WWE Identify 21 Year Old As The ‘Next Sasha Banks’

Sasha Banks Mercedes Mone

One of the youngest stars on the NXT roster is being eyed as the new Sasha Banks, thanks to legendary wrestler and now head of creative Triple H, who sees the potential in 21-year-old Cora Jade.

Since taking his position after the retirement of Vince McMahon, Triple H wasted no time switching up the roster, bringing back previously released superstars like Bray Wyatt, and elevating the up-and-coming talent by giving them an opportunity to be seen on the main roster instead of the developmental roster of NXT.

Coming up to her second year in NXT, Cora Jade has become a fan favorite and according to sources, Cora Jade is a favorite among the talent backstage too.

GiveMeSport shared these comments from Twitter account @WrestleVotes, who noted that everyone backstage in WWE loves the young talent and WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H sees her as the next Sasha Banks, saying she is an all-round performer.

“Everybody loves Cora [Jade]. She’s on the fast track to becoming the next Sasha Banks. She has the same thing Sasha has, she’s talented, she’s got this unique look about her, she’s super young and she’s pretty decent in the ring, right? The potential of her becoming a big deal is high and WWE sees that.”

Jade was victorious in a match against Valentina Feroz on the November 1st episode of NXT.