TNA Under Siege 2024 Review

TNA Under Siege 2024

Two title matches and a 6-man tag team collision headline TNA’s May monthly special called Under Siege.

The very rapid build for Under Siege was put under pressure again when Hammerstone was pulled from the show due to injury. They had put Hammerstone vs Jake Something together with a little brawl segment last night and I was quite looking forward to it. It’s now Rich Swann vs Something on the main show. As I wrote last night, my interest in the show was not that high. When your 2 main championships and the tag titles are not defended, it doesn’t feel like a very important show. Matt Hardy gets another chance back in TNA so hopefully the crowd are with him. He’s different, which I think is good for TNA at the moment.

I didn’t watch the pre-show but here are the results:
1. Rhino defeated VSK (not sure who that is) by pinfall in 4 minutes
2. The FBI defeated The Batiri (again no idea!) by pinfall in 4 minutes
3. Laredo Kid defeated KC Navarro to retain his TNA Digital Media Championship in 8 minutes

I don’t think I have heard of any of those wrestlers who lost so just like the main card, the pre-show was swiftly tossed together.

TNA Under Siege: 3.5.24 from The Washington Avenue Armory: Albany: NY

There was the usual cool opening video which focused a lot on The System and Matt Hardy.

Match #1: Steve Maclin & Frankie Kazarian vs Josh Alexander & Eric Young

Alexander gave Young some headgear before the match, to protect his ear which he nearly lost at Full Metal Mayhem against Kaz. Maclin tried interfering early, but Alexander sent him to the outside and hit a rolling senton on Kaz for a 2 count. They showed some wide shots of the arena, which looked quite dark and it almost looked pitch black behind the wrestlers on one side. Maclin attacked Alexander on the apron, which allowed Kaz to hit a swinging Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Kaz levelled Alexander with a back elbow to loud boos. Maclin tagged in and retained control over Alexander. They hit a double suplex and Kaz tagged back in for a 2 count. Alexander avoided a running Kaz and sent him to the outside. Alexander crawled to his corner for a tag but Young was focused on Kaz on the outside. Back in the ring, Alexander hit a nice belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope. Maclin and Young tagged in. Young was on fire with a series of clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Kaz tried to break up the pin but Young saw him coming and sent him to the outside. Maclin and Alexander fought in the ring. Alexander hit 2 German suplexes and a half-and-half. Kaz nailed him with a slingshot DDT but ran into Young’s neckbreaker. Young hit a scoop slam on Maclin and set up for a moonsault but Maclin trapped him in the Tree of Woe. He nailed a spear in the corner and got a 2 count on Young. Maclin went for a superplex on Young but Alexander snuck in and hit a backbreaker off the top rope on Maclin. Maclin reversed a C4 Spike attempt into an Olympic Slam. He went for a cover but Young flew from the top rope with an elbow drop to break it up. Young tagged in and faced off with Kaz. He mounted him with a Thesz Press. Young teed off on Kaz with right hands in the corner. Kaz wriggled free from a piledriver attempt but Alexander punched him in the face which swung him into the piledriver from Young! Young covered Kaz but he just kicked out before 3. Maclin came in and missed the running knee on Young and hit his own team mate. Alexander sent him from the ring with the running crossbody. Young nailed a conventional piledriver on Kaz for the win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Eric Young & Josh Alexander

Analysis: ***1/2 That was a solid tag team match and a good way to open the show. It would’ve been fine as a main event on a weekly show but it gets the crowd off to a hot start. I think we might see Santana confront Maclin but it was just a clean win for the face team. Hopefully that’s the end of the Young/Kaz feud at last.

Match #2: Ash-by-Elegance vs Havok

I don’t think this match was originally on the show. George Iceman blessed the ring with holy water before the match to ward away the evil of Decay. Ash came down to the ring with garlic around her neck. That was funny but they aren’t vampires, Ash. Havok caught Ash as she tried to use her handspring elbow in the corner. She rag-dolled her with a Full Nelson. Ash rolled out of the ring for a breather. Havok pulled her onto the ring apron by the hair. Ash begged for mercy and kicked Havok in the knee. This was not good so far. Havok hit a big headbutt and a suplex. She was looking for a Death Valley Driver but Iceman jumped up onto the apron and sprayed holy water in Havok’s eyes. Ash hit a very bad powerbomb from the top rope. Rosemary chased Iceman to the back. Havok tried for a suplex but Ash reversed it into a pin for the cheap victory. It went 5 minutes, which was 4.5 minutes too long.

Winner by pinfall: Ash-by-Elegance

Analysis: DUD That was very bad and not even in a lame or funny way. Give Ash proper opponents please that she can actually wrestle. This was not a good pairing.

Ash choked Havok with the garlic after the match. She smashed her with a steel chair and hit Rarefied Air with the chair across the back of Havok.

Analysis: That was better than the actual match. At least it’s over.

Match #3: Zachary Wentz vs Joe Hendry

This is like a house-show card at this point. This match has no feud or story at all but these two can wrestle so it will be solid. Hendry plugged his theme song being top of the charts. It has been getting a crazy social media following this week. This was a quick 5-minute match to continue to build the momentum of Hendry. He won with the Standing Ovation after rallying from a bit of Wentz’s offence.

Winner by pinfall: Joe Hendry

Match Rating: **1/2 Just a solid match to give Hendry a win to give him some momentum, which is a good thing.

Match #4: TNA Knockouts’ Tag Team Championships: Spitfire (c) vs Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards

Let’s see if they are serious about Spitfire as a team or we continue to play pass the parcel with these championships. Slamovich and Edwards worked well together early on. Luna fought back with a big clothesline and Jody Threat tagged in to face Alisha. Threat hit Alisha with a number of clotheslines. She nailed the Michinoku Driver but Slamovich broke up the cover. Threat hit her running knee and Luna tagged in with a German suplex on Masha for 2. Alisha brought a kendo stick into the ring. Luna blocked it and then the referee was checking on her and Alisha nailed Threat with the stick. Slamovich hit a gut wrench powerbomb on Threat and Alisha tagged in with the Pedigree for the championships after 6 minutes.

Winners AND NEW TNA Knockouts’ Tag Team Champions: Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards

Analysis: ** On a show that has probably 3-hours of running time, they can give one of their own title matches 6 minutes which is so lazy. And again we have another change of champions. It was fine for a short match and the heels cheated to win but I just don’t know what TNA is doing with this division.

Match #5: Rich Swann vs Jake Something

This match was changed due to Hammerstone’s (unknown) injury so they have thrown Swann in the heel spot which is fine. Swann was in command for most of the early going thanks to Francis’ interference. He hit a lot of kicks which kept Something grounded. The referee was about to disqualify Francis for interfering again but Cody Deaner came out and said the referee had another choice to consider which was the people’s choice. Deaner said we could end this match in a DQ or make it a tag team match. I would’ve preferred to keep it a singles match.


Analysis: I won’t give it a rating but they were on their way to a good match even with the interference. Swann got lots of offense in and looked good.

Match #6: Cody Deaner & Jake Something vs First Class

AJ Francis was not in his wrestling gear. He choke slammed Deaner on the ring apron. Good. Something did a big dive on Francis over the top rope. He rolled back into the ring and Swann nailed him with a cutter. Swann went up top and hit the Frog Splash on Something for the win!

Winners by pinfall: First Class

Analysis: * It barely went a minute. I thought that Deaner would be pinned for sure but they had Something lose relatively clean. I guess you could blame it on all the attacks during the first match. There have not been many times in watching wrestling in 23 years where I thought if I turned off the show then I wouldn’t be missing anything but that’s certainly how I am feeling about this show so far.

Match #7: Jonathan Gresham vs Kushida

This is the return of Gresham after many months out. Kushida is a great opponent for him and someone who should be in the main event scene now that his tag team partners have gone. Gresham was in an unusual-looking Black Panther-esque mask, not the regular Octopus one which he wears to the ring. It looks like he’s wrestling in it, which might take some getting used to. Gresham was coughing a lot early which is something to do with his character I’m sure. The opening minutes were very even with lots of counter wrestling. Kushida trapped Gresham in a stretch but Gresham got to his feet. They exchanged chops and Gresham started biting Kushida’s arm! Gresham stomped down hard on Kushida’s knee. He went for a leg lock but Kushida kicked him off. Gresham hit an Atomic Drop and tried for the Boston Crab and locked it in. Kushida was trapped in it for a while but managed to crawl to the ropes. He then completely no sold it with a handspring back elbow and a palm strike in the corner. Kushida nailed a dropkick for a 2 count. Gresham rolled him up with the tights for 2. Kushida tried for the Hoverboard Lock but Gresham blocked it. Gresham hit a running head scissors but Kushida rolled through it for a nearfall. Kushida hit a dropkick with Gresham in a seated position on the mat. They exchanged forearms and Kushida nailed a kick to the back. Gresham caught the next kick attempt but missed an enziguiri. Kushida nailed the Tanaka Punch but Gresham sprayed ink all over Kushida. Gresham locked in a Claw-type move with the ink in the mouth of Kushida and the referee counted the pinfall for Gresham. The match went for 10 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jonathan Gresham

Analysis: *** It was turning into a very good match and then had an interesting ending. Gresham and his mysterious ink poisoned (?) Kushida and that led to the win. After the match Kushida was in a dazed state selling the ink effects. At least it’s something interesting for Gresham and wasn’t too silly. I’m intrigued.

Match #8: Mixed Tag Match: Kon & Steph De Lander vs PCO & Jordynne Grace

Grace wanted to face Kon so SDL gave him to her. Kon lifted Grace onto his shoulders but Grace locked in a vice-grip that Kon needed to break on the ropes. Kon clotheslined her but she popped straight back up. He hit a shoulder block that took her down. Kon tagged in SDL. She dominated Grace with right hands on the mat. SDL went for a powerbomb but Grace tossed her over with a back body drop. Grace rolled over to PCO for the tag and SDL made it to Kon. The two hosses faced off in the ring. They had a chop-off and Kon took control. He whipped PCO into the corner but PCO bounced off into a clothesline. They exchanged clotheslines and PCO hit a reverse DDT. He nailed the PCOSault but SDL broke up the pin. SDL stomped away on PCO in the corner. Kon went back to work on PCO, choking him out against the bottom turnbuckle. Kon teed off with right hands. He clubbed PCO across the back and then they both collided with clotheslines in the centre of the ring. The ladies tagged in and Grace nailed a DDT on SDL, then rolled through into a Jackhammer for 2. Grace hit some forearms and then SDL pulled the referee in front of her to avoid a corner attack. SDL took Grace down by the hair and then PCO came in for a chokeslam but SDL danced her way out of it. PCO went to a plant a big one on SDL but Kon nailed him from behind with a forearm. Kon took down PCO with a chokeslam and then Grace nailed him with a low blow when the referee wasn’t looking. Grace nailed Kon with a Death Valley Driver! Amazing! Grace held the ropes open and PCO took down Kon with a dive. SDL snuck in from behind and stacked up Grace for 2. Incredibly, Grace lifted SDL from the mat into a powerbomb in one motion. She hit a backfist and the Juggernaut Driver for the win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: PCO & Jordynne Grace

Analysis: ***1/4 That was probably the most fun match of the evening. It was the right amount of entertainment and wrestling mix. Grace’s last few minutes of strength was just tremendous. She is just so great and is probably my favourite women’s wrestler in the world at present.

Match #9: X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs Ace Austin

This should be the match of the night. That’s not unusual for Ali but it also tells you that the rest of the card isn’t that strong when a match with 24 hours of build is the most-anticipated one of the night. Austin hit a running SSP to the outside and Ali hit a suicide dive within the first few minutes! They exchanged strikes around the ring and Austin sent Ali into the ring apron. Austin tried to toss Ali face-first into the apron, but Ali landed on his feet and nailed a Tornado DDT on the floor! Ali used the ring apron curtain to choke Austin. He tossed Austin into the middle turnbuckle and landed an upper cut, then a neckbreaker for 2. Ali avoided a suplex and chopped Austin on the back. Austin avoided a back suplex and hit a double stomp to the chest. Ali wrenched Austin’s neck and prevented a suplex. Ali tossed Austin onto the ring apron and whipped him into the ring post. He trapped Austin against the ring post and locked in the crossface. In the ring, Ali locked in a wrist lock but Austin turned it into a scoop slam. He nailed a slam and a kick to the arm. Austin trapped Ali’s arm against the middle rope and slammed him into the ring post. He climbed to the top and nailed a leg drop where he fell on top of Ali’s arm. That was cool. Ali nailed a German suplex where he released him from the ring apron onto the floor. Austin avoided the 450 and tossed an incoming Ali into the turnbuckle with an overhead suplex. They exchanged strikes in the centre of the ring. Ali hit a spinning heel kick. Austin popped out of a powerbomb and sent Ali to the outside with a kick. He hit a punt from the apron. Ali swept out Austin’s legs on the apron. Back in the ring, he locked in the Sharpshooter. Austin pulled Ali’s hair to break the hold and nailed a powerbomb for 2. He took down 4 interfering Secret Service members and nailed the Fold on Ali. That was unbelievable selling by Ali. Austin crawled into the cover but another Secret Service member pulled Ali from the ring. That should be a disqualification. Austin stalked the member and took him out on the ramp. Ali tried to use the championship but the referee took it off him. Austin went to the top rope but Ali hit a kick to the back of the leg and Austin fell face-first onto the title but the camera didn’t really pick it up. Ali nailed the 450 to retain the championship after 17 minutes.

Winner AND STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Mustafa Ali

Analysis: ***1/2 That was a really good match and the best one of the show so far. I guess you could complain that it’s a repetitive way for Ali to continue to remain champion, where the SS members keep getting involved and the face gets distracted then loses. But it was another entertaining bout with some stellar offense and very good selling. I enjoyed it.

Match #10: The System w/ Alisha Edwards vs Matt Hardy & Speedball Mountain

I laughed during the face team’s intro where Hardy had renamed Bailey to the ‘Ball of Speed’ and Seven to ‘Trent the Seventh’. This is Hardy’s first match in TNA since 2017. Myers was carrying an injury so not expected to be in the match much. The face team dominated the early stages. Hardy and Bailey teamed up for the Poetry in Motion, albeit at a little slower pace than maybe the early 2000s. Bailey pummelled away on Myers in the corner with right hands. Myers avoided the double knees and tagged in the TNA World Champion who hit Bailey with a hard Uranage. Moose covered and got a 2 count. He blasted Bailey with right hands across the chin. Moose tagged in Edwards, who went to work with chops on Bailey. He hit a hard clothesline in the corner and then a short-arm clothesline for 2. Edwards made a quick tag to Myers who tried a crossface on Bailey. Bailey got to his feet but ran into a back elbow. Another quick tag saw Moose come back in. He targeted Bailey’s ankle with stomps. Alisha choked him out against the ropes with the referee distracted. Moose slammed Bailey hard into his corner with the Irish Whip. He went for a powerbomb but Bailey popped out and hit a series of kicks. Moose made it to his corner to tag in Edwards. He met Bailey with a headbutt but Bailey nailed a snap suplex. Edwards crawled back to Moose for the tag. Moose took Hardy off the apron with a cheap shot. Bailey went for a hurricanrana but Moose caught him in mid-air. He tried for a Uranage but Bailey fought out and tagged in Seven. He sent an oncoming Edwards flying with a back body drop. Seven nailed Moose with a big DDT for a 2 count. He missed a twisting senton from the top rope and Moose tagged Edwards back in. Myers went for a cheap shot to take Hardy off the apron again. Edwards nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb on Seven for 2. He chopped Seven into the corner and mocked him with claps. Edwards ran at Seven but the bearded one side-stepped Edwards and sent him to the floor. He sent Myers to the floor too and went to tag in Hardy, but Myers pulled him and Bailey from the apron. Edwards tagged Myers who ran into a lariat from Seven. Finally, Seven made it to his corner for a tag to Hardy. Myers made it to Edwards. Hardy hit them both with a double clothesline. He sent Edwards into the turnbuckles about a dozen times then repeated the dose on Myers. The crowd was loving Hardy, who hit the Side Effect on Edwards for a nearfall. Edwards backed out of the Twist of Fate and Moose reluctantly tagged in. Hardy dared Moose to face him but Moose was unsure. They slugged away in the centre of the ring. Moose went flying from the top rope right into a picture-perfect cutter from Hardy. Amazing timing from both men there. Hardy nailed his elbow drop from the second rope for 2 again. Hardy tagged in Bailey who nailed an incoming Myers with a dropkick from the top rope. He hit the Tornado Kick in the corner but Edwards distracted him on the apron. Bailey went for another top rope move but Myers caught him with a spear in mid-air. Bailey only survived due to Seven breaking up the pin. Myers tagged Edwards back in and now all 6 men were back in the ring. The System wanted a triple powerbomb but instead the face team hit a triple Twist of Fate! Seven was legal now and they sent Moose to the outside with a clothesline. Myers and Edwards got the same treatment. Bailey wiped out Myers with a moonsault and Seven hit a spear through the ropes to the floor on Edwards. This was actually getting pretty good. Moose launched Bailey into the ropes from the floor. He hit a powerbomb on Seven on the apron. Moose tossed Hardy into the steel ring post. He cleared the timekeeper’s table and wanted a powerbomb on Hardy through the table. Hardy stopped him by biting him and nailed a Twist of Fate on the floor! He placed Moose on the table and went to the top rope. The fans cheered Hardy on and deleted Moose with a legdrop through the table on the floor! Back in the ring and Seven covered Edwards after a move that the camera missed. Edwards kicked out at 2. Bailey hit the double knees on Myers on the apron. Seven nailed the Birming Hammer on Edwards but Alisha pulled Seven out of the ring when the referee was about to count 3. Bailey confronted Alisha on the outside but was met with the Roster Cut from Myers. Seven was about to hit the Bitter End on Edwards but he held the referee to conceal a low blow. Edwards hit a running kick in the corner and the Backpack Stunner. Myers instantly hit a top rope elbow drop for the win after 25 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The System

Analysis: ***1/2 That was a pretty enjoyable main event that exceeded my expectations. That being said, the booking was lame. There’s no need for The System to win. It’s a free hit for the face team because there’s no gold on the line and The System can’t be hurt by losing. It would’ve also given legitimacy to Hardy returning and being thrust into a TNA World Title shot by pinning someone in the match. I would’ve bet handsome money on Hardy being the winner of this match as soon as it was announced. I think TNA have missed a trick here. However, the match was full of action and certainly stretched the generous rules shown by the referee. Hardy looked really good- motivated, fit and the crowd was 100% behind him. I think that’s what TNA would’ve been testing out tonight; whether Hardy still had the fan support and from this match he undoubtedly does.

Final Rating: 6/10

I feel a 6/10 is probably a generous score. The last 4 matches were all over 3 stars and really saved the show from a complete waste of time. The only interest in the first 90 minutes of the show was the opening tag and even that wasn’t must-see. It felt like a nothing show up until the mixed tag which was some silly fun. Seeing Gresham back with his odd character was cool, Ali vs Austin was great and the main event, with questionable booking aside, was a good showcase of some of TNA’s best talent. It’s good to see TNA booking a stable in a dominant way, but you have to be careful not to completely destroy the belief in your baby faces to your audience. I think it was an easy opportunity to put Hardy over which wouldn’t have hurt The System in any way, so that was probably a poor decision there.

Here’s my 2024 TNA show ratings:

Hard to Kill: 8/10

No Surrender: 6.75/10

Sacrifice: 7/10

Rebellion: 7/10

Under Siege: 6/10

Any feedback or comments are welcome. My email address is in case anybody wants to get in touch with me and my Twitter/X handle is @thomok6 as well. Thanks for reading!