The John Report: AEW Dynamite 12/01/21 Review

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This week’s AEW Dynamite features Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes in an Atlanta Street Fight, CM Punk vs. Lee Moriarty and Bryan Danielson vs. Alan Angels as well.

AEW announced that AEW World Champion Hangman defends the AEW World Title vs Bryan Danielson on the December 15 “Winter is Coming” edition of Dynamite in Dallas. Nice.

This is AEW Dynamite episode #113 at the Gas South Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. The commentary team of Excalibur and Tony Schiavone gave us a rundown of what’s coming up on this week’s show. No Jim Ross because he’s at home battling skin cancer and doing well, but he’s going to miss about a month of shows.

The first guest ring announcer is the AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page. Bryan Danielson entered for the first match with an undefeated record. Alan Angels of the Dark Order made his entrance to lose a match. He’s from Atlanta, so he got a good pop.

Bryan Danielson vs. Alan “5” Angels

Bryan with a takedown leading to a half crab, but Angels got to the bottom rope to break the hold. Bryan laughed at the fans booing him. Angels worked over Bryan with some punches, then a backflip out of the corner and a hard chop. Bryan with an uppercut that rocked Angels leading to Bryan delivering chops and kicks to the chest. Bryan with a running dropkick in the corner. Bryan worked over Angels with forearms while the announcers put over Danielson as a heel now that has “shown his true colors.” Hangman thought there would be sportsmanship, but that’s not what has happened. Bryan blocked and countered some strikes into a double underhook suplex leading to an armbar attempt, but Angels got to the ropes. Angels jumped off the bottom rope with a kick to the head to knock Bryan out of the ring. Angels with a suicide dive followed by a moonsault off the middle rope onto a standing Bryan on the floor. Back in the ring, Bryan charged and Angels turned it into a Spanish Fly slam for two with Hangman saying he’s loving it. Angels missed a moonsault off the top, so Bryan hit a running knee that he sometimes uses at a finish. Bryan stomped on Alan’s head repeatedly. Bryan applied kneebar submission on the left leg while flexing at the same time. It went about six minutes.

Winner by submission: Bryan Danielson

Analysis: **3/4 A dominant win by Danielson although Angels did get a flurry of offense for a few minutes. Nobody watching this thought that Angels could win even though the announcers try to sell the idea. The right guy won and I’m glad it didn’t go over ten minutes like some AEW matches tend to go long. It should have been around five or six minutes, so I liked that aspect of it.

Bryan Danielson was interviewed by Tony Schiavone, who said Bryan is more than ready. Bryan said it’s hard to tell because if that’s the best Atlanta’s got then he whooped his ass. Bryan said that he kicked his head and snapped his MCL, not that any of you fans know what that means. Bryan said last week he knocked out Colt Cabana’s tooth, this week he tore Alan Angels’ MCL and a Dark Order member is from Long Island, so he’ll stomp his head in too. Bryan said that in two weeks at “Winter is Coming” in Dallas, Texas, home of the Cowboys, that is where he’ll take the AEW World Title. Bryan said it’s not “cowboy shit” because it’s “coward shit.” Hangman Page tried going to the ring, but then John Silver stopped him and said that Page can’t touch Bryan. Silver said he can touch Bryan, so Silver ran to the ring and Bryan left the ring. Bryan called Silver a joke. Bryan said that they know that Tony Khan said that Hangman would be suspended if he touched Bryan and Bryan teased slapping Hangman, but then Bryan said that these jerks don’t deserve to see it.

Analysis: This heel version of Bryan Danielson is so great in terms of the matches, but I love the promos as well. Some of it is cheap heat in terms of how much he rips on the fans at all times, but I don’t mind that because his delivery is on point and it’s funny to hear it. I’m really looking forward to the Danielson/Page match in two weeks. It’s going to be amazing.

CM Punk vs. Lee Moriarty is up next.


There was a Miro pre-tape promo saying he’s been trying to figure out what to do. Miro had a vision from his God, so he thanked his God for showing him. Miro said that he’s going to bring fear. Miro said he had two weaknesses – one he will repair and the second one he will embrace.

Analysis: Does the repair line mean he’s going to fix the neck that is apparently his weakness that the announcers keep mentioning? I’m not sure, but that could be what it means.

Lee Moriarty was up next with a 2-6 record. They showed him getting a win on AEW Dark last week. CM Punk entered to a huge ovation with a perfect record of 7-0. Tony Schiavone said he has never heard fan support for somebody like this as if Tony didn’t call Sting or Goldberg matches when they were top faces. Tony is good at acting like everything in front of him is the best thing ever, though.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman joined the commentary team for this match with MJF wearing one of his scarfs. MJF ripped on Punk for not looking impressive against QT Marshall with Excalibur saying that Punk was dealing with an illness last week.

CM Punk vs. Lee Moriarty

They shook hands while the fans chanted “CM Punk” and MJF called them “mark chants.” Lee got a couple of takedowns with MJF ripping Punk for looking laughable with this performance. Lee got another armbar takedown. Punk drove Lee to the turnbuckle while MJF questioned why people don’t like him and Tony said that Max is a terrible person. Punk with a whip into the corner, Lee with a leapfrog and Punk hit a leg lariat. Punk jumped off the top rope with a springboard clothesline. That led to a picture in picture break.


The match continued with Punk charging, Lee moved and Punk hit the turnbuckle. MJF wondered where the killer instinct is for Punk. Lee with a kick to the face, then a kick to the leg for a trip and Lee hit a belly to back suplex for two. Tony said Lee can win this thing even though nobody at home believed that. Punk with a cross body block off the top with Lee rolling on top for two and then Lee applied a submission on the head/arm. Punk set up Lee on the top rope, then he did an open hand slap with MJF calling it a cheap shot. Punk with a Frankensteiner off the top, then Lee got a two count out of it and then went into an exchange of pin attempts. Punk ended that exchange with a roundhouse right kick to the head. MJF kept calling him “PG Punk” with MJF ripping on Punk for taking this long with Moriarty and it’s about Punk’s stamina. Lee avoided a move leading to a clothesline. Lee with a boot to the face and a lifting neckbreaker slam for a two count. Punk went for a reverse suplex, then he lifted Lee onto his shoulders and Punk hit the Go To Sleep knee to the face of Moriarty for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: CM Punk

Analysis: *** A solid match with Moriarty getting a lot of offense including some nice nearfalls that were actually believable even though I doubt people thought Punk would lose here. I liked the finish with Punk getting a hold of Moriarty in his arms and then Punk was able to lift Lee to the shoulders for the GTS finish. Well done. At some point, Punk should win a match in three minutes and look dominant instead of taking ten minutes to beat these guys every week. Punk couldn’t do that this week.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman did a promo while wearing a ridiculous suit with his scarf. MJF was booed loudly with MJF calling him “PG Punk” again. MJF sarcastically said that Punk has a lot of balls for saying he’s the Best in the World when he’s struggling to beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty. MJF said that I guess Punk is the best these days at trying to get in Britt Baker’s pants. MJF made fun of Punk’s face saying he looked unamused while adding that’s the expression Britt would have if Punk got her in the bedroom. MJF said he’s not CM Punk, he’s “One Pump Chump” and then Punk asked for a microphone.

Punk ripped on MJF’s pants looking like Larry David’s pajamas. Punk said that MJF can talk about Punk struggling to beat guys, but QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty are both better than MJF and MJF knows it. Punk told MJF to shut up. Punk invited MJF to bring his needle-dick (Waterboy reference) into the ring right now and he’ll kick his ass all the way back to Long Island.

MJF said no to the idea of a fight right now. MJF said that he is a spark to the flame that “PG Punk” hasn’t had since 2011. MJF said that he’s going to win the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal next week in the most magical place in the world – Long Island, New York (the fans booed). MJF said he’ll be better than Piper in Portland, Bret in Canada and CM Punk in Chicago. Punk laughed, so MJF called him a dipshit. MJF said that people are going to chant his name at the top of their god damn lungs. MJF said he heard CM Punk brought his dog Larry to the show and MJF told Punk not to bring that flea-ridden, disgusting maggot of a dog again because if Punk keeps bringing the dog, MJF is going to put Larry (the dog) to sleep. MJF backed up on the ramp while Punk walked towards him and MJF hid behind Wardlow, who was on the stage. MJF and Wardlow went to the back while Punk stayed on the ramp.

Analysis: It was another good promo between these two. I liked MJF’s lines about Punk having a thing for Britt Baker since Punk does mention her a lot, but we know Punk is married to AJ Lee for about seven years now while Baker is with Adam Cole for a long time. It was just a way for MJF to get heat and it did work. MJF made it personal by mentioning Punk’s beloved dog Larry, so now it gives Punk even more of a reason to kick MJF’s ass whenever they have this match. Last week’s promos were better, but this was still great for the time they were given.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD was interviewed by Tony Schiavone with Baker complaining about how she has to defend the Women’s Title against Riho because Riho beat her in a non-title match. Tony mentioned Jamie Hayter missing Friendsgiving, Jamie said that she was having the best match of the TBS Tournament with Thunder Rosa. Hayter’s loss was mentioned, so Hayter reminded Britt that she has lost to Rosa too. Next week on Dynamite, Jamie Hayter faces Riho with Britt calling it a slaughter-fest and if there’s anything left of Riho after that, she can have her shot at Britt’s title. They ended it with the “DMD” finger-pointing although Hayter doesn’t do the finger-pointing like Baker, Rebel and Tony.


Adam Cole made his entrance leading to the “BOOM” pose on the ring apron and then the “BAY BAY” pose in the ring. Cole had to walk back up to commentary to talk about this next match. Cole said that this show has gotten better since he is there. Tony said it was great to see Cole and Cole said that Tony shouldn’t pretend.

Orange Cassidy made his entrance, he turned over to Cole at the commentary table and Cole got in his face. Cassidy put his hand in front of Cole’s face and Cassidy put the hands in the pockets. The Young Bucks appeared behind Cassidy, so then Orange walked over to them with the comedy shin kicks and Cole hit a low blow to the groin. Yes! Thank you, Cole. The fans reacted to that with an “ooohhh” reaction. The Young Bucks did some comedy kicks on Orange and then the Young Bucks did a double superkick on Cassidy. That’s when Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta showed up to make the save with Taylor and Yuta holding chairs. The heels retreated.

Analysis: That should set up a six-man tag team match. It was fine as an angle with Taylor or Wheeler losing because Cole and Young Bucks will win.

Tony Nese did a pre-tape promo about how Sammy Guevara didn’t deserve to be TNT Champion. Tony said he’ll beat Sammy for the TNT Championship this Friday on Rampage. Nese said if you think kneeling on Sammy’s ribs was bad, wait until you see what he does in their match on Rampage.

Wardlow made his entrance with a 33-6 record and apparently has an 11-match winning streak. I assume that is mostly on the Youtube shows because I don’t remember Wardlow’s last match. AC Adams was in the ring to face Wardlow in this match.

Wardlow (w/Shawn Spears) vs. AC Adams

This will be quick. Adam got a kick, but then Wardlow got a hold of him and hit a Powerbomb. Wardlow hit another Powerbomb, which drew cheers and the fans wanting more. Wardlow hit a third Powerbomb, then back up and a fourth Powerbomb led to the pinfall win in about one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Wardlow

Analysis: 1/2* A squash win to put over Wardlow in a dominant way. Simple match.

Post match, Shawn Spears went into the ring with a steel chair and he hit Adams in the body about three times. Shawn raised Wardlow’s hand as the winner of the match.

Analysis: Wardlow needs to be utilized better in the coming months. Out of everybody on the entire AEW roster, Wardlow may be the most poorly booked wrestler they have.


There was an interview with Penta and Pac with Alex Abrahantes. Tony Schiavone mentioned that Fenix is injured, so it’s not a six-man tag on Rampage, it’s a regular tag team match. Pac had an eye patch on his right eye, but made it clear that he was fine to wrestle on Rampage.

The Gunn Club trio of father Billy along with sons Colten & Austin entered with a 9-0 record with Colten Gunn having a 35-0 record in AEW for some reason. The team of Darby Allin and Sting entered with an undefeated record of 4-0 with Sting screaming loudly for it. They had Team Taz members Taz, Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook on commentary for this match although it was really just Taz. Sting and Allin had white/black face paint on.

The Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn) w/Austin Gunn vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Allin was in control of Colter with a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Billy (58 years old) tagged in against Sting (62 years old) with Sting hitting an atomic drop and a clothesline. Billy regrouped on the floor, then the younger guys tagged in. Allin went for a move off the ropes, Billy tagged back in and hit a Full Nelson Slam on Allin. Colten and Billy made some tags to work over Allin as they went to a picture in picture break.


Colten applied a weak-looking Scorpion Deathlock on Allin that Darby was able to get out of. Allin broke free by shoving Colten into Billy leading to Sting getting the tag. Sting was on fire with clotheslines, then Stinger Splashes on both guys, a clothesline sent Billy out of the ring and Sting hit a spinebuster on Colten. Sting with a Scorpion Deathlock, Billy into the ring, the referee looked at him (instead of the legal men) and Austin punched Sting to save Colten. Allin hit a suicide dive on Austin on the floor. Billy hit a Fameasser on Sting with Colten getting a two count on Sting. Allin hit a suicide dive on Billy as well. Allin went illegally into the ring with a Stunner and Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the pinfall win after 10 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Darby Allin & Sting

Analysis: **1/2 A basic tag team match here with the heels working over Allin for most of it, the crowd came alive for Sting tagging back in and it was all over after that. Allin continues to go wild with crazy dives all over the place, which is fun to watch. It also puts an end to Gunn Club being undefeated, so I can no longer joke about that. For shame.

Chris Jericho was interviewed by Alex Marvez in the backstage area. Jericho said he was in the ring on Rampage to take out Daniel Garcia and 2.0 (since they interrupted him in the past) – he wasn’t there to save Eddie Kingston. As Jericho was talking, he was attacked by Garcia and 2.0. They whipped Jericho into a garage door. Matthew Lee hit Jericho with a chair with Chris getting a hand up. Lee, who Jericho mocks for having a square head, dared Jericho to insult him again.

Analysis: Chris Jericho is with his band Fozzy in England doing some music shows, so he wasn’t at Dynamite this week. This was likely taped last week. This was probably a way to write him out of the storylines for a week or two until Chris comes back. Should the Inner Circle try to get revenge for this? It would make logical sense, but the group isn’t together that often.


Taz talked about how the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal next week has three members of Team Taz (the match has 12 guys in it), so they have a good shot to win.

Lio Rush appeared for a promo to talk to Team Taz, who signed Dante Martin last week. Rush said that Taz is a commentator and it is literally Taz’s job to know Rush, so Taz should know that the odds were stacked against him his entire career. Rush informed Taz that he’s got a good chance to win the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal. Rush said that he’s a fighter and these people know that Rush is a fighter (pandering babyface cheap pop). Rush said that he won’t go down without a fight even if he has a 1% chance. Taz told Rush to retire because he’s done. Dante Martin walked up to Rush along with FTW Champion Ricky Starks. They just stared at Rush and walked away.

Analysis: It was a way to plug the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal. It wasn’t that interesting to me.

Jade Cargill did a pre-tape promo with Mark Sterling with Cargill talking about facing Thunder Rosa in the TBS Title tournament. They spoke about Cargill having a match on Rampage and Rosa will be a commentator for the match.

TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho

They are both babyfaces. The winner faces Nyla Rose in the semifinals. Taz does a great job of singing Ruby’s theme song.

They had a bit of a stalemate in the first minute or so in the match with Ruby stopping herself from throwing a punch. Kris stopped herself from kicking Ruby in the face, so she did a “boop” finger touch on the nose. Ruby got a rollup, Kris came back with a cradle for two and when Ruby tried a monkey flip, Kris did a handstand to recover quickly. Ruby with an armdrag followed by a flatliner into the mat for a two count. They went to a picture in picture break.


Kris ran at Ruby, who did a trip that sent Kris into the mat. Ruby hit a senton back splash on Kris for a two count. Kris got a hold of Ruby after a move off the ropes and Kris hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Kris held onto the arms of Ruby for a submission, Ruby got out of it and Kris did another power move sending Ruby into the turnbuckle. Kris hit a spinning cradle front suplex for a two count. Kris with a running forearm, then Ruby with a back elbow to block a charging attack and Ruby hit a superkick. Ruby went for a move into the turnbuckle, Kris blocked it and Ruby hit a Poison Rana followed a spike hurricanrana into the mat for a two count. Ruby had a stunned reaction for that two count. Good job by Ruby with a shocked face as the fans chanted “AEW” for them. Ruby went for the jumping kick, Kris blocked it, Kris wanted the Big Bang Theory slam and Ruby rolled through with a pinfall while holding the legs for the pinfall win after about 11 minutes. Kris kicked out right after the three count.

Winner by pinfall: Ruby Soho

Analysis: ***1/2 This was very good with each woman getting a lot of offense and their styles meshed well. The first part before the break wasn’t anything special, but then it really picked up in the second half. I like how Statlander used her power advantage in the second half of the match while Ruby showed a lot of heart as the likable face that didn’t quit. Considering how even of a match it was, I liked the ending with Ruby winning with a counter move into a pin because it was such an even matchup that could go even way, so it was Ruby finding a way to get it done.

Post match, Ruby extended a hand and they shook hands with the friendly alien girl. They hugged.

After the match, Kris Statlander went face to face with Vickie Guerrero. Ruby was celebrating on the turnbuckle, so Nyla Rose slammed Ruby down to the mat. Statlander went back into the ring to make Rose leave.

The semifinals of the TBS Women’s Championship are Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose vs. Ruby Soho.

Analysis: It was a simple way to get some heat on Nyla Rose ahead of her match with Soho.

This Friday on Rampage (taped after Dynamite):

* Pac & Penta El Zero Miedo vs. FTR

* Sammy Guevara defends TNT Championship vs. Tony Nese

* Jade Cargill in action.

Next Wednesday on Dynamite in Long Island, NY:

* Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale

* Jamie Hayter vs. Riho

* Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

In two weeks on “Winter is Coming” Dynamite on December 15:

* “Hangman” Adam Page defending the AEW World Title vs. Bryan Danielson

The main event is up next.


Andrade El Idolo made his entrance with a mask while wearing a dress shirt and tie. Andrade had a blade with him, but then Jose the Assistant put it in his bag. They showed rapper T-Pain at ringside. He’s a judge on Go Big Show with Cody Rhodes also as a regular judge on the show as well. Never seen it, but I know who T-Pain is.

Cody Rhodes made his megastar entrance with the fans initially booing when they heard his music. Even with Cody being from Atlanta, some people were still booing. Cody had Arn Anderson with him and Arn even fell off the ramp where this soft landing was nearby.

Atlanta Street Fight: Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes

Andrade attacked Cody on the ramp before Cody make his full entrance. They went brawling into the crowd a bit with Cody jumping off a railing and hitting a cross body block on Andrade. Cody’s back was peeling for some reason. They were at the ringside area where Andrade was in control, he split the steel steps in half and slammed Cody onto the steel steps. Cody shoved Andrade into the ring post. Cody hugged T-Pain at ringside and T-Pain gave Cody a chair. Cody hit Andrade in the back along with a head shot with the chair. A fan had a “Turn Cody, Turn” sign. They went into the ring finally with some chants and some fans booing Cody.

Andrade charged leading to Cody hitting a powerslam. Cody took off the leather belt, so Andrade hit a low blow punch to the groin, which Taz calls the “yambag” area for some reason. Andrade hit Cody in the back with a leather strap a few times. The fans cheers and wanted another one. Andrade threw a device/laptop into Cody’s face. Andrade hit Cody in the back with the laptop as well. Cody with a stiff chair shot to the head. Andrade teased a table, but then he kept it under the ring. The fans chanted “we want tables” so Andrade told them no. Andrade with a fireman’s carry slam off the shoulders. Andrade put a chair on Cody’s test leading to Andrade hitting a split-legged moonsault for two. Cody got some low blow payback after Andrade tried a slam and Cody kicked Andrade in the groin. Cody went for the Cody Cutter off the ropes, but Andrade caught him on the ropes and pushed him over the top to the floor.


The show returned with about ten minutes left in the show. Andrade went for a moonsault off the top rope, but Cody threw a chair at his face so the moonsault didn’t connect. Cody fired up looking like a fired up face while some fans kept booing him. Cody charged in the corner, Andrade got a boot up and Cody punched Andrade while a chain was around Andrade’s fist. Cody with a powerslam. Cody went for a suicide dive, so Andrade used a chair to hit Cody in the head. Andrade exposed the cement floor by pulling up the mat, but Cody hit a back body drop to send Andrade on the cement. Cody was bleeding from the forehead. Cody had a kendo stick, then a sledgehammer (Triple H reference) and Cody had a golden shovel that was apparently his weapon of choice. Andrade’s assistant Jose went down to the ring with a taser, he touched Cody in the back and Cody turned around and hit Jose (who was shirtless) with a shovel to the head. Cody was still on the floor for a long time, so Andrade jumped to the top turnbuckle and jumped over the ring post onto Cody on the floor with a diving attack. Andrade used a steel chair against Cody’s face while the fans chanted “we want tables” at them. Andrade hit a double knee attack into the steel chair against Cody’s head. It was nice of Cody to hold the chair in place as fans chanted “holy shit” for that. Andrade covered for two. Andrade got a table from under the ring and brought it into the ring. Cody dropped to his back leading to an uppercut punch. Cody charged right at Andrade, who gave Cody a hiptoss through the table that was against the ropes.

Andrade brought out another table from under the ring to set up the final spot of the match. They both set up the table in the ring at the same time and Andrade sent Cody face first into the table. Cody laid across the table on his stomach, Andrade went up top and Cody tripped him up. Cody went up top to tease a move, but then Andrade hit a headbutt to knock Cody down. Andrade went up top to tease a moonsault, but Cody tripped him up. Somebody in a black AEW outfit went into the ring and it was Cody’s wife Brandi Rhodes. Brandi sprayed some liquid onto the table, then she lit the table on fire and Cody gave Andrade a reverse superplex off the top rope through that table. My first thought was that Cody is the one that took 90% of that bump with Andrade barely touching the fire. All of Cody’s back hit the fire. I watched it again and you could say maybe Andrade’s head hit the table, but it was all of Cody’s back that hit. Cody covered Andrade for the pinfall win after 20 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Analysis: ***1/2 They had a pretty good match here, but it was really long. They were all about the spots instead of going for nearfalls and building up drama. They weren’t selling body parts or anything like that. I understand going for a fire table spot. I just think the execution could have been better. If I explained that spot to somebody not watching, I would say Cody put himself through fire by taking a basic back bump off the top rope through a table and Cody pinned Andrade even though Andrade barely touched the fire-lit table while all of Cody’s back hit the table. I guess the mat is more deadly than fire. I know I’m being a bit picky, but I’m just saying if you are going to do a spot like that, make it look more deadly. Cody took more of the bump than Andrade did, so why was Andrade the one that got beat? Anyway, it didn’t make Andrade look good to get pinned by a guy that went back first through a table, but I’m sure Andrade will continue to be booked fairly well in the future. I’m not a huge fan of table spots and this felt random. However, when you listen to the crowd and hear how much they wanted table spots, it was the right call to end it with something memorable like that.

After the match, Cody was checked on by Dr. Sampson to see if Cody wasn’t burnt by the fire. They replayed key spots in the match. Cody celebrated the win and he got more cheers this time because people liked the table spot since they chanted for tables for most of the match. Cody hugged Brandi and that was the end of the show.

Analysis: When these guys wrestled on November 3, Andrade got the win and now Cody got his win back. There might be a third match between them.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Cody Rhodes/Andrade
  2. Ruby Soho/Kris Statlander
  3. Bryan Danielson

The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.25 out of 10

Last Week: 7.5

2021 Average: 7.39

Final Thoughts

A pretty good Dynamite as usual. The main event was a bit long, but they ended it with a spectacular table spot, so that’s going to get people talking in a positive way. I liked the women’s match a lot. It’s too bad that AEW can’t seem to put more than one women’s match on the show since they have a good women’s division now.

The first hour wasn’t that great. I like Danielson and Punk as much as anybody, but it’s hard to get into matches when you know there’s a zero percent chance that they are going to win. I did like the Bryan Danielson promo and the MJF/Punk stuff was entertaining just like last week. I think hour two was better than hour one this week.

Thanks for reading. Go Los Angeles Rams, Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. You can contact me using any of the methods below.

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