The John Report: AEW Dynamite 11/17/21 Review

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This week’s AEW Dynamite is the follow up to the Full Gear pay-per-view that took place this past Saturday in Minneapolis.

I thought Full Gear was outstanding with an awesome lineup from top to bottom. I was happy for “Hangman” Adam Page becoming AEW World Champion in the main event and this week’s Dynamite will be a celebration for him in his home state. The next PPV Revolution is over three months away, so there’s a lot of time to get there.

This is AEW Dynamite episode #111 at the Chartway Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The AEW Dynamite intro video aired. It featured a new clip of Hangman Page as the AEW Champion as well, so it was updated after Full Gear.

There were highlights shown of Full Gear.

“It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. The commentary team of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone welcomed us to the show with a rundown of what’s coming up this week.

Kenny Omega was shown with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks aka The Elite. Omega said that he hasn’t watched his match back, and The Elite lost the night and he’s a little disgusted. Omega congratulated Hangman Page. Omega said that there are some things he needs to fix and change, but he can’t do it. Omega asked if they could hold the fort while he’s gone, he’d really appreciate it. Cole said he could, but Omega clarified he was talking to The Young Bucks. Matt and Nick told him they’ve got and they’ll all hold down the fort while Omega left.

Analysis: There’s the tension between Omega and Cole leading to a potential feud down the road. Omega likely needs shoulder surgery, so he should be out of action for several months, but that surgery hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Let’s Hear from “Hangman” Adam Page

The Dark Order was in the ring with John Silver letting us know it’s National Cowboy Shit Day and he introduced Hangman Page to a huge pop in his home state of Virginia. Page had a “Virginia is for lovers” t-shirt on. Page was greeted by “Cowboy Shit” chants from the crowd.

Page did a promo responding to fans chanting “you deserved it” and Page said he earned it, so the fans chanted that instead. Page said he’s usually quiet and reserved, but now he’s the AEW World Champion, so he’ll do whatever he wants. Page said he’s still a man with a job with a boss to answer to and as he said in the introductory press conference, that boss is the fans. Page said he wants to stay in this ring to celebrate National Cowboy Shit Day with you. Page said he knows the championship means a lot of responsibility. Page said that after Full Gear, he knows that the responsibility next is the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.

That led to Danielson making his appearance in a white t-shirt along with his wrestling gear since he’s in a match on this week’s show. Bryan congratulated Page and they shook hands. Bryan said he’s super excited about their AEW World Championship match, but Bryan said that he was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Kenny Omega standing there. Page said he beat Kenny’s ass and beat him in less than 30 minutes (a reference to Bryan going to a 30-minute draw with Omega). Bryan said he didn’t want to start a beef. Bryan said he won’t dress as a Ghostbuster on Halloween, he’s there to kick some ass. Bryan said that he’s out there wrestling every week while Page’s “cowboy shit” apparently means not wrestling while Bryan wrestles every week. Page said when he won the main event of WrestleMania (that got booed), he said he wrestled the very next night. Bryan said of course Virginia boos hard work.

Page stood up to Bryan as if he was ready to fight right now. Bryan ripped on Page’s cowboy boots, jeans and a horrible leather jacket. Bryan said that everybody told him that Page has a long list of excuses of why he’s failed his entire career. Bryan said that he didn’t want Page to have the excuse that he’s not ready. Page said that they won’t have the match tonight. Page said he knows Virginia is for lovers, but he’ll still fight. Bryan and Page shoved eachother a bit with the Dark Order guys breaking it up. Bryan did a promo saying that Page didn’t really want to fight right now. Bryan said that Dark Order knows Bryan would kick his ass, so Page tackled Bryan and Bryan bailed to the floor.

Bryan Danielson faces Evil Uno after a break.

Analysis: That was really good. It’s rare for AEW to start the show with a promo the way WWE has done many times for over two decades, but it was fitting for this show with Page as the new AEW World Champion. Page is a strong promo guy, so I thought he did well there. Bryan was a bit heelish with some of his words probably because he knew the crowd would be strongly behind Page so anything that Bryan said was going to get him heat. You might as well embrace it in a situation like that. I don’t know if Bryan will fully be a heel or anything like that although maybe against Page he’ll be more of a heel. Bryan can do either role well.


Bryan Danielson vs. Evil Uno

Uno with a shoulder tackle, atomic drop, stomp on the hands and a rollup for two. Uno with a chop, so Bryan chopped him in the face. Bryan worked over Uno with chops and kicks to the body. Bryan with a suplex followed by a cocky one foot pin to boos. Bryan kicked Uno in the back with kicks with the fans chanting “no” at him. Bryan shoved Uno in the head again, so Uno came back with chops and forearms to the head much to the delight of the crowd. Uno with a step-up hurricanrana. Uno blocked a kick leading to a neckbreaker for two. Bryan got back into it with a rolling elbow followed by hard slaps to the face. Bryan with two running dropkicks with the fans booing him. Uno with a kick to the face. Uno went up top and he went for a Senton Bomb, but Bryan got the knees up to block. Bryan hit the running knee to the face. Bryan held the arms while stomping on Uno’s head repeatedly. Bryan applied a Triangle Choke sleeper for the submission win after about six minutes.

Winner by submission: Bryan Danielson

Analysis: **1/2 An impressive win to put over Danielson in a dominant way. It’s nice to see AEW book a match that’s under ten minutes when it should be around six minutes like this match was. Evil Uno did get some offense and looked competitive for some of it although it’s not like anybody thought he was going to win.

Bryan Danielson was interviewed in the ring by Tony Schiavone. Bryan said he came out here to congratulate Hangman Adam Page and because of his behavior, Bryan ended up kicking Evil Uno’s head in. Bryan said that until he gets to face Page, he’ll kick in the heads of every member of the Dark Order. Bryan mentioned next week’s Dynamite in Chicago, he called out hometown boy Colt Cabana and said he’ll kick his head in next week.

Analysis: That promo seemed to confirm Bryan in the heel role, which is certainly fine by me. Bryan has been a great heel during his ROH and WWE days, but people think of him more as a natural babyface. Bryan can do it all, so I’m fine with it and I think he’ll do well to make Page even more likable as a face as well. Bryan beating Dark Order members before he gets Page is fine as a storyline as well.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman was shown backstage after his match after Full Gear. MJF talked about how people say other people are great wrestlers while MJF proved he was a great wrestler and not just a talker. MJF said he proved everybody wrong. MJF said that while you hate his guts, you have no choice to admit how good he really is. MJF said he beat Darby Allin with a headlock takeover and now he’s excited to go to Norfolk, Virginia. MJF signaled a title around his waist while asking what is next for him. MJF kissed his diamond ring and said he’s better than you and now you have no choice but to admit it.

Analysis: MJF was impressive with his in-ring performance at Full Gear. That was actually his first PPV win this year, but AEW isn’t going to mention that. I think MJF winning a title is very possible next year. It’s time for him to get some gold at some point in 2022.


They showed some highlights of the “firefight” between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston at Full Gear with Punk getting the win. Kingston walked away from a handshake

Eddie Kingston was about to get interviewed by Eddie Kingston, but there was an interruption with 2.0 and Daniel Garcia showing up. They mentioned Garcia lasted longer against Punk. Kingston got in Garcia’s face saying he shouldn’t let them call Garcia their “son” and that was disrespectful. Kingston said that he’s going to fight Garcia. Eddie asked for one promo without an interruption.

Analysis: Sorry Eddie. Lots of AEW promos have interruptions. It’s how they do things.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/Matt Hardy & The Bunny) vs. Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii (w/Rocky Romero)

This is Ishii’s first match in AEW. Ishii is an NJPW legend that’s the Never Openweight Champion. Ishii and Blade exchanged forearms leading to Ishii hitting a hard forearm to knock Blade down. Cassidy tagged in with one of his lazy splashes. Cassidy put the hands in the pockets, then the fans getting really loud for the comedy kicks and a running dropkick. Butcher made a blind tag and ran over Cassidy with a shoulder tackle. Blade was legal, he tossed Cassidy out of the ring where Bunny got in a kick and Hardy with a punch. That led to a picture in picture break.


The match returned with Cassidy breaking free from the heel corner. Ishii tagged in with a running shoulder tackle on Blade followed by chops. Ishii with a backdrop suplex for two. Butcher tagged in for a matchup between two power guys as they exchanged forearms and Butcher hit a running clothesline. Butcher with more chops, Ishii no sold that along with other moves, so then Ishii connected with an elbow to the jaw. Ishii hit a superplex off the middle rope for a two count with Blade breaking it up. Ishii with a clothesline, Cassidy tagged in and did a cross body block, but the heels caught him. Cassidy fought back with a Stundog Millionaire on Butcher and DDT on Blade for two. Cassidy charged, Butcher caught him with a slam and then Blade hit a double team neckbreaker with Butcher for a two count with Ishii making the save. Ishii tagged back in, Ishii with forearms, elbows and chops for everybody. Hardy and Bunny on the apron to distract. Ishii with a German Suplex on Ishii. Romero stopped Blade from using the brass knuckles, but Matt shoved Rocky into the barricade. Cassidy hit a cross body block off the top on Hardy/Blade on the floor. Blade was sent back in the ring, Ishii with a clothesline and Ishii hit a brainbuster for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Analysis: *** It was a pretty good tag team match here with Ishii being booked in a way that let him shine in his first AEW match. That’s not really a surprise since Ishii is a wrestling legend and they are going to use him right to encourage more NJPW guys to work in AEW. Blade and Butcher worked well as usual while Cassidy had some good babyface spots. The finish was booked well after Cassidy’s dive to the floor leading to Ishii finishing off Blade in the ring.

FTR and Andrade El Idolo were about to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Andrade got mad at Jose the suit guy. Andrade said that he is a better wrestler than Cody and Pac while adding he has beaten them clean. Andrade said he will show them the bad side. Cash Wheeler complained about their loss at Full Gear while saying that he wasn’t the legal man. Tully Blanchard warned Arn Anderson that he’s got one more (match) in him. That was it.


A video aired from Tay Conti talking about her Women’s Title match loss against Britt Baker at Full Gear. Conti said she’ll win the next time she has a title match.

Dr. Britt Baker said she’s tired of carrying this women’s division. Baker mentioned she’s supporting Jamie Hayter in the TBS Tournament. Tony mentioned Hayter faces Thunder Rosa, Baker didn’t like that and then Baker said that Rosa would lose to Hayter. Baker ended with the “DMD” thing with Tony awkwardly doing the hand gesture too.

TBS Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Hikaru Shida

They are both former AEW Women’s Champions that have wrestled many times before. Rose sent Shida into the turnbuckle, Rose with punches and then Shida hit a running knee. Shida with a dropkick. A fan had a sign wanting AEW to book more than one women’s match on TV. Sorry fan, but AEW usually just puts one women’s match on Dynamite. Shida with a kick to the side of the head, so Rose went to the floor to regroup. Shida left the ring, then she went back in and Rose took control with a stomp to the throat. Rose with a kick to the back followed by a stomp on the left knee. Rose stretched the left knee across the bottom rope along with choking across the middle rope. Rose continued stomping on the left knee. Shida to the floor, Rose went after her and Shida whipped Rose into the barricade. Rose with a running forearm to the back. Shida set up a chair on the floor, Rose avoided the leap off the chair by Shida and then Rose went for a diving attack, Shida moved and Rose dove through the chair. Vickie tried hitting Shida with a kendo stick, but Shida blocked it and hit Vickie with the kendo stick. Back in the ring, Rose slammed Shida off the ropes leading to a break.


The match returned with Serena Deeb showing up at ringside and doing a chop block to the back of the left knee of Shida. The referee didn’t see that. Rose set up Shida across the top rope with Rose hitting a jumping knee to the back for a two count. Shida fought out of a Powerbomb attempt and Shida went for an armbar, but Rose managed to power out of it with a Powerbomb. Rose with a back senton splash on the left knee. Rose went for a splash off the middle rope, Shida moved and Rose hit the mat, so Shida got a two count. Rose caught the injured left leg during a kick attempt and Rose applied a standing Stretch Muffler submission with Shida tapping out. Rose got the win after 11 minutes.

Winner by submission: Nyla Rose

Analysis: *** It was an even matchup with Shida doing a great job of selling the left knee injury throughout the match. The cheap shot by Serena Deeb on the floor led to Shida selling even more and then Rose managed to capitalize on the injury for the win. Rose looks like a smart heel by capitalizing on the cheap shot by Deeb to win the match.

The win means that Nyla Rose moves on to the semifinals of the AEW TBS Women’s Championship tournament.

Malakai Black did a promo about how the four of us are going to haunt the four of you in Chicago next week. It’s an eight-man tag team match next. Black suggested deep breaths for them while oxygen is still on their side.

Let’s Hear from MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his entrance with Wardlow and Shawn Spears, who had a chair with him. The announcers trashed MJF as MJF got into the ring. Spears mentioned that MJF can beat your heroes with a single headlock takeover and MJF would appreciate silence at this time. The fans booed. MJF mentioned Norfolk while calling them “bumkins.” MJF said that he checks the boxes in the ring, on the microphone and said that he is easily the most complete pro wrestler on the planet. MJF said that he will start a bidding war in the year 2024. MJF said that he is the past, present and future of professional wrestling. MJF said he could take your hometown horse (Adam Page) and send him packing. MJF said he could take a cowboy shit on his title. MJF said that the rankings don’t tell that story, but the people know that MJF deserves to be the next AEW World Champion. Excalibur ripped MJF for wrestling three times a year. MJF claimed that nobody in that locker room is on his level…and here comes CM Punk.

Analysis: Nice line by Excalibur about MJF not wrestling that often. There’s no explanation as to why that is, but that has been the case for over two years of AEW Dynamite.

The fans popped big as CM Punk slowly walked down to the ring that had MJF, Spears and Wardlow in it. JR: “I like this.” There were “CM Punk” chants.

CM Punk got into the ring with MJF while fans chanted “holy shit” at this visual. The fans were chanting “shut the f**k up” at MJF. That led to MJF introducing himself to Punk with a handshake, Punk looked at the hand and walked away from him. Punk was laughing. Punk walked to the back with a smile. MJF looked like he was pissed off from the disrespect.

Analysis: I think a lot of people wanted to see this confrontation and you could tell this crowd wanted it by what they were chanting. There’s no rush to give it away quickly. Next week’s Dynamite is in Chicago, which is where Punk is cheered the loudest, so they can further the story on that show. I think they’ll have a good feud and I hope MJF is the guy to give Punk his first AEW loss.

Darby Allin was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Allin said that Max didn’t break him mentally and Allin said that they will have a rematch. Allin said he wants the biggest and baddest that AEW has to offer. Billy Gunn and his two sons showed up. Billy said that he’s the biggest and baddest guy in AEW, so Darby should say when. Colten Gunn told Darby not to forget his skateboard, Austin said he likes turtles and Darby said let’s do it.

Analysis: I guess Darby will go from facing a guy in his prime like MJF to somebody well past their prime in Billy Gunn. That’s a win for Allin.


The Young Bucks and Adam Cole did a promo with Cole saying he’s sick of Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian Cage. Cole said it was the worst night of his career while Matt Jackson said that they tried to end his life on pay-per-view. Matt said that his kids were watching. Cole said that Matt and Nick are not cleared. Cole said on Dynamite, he’s going to team with Bobby Fish against Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy. Fish did a promo trashing the opponents, but Matt cut off Fish before Fish could say that was “undisputed” as a reference to the Undisputed Era group in NXT that Cole/Fish were part of.

Analysis: That’s a good match for Rampage on Friday with Cole/Fish against Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus.

Dante Martin entered for a match with Lio Rush. The Accolade’s Max Caster and Anthony Bowens entered with Caster rapping that Rush is better off as a manager. Caster said that they’re in Virginia and they are facing virgins (Rush is a father). Rush and Martin hit dives onto both guys before the match began.

Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs. The Acclaimed – Anthony Bowens & Max Caster

Rush hit an impressive running dropkick after some rope running to show off their speed. Martin with a diving stomp on the elbow. Bowens with chops to the chest, Martin with a chop of his own and Caster pulled Martin out of the ring. Caster whipped Martin into the barricade. The Acclaimed hit a double team suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Caster with a stomp to the ribs of Martin. Caster with a back elbow followed by punches. The fans chanted for Martin as Bowens worked him over with punches. Caster with a neckbreaker for two. They went to a picture in picture break.


The match returned with Martin breaking free by jumping off the backs of both opponents and Rush tagged in. Rush used his speed leading to an incredible spin kick, then a back kick on Caster and Rush with an ax kick on Bowens for two. Rush went up top, went for a splash, Bowens moved and Caster was in illegally with a shot to the throat. Martin went for his moonsault off the ropes, Caster avoided it and Rush kicked Caster in the head. Bowens with combination shots including a superkick. Martin back in illegally with a springboard dropkick with all four guys down around the ring. Bowens with an overhead suplex on Rush. Caster tagged in with a clothesline on Rush. Bowens with a spinning slam followed by Caster hitting an elbow drop off the top for two. The fans chanting “this is awesome” for them. Martin with a shotgun dropkick. Martin, who wasn’t legal, hit a kick to the head and hit a moonsault off the ropes. Rush went up top and hit a Frog Splash for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Lio Rush & Dante Martin

Analysis: ***1/2 This was fun. The second half of the match was exciting while the first part was more of a traditional match working over Martin. In a regular tag team match where they follow rules, a lot of what they did in the last few minutes should not be allowed because Rush was the legal man, but Martin was allowed to do all of his moves while the referee stands there doing nothing. Just book tornado tags if that’s the case. The people that are cheerleaders for AEW (they also run popular websites that have a lot of influence) won’t ever criticize the bad refereeing. Those of us that are unbiased do it because we have been pro wrestling fans for decades and letting everybody in the ring doing their spots – instead of telling the story of tag team wrestling – just looks dumb. Anyway, the team of Rush/Martin have impressed in their matches so far, which is not a shock since they are great athletes. It seems like The Acclaimed is one of those teams that can get wins on the Youtube shows, but they don’t get put over much on TV. Maybe one day that will change.

Team Taz members Taz, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook were on the stage. Taz said that Rush knows that it’s nothing personal, it’s just business that Team Taz offered Martin a deal to join the group. Starks mentioned Hobbs has been in Team Taz for one year. Starks said that if Martin joins them he could have a Hall of Fame career or a mediocre career, so the choice is up to Martin. Rush spoke to Martin in the ring after that.

Analysis: Team Taz barely wrestles on Dynamite. I don’t see how joining them will make somebody better, but heels lie.

Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy did a promo about how they beat the Superkliq at Full Gear. Christian thought that Full Gear was one of the greatest, most rewarding nights of his career. Jungle Boy said that the change in his heart is here to stay. Boy said that they are better than they have ever been. Luchasaurus just growled.

This Friday on Rampage:

* Billy Gunn vs. Darby Allin

* TBS Tournament Quarterfinals – Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet. A short video aired about their rivalry.

* Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

Next Wednesday on Dynamite from Chicago:

* Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana

* TBS Tournament Quarterfinals – Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter

* Cody Rhodes, Pac & Lucha Brothers vs. Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black & FTR.

It’s main event time up next.


Lucha Brothers did a promo holding the AEW Tag Team Titles with Alex Abrahantes translating what Penta said. Rey Fenix said that they have something special next week on Dynamite. Fenix said that they are the best four man team in the universe.

Jay Lethal made his entrance for his AEW debut match. The start of Lethal’s song is like the “Macho Man” Randy Savage entrance since Lethal does a great Macho Man impression. Lethal was shown doing a pre-tape promo saying Sammy is in for the toughest fight of his life.

Sammy Guevara was up next as the TNT Champion with a singles record of 8-1 in 2021. I am stunned that he has only nine singles matches in November 2021. That’s silly. Put him in the ring more. Tony Nese was shown watching in the crowd looking unimpressed. Sammy had his ribs taped.

TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara vs. Jay Lethal

Sammy went for a big move off the shoulders, Lethal got out of it and then they did a couple of sequences for nearfalls after that. Lethal with an armdrag followed by a dropkick. Lethal hit a backbreaker for a two count. Lethal with punches to the back of the ribs and then a knee to the ribs. Lethal with a slam into the mat. Sammy left the ring, then went back into the ring and hit a knee to the face. Lethal went to the floor, so Sammy jumped over the top with a twisting dive onto a standing Lethal. Sammy went up top and went for a Shooting Star Press, but Jay got the knees up to block.

(Commercial – During the break, AEW’s Dr. Sampson was checking on Sammy’s ribs to sell the idea of Sammy being hurt. Lethal had to wait in the ring while Sammy was being checked on.)

Sammy got back in the ring when the match returned with Sammy saying he wanted to keep going. Sammy gave Jay the double middle finger salute. They exchanged punches, Lethal stomped on the ribs and Lethal launched Sammy into the air leading to Sammy hitting the mat. Sammy came back with a standing Spanish Fly slam. Lethal rolled out of the ring, Sammy ran the ropes, Lethal back in the ring to toss Sammy out of the ring and when Lethal went for a dive, Sammy caught him. Sammy hit a brainbuster on the floor. Sammy with a knee that rocked Lethal by the timekeeper’s table at ringside. Sammy jumped off the top with a somersault dive, Lethal moved and Sammy went crashing through the table. Ouch. Back in the ring, Lethal went up top with an elbow drop, but Sammy caught him with a crucifix pin attempt. Sammy with punches, Lethal with a shot to the leg and Lethal hit a slam into the mat. Lethal applied a Figure Four Leglock with the crowd doing the “WOO” chants by Ric Flair. Sammy tried to get to the ropes, Lethal pulled him back to the middle and Sammy got his hand on the bottom rope for a break. The fans chanted “fight forever” for them. Sammy with a jumping knee, but he couldn’t lift Jay up to the shoulders. Lethal went for a suplex, Sammy to his feet and Sammy hit a running knee. Sammy with another running knee with Lethal doing a great bump after that. Sammy had Lethal on the shoulders leading to the GTH (knee to the face) for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sammy Guevara

Analysis: ***3/4 A great match between two talented athletes. Sammy sold the rib injury well for most of it, but there were times when he could have sold it even more. I liked the Figure Four Leglock spot by Lethal and I think maybe some more nearfalls for Lethal would have helped too. The best thing about the match is putting the title on the line in the main event spot, giving them a good amount of time to have a competitive and letting them deliver like they did. There was no story or anything like that, but they got the chance to wrestle and had a fun match that was easy to watch. Listen to the crowd get into it too. That always helps the performers in the ring and those of us watching at home too. I like that it took a lot to put Lethal away as well since Sammy did the two running knees and then the final GTH knee to the jaw for the win. That makes Lethal look tough even in defeat. Keep the title on Sammy for a few months. He’s great.

Sammy Guevara celebrated with the TNT Title leading to Inner Circle members Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz congratulating their friend. Sammy shook Lethal’s hand and the fans cheered. Jericho looked like he said welcome to AEW to Lethal. Tony said it was one of the best Dynamite episodes ever, but Tony is the kind of cheerleader announcer to say that about every episode. They all posed in the ring. That was it.

Analysis: That was cool. Lethal will probably be a face in AEW since that’s a natural role for him. The Inner Circle remains one of AEW’s best groups as well.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Bryan Danielson/Adam Page
  2. Sammy Guevara
  3. Jay Lethal


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.5 out of 10

Last Week: 7.75

2021 Average: 7.39


Final Thoughts

It was a very good episode of Dynamite. They started some new feuds while putting on some fun matches. It had less of the usual Dynamite formula where wrestlers have a match, there’s a winner and then an attack after the match. This week was more about focusing on the matches. I thought Sammy/Lethal was the best match while the tag team match before (Rush/Martin vs. The Acclaimed) was very good too. It was cool to see Ishii in an AEW ring as well.

I liked the Bryan Danielson heel actions a lot. Bryan can pull off any role even if the AEW fans were happy to see him debut two months ago. If Bryan turning heel is the best role for him to make Adam Page more of a face then that’s fine with me. I thought the MJF/CM Punk was a nice tease of what’s to come between them especially with Dynamite in Chicago next week in Punk’s hometown. They can probably have a great promo exchange there.

Lastly, I’ll miss Kenny Omega while he’s gone for however long it lasts. If he needs shoulder surgery as reported then it could be several months until he’s wrestling again. Kenny will be missed, but the AEW roster is still very talented and deep. No doubt about that.

Thanks for reading. Go Los Angeles Rams, Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. You can contact me using any of the methods below.

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