followed by Claudio applying the Sharpshooter submission. Cage tapped out to give Claudio the win after about ten minutes.

Winner by submission: Claudio Castagnoli

Analysis: **3/4 A solid match between two veterans. There really wasn’t a story going in and it just felt like a match to give Claudio a victory after losing an AEW World Title match to Swerve Strickland last week. Cage hit some impressive moves during the match, but they never really push him consistently. Claudio winning was the obvious result.

Claudio Castagnoli celebrated the win.


Rocky Romero was interviewed by Renee Paquette backstage. Rocky was asked who he sides with for the Best Friends drama between Orange and Trent. Rocky said it was tearing him apart and said he was done with it. Rocky said he’ll do his own thing from now on. Rocky said he’s been a champion in NJPW, ROH, and CMLL. Rocky said there’s a guy that brings the best out of him and that’s Kyle O’Reilly. Rocky challenged Kyle to a match on Rampage later tonight.

Serena Deeb vs. Mariah May (w/Toni Storm & Luther)

This is the usual spot in the show for the lone women’s match. Deeb has her sights set on the AEW Women’s Title held by Toni Storm so that’s why she is facing May, who is associated with Storm. Deeb and May exchanged holds leading to Deeb tying up May on the mat so that May was holding herself in a submission, which looks ridiculous. Deeb dropkicked May. Deeb hit a shoulder tackle. Deeb got a leg takedown followed by Deeb holding onto the arms of May for a submission. May did a headstand hurricanrana off the ropes followed by a dropkick.


Deeb kicked May to knock her back a bit and that led to Deeb hitting a neckbreaker using the middle ropes for an assist. Deeb hit a swinging neckbreaker. Serena hit a snap German Suplex followed by a clothesline for a two count. May came back with a kick followed by a missile dropkick off the top. May hit a running hip attack for a two count. May hit a running knee smash for two. They exchanged pin attempts for two counts for each woman. Deeb got a backslide pin for two. May came back with a headbutt and a belly-to-back suplex. May went for a handstand out of the corner, but Deeb caught the leg and applied a half-crab submission. Deeb rammed May’s knee into the mat repeatedly and applied the half-crab submission move. Toni Storm threw in the towel to end the match. It went about 11 minutes.

Winner by submission: Serena Deeb

Analysis: *** It was a pretty good match to give Deeb a win to set up for a Women’s Title match against Storm. I assume the long term plan is that May might be the woman to take the Women’s Title from Storm but until that plan is in motion, May is there to lose to whoever Storm is feuding with and that’s Deeb for now. Deeb is a good technical wrestler, but she really doesn’t have a lot of charisma as a babyface, so the story isn’t that interesting at this point. Serena is better as a heel like she was in the past while Storm is cheered so she should be a face.

A graphic was shown that said that Toni Storm will defend the Women’s Title against Serena Deeb at AEW Double or Nothing.

Adam Copeland was about to be interviewed by Renee Paquette, who asked if Adam was okay. Adam said he was fine. Kyle O’Reilly said as a Canadian kid who looked up to him, it was great to be in the same locker room with Adam and he was there for him if he needed backup. Adam thanked Kyle for that while wishing Kyle good luck in his match against Rocky Romero, so Kyle thanked him for that.

Let’s Hear from Kenny Omega

There was a long introduction from ring announcer Justin Roberts for Kenny Omega, who made his return in his hometown of Winnipeg. Omega got a big ovation from the crowd. Omega has been out of action due to diverticulitis, and it’s been about five months or so since he has been on AEW TV.

Kenny Omega walked out to the ring wearing dress clothes including a sport coat and some sunglasses. Omega said he’s never been good at talking about this stuff. Omega spoke about being diagnosed with diverticulitis. Omega said that after spending ten days in the hospital, he was told he was lucky because he was about 24 hours away from dying. The doctor said that they needed to get what was wrong with Kenny out of him. Kenny was told that he could have a colonoscopy bag with him for the rest of his life. Omega said that he was told that any blunt-force trauma to the stomach could kill him. Omega said that since that day, he can’t lie, he had to stop watching because his hands would shake. Kenny admitted he was scared and he felt pathetic and like a coward. Omega said that maybe he had to explain to us that he had to retire, but then he turned on AEW again and he watched Dynasty. Omega said he watched Swerve make history. Omega said he saw Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson have one of the greatest matches he’s ever seen in his life. Omega said that his hands were shaking again. Omega wondered if he was scared of being a wrestler. Omega said that he was scared, but the reason why he was shaking is because he was going through withdrawal. Omega said that he needed to be in this ring and being called the best is what fueled him. Omega said that all these wrestlers are in the conversation for being the best and he’s already been forgotten. Omega said that this isn’t over until he exhausts every option. Omega said if there’s a 10% chance or 1% chance, he said that you aren’t done with Kenny Omega yet. Omega said that he made a mission to change the world.

Omega said that since we are talking about colonoscopy bags, let’s talk about two more pieces of shit. Omega addressed Matthew & Nicholas Jackson who are free to do what they want, but there was another EVP like them and that’s Kenny. Omega said that a part of the power in this company belongs to the Best Bout Machine referring to himself. Here’s the interruption.

Analysis: I’m sure that wasn’t easy for Kenny Omega to talk about. I know some people have criticized him for not being a good talker or whatever, but I think he’s a good promo guy. I obviously about his diverticulitis diagnosis, but the stuff about colonoscopy bags is scary shit. I don’t know if everything he said was the absolute truth or if he was being overly dramatic for a pro wrestling angle. What I do know is I’ve missed watching Kenny in the ring, so of course I want to see him make a big comeback at some point this year, next year, or whenever it happens to be. Best wishes to Kenny as he continues to fight this battle. It’s not easy. That’s for damn sure.

Kazuchika Okada made his entrance alone as one of Omega’s biggest rivals. Okada was in dress clothes as he had a staredown with Omega. The fans chanted “holy shit” for them.

Omega said that The Rainmaker and Best Bout Machine are together a gain. Omega said they had a great rivalry in Japan, so give Omega a few months so they can settle it right here in this ring. Okada said that he was the Best Bout Machine now. Jack Perry attacked Omega from behind to knock Kenny down. Okada brought a chair into the ring, so Perry hit some security guys with the chair. Omega punched Perry a few times along with a few knees to the body. Omega hit a Snapdragon Suplex on Perry. Omega ran the ropes, Okada grabbed his foot and Perry hit Omega with a chair shot to the ribs. The announcers were screaming about it because of what Omega said before about taking blunt force trauma to the stomach.

The Young Bucks went down to the ring to try to get Perry to relax. The fans were chanting “Kenny” for Omega, who crawled over to the Bucks. That led to the Young Bucks hitting the EVP Trigger double knee strike on Omega. FTR’s music played as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler ran out for the save, so The Elite left the ring. The medical staff was checking on Omega. That was the end of Dynamite at 10:10 p.m. ET because Rampage was live right after Dynamite this week.

Analysis: I thought it was a really good angle as a way to get some heat on the heels. The attack on Omega wasn’t THAT vicious, but Kenny sold it so well that you believed that he might be hurt more now because of that attack. That’s why selling is so important in pro wrestling. The save from FTR took too long, but that’s AEW where they either have no saves or make everybody look slow trying to make a save.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Adam Copeland and Buddy Matthews
  2. Kenny Omega – Welcome back to get your ass kicked.
  3. The Elite – The Young Bucks, Kazuchika & Jack Perry


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.75 out of 10

Last Week: 6.75

2024 Average: 7.47


Final Thoughts on AEW Dynamite

I thought it was a very good show for the most part and certainly better than last week. The Elite angle in the main event was well done. Poor Kenny Omega got his ass kicked because nobody tried to help him or save him until he took multiple moves when FTR finally got out there. That’s my minor gripe because it took way too long for anybody to try to save Kenny. FTR got screwed out of the Tag Team Titles by The Young Bucks & Jack Perry, so logically they should attack as soon as they saw them in the ring, but instead it comes after several minutes. I understand wanting to get heat on the heels. I just think sometimes they book these segments like they think the fans are idiots who have never watched before, which is weird for a company that caters to smart fans more than any wrestling company ever. Anyway, I did think The Young Bucks were booked well all night long and The Elite got a lot of heat for the second week in a row. After five years of watching this AEW, I think this is by far the best version of The Young Bucks. Well done.

There was a nice mix of matches, promos and story development. Swerve Strickland got attacked by Christian Cage and friends, which led to Christian getting an AEW World Title match against Swerve at Double or Nothing. I could complain about the logic issue with the match, but they explained it by saying The Young Bucks picked Christian so that’s enough for me.

The best match was definitely Adam Copeland’s TNT Title match against Buddy Matthews. I didn’t expect it to get over 20 minutes, but they had a damn good match. Every match on the show felt predictable, which is a problem in AEW. I know other companies have predictable matches too, but AEW has them far too often. They booked matches that were obvious wins for Samoa Joe, Claudio Castagnoli, and Serena Deeb. Chris Jericho’s match with Katsuyori Shibata had a ridiculous amount of chops before dragging on too long when Big Bill showed up to help Jericho as expected. Every wrestling show has good matches. You need to make them more compelling than throwing two random people out there for ten minutes before the pushed wrestler beats the guy who never wins on this show. Yes, I said it was a good show because it was. I’m just trying to advise on what I’d like to see to make it a better show.

The next AEW pay-per-view is Double or Nothing on May 26th with this lineup announced so far.

AEW World Championship: Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage

AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Serena Deeb

TBS Championship: Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Mercedes Mone


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