New WWE Signing Overwhelmed By WrestleMania Experience

WWE WrestleMania 40 set

One new WWE star is yet to make their debut for the company but they’ve already been left overwhelmed by their experience so far.

On April 15th, new WWE signing Giulia helped launch a new promotion Dream Star Fighting Marigold with former STARDOM boss Rossy Ogawa. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the star will compete on the debut show on May 20th. That news came after the Japanese-Italian star spent WrestleMania weekend with WWE and was shown on camera at NXT Stand & Deliver.

Speaking in an interview with Encount, Giulia lifted the lid on her WWE experience so far and admits she was left overwhelmed by the scale of WrestleMania:

I was overwhelmed (at WrestleMania). It was on a completely different scale, it was epic, I was moved, I was overwhelmed, and it was the same backstage, and the 80,000 people in the audience roared and roared. That was it.

I’m really glad I went there. Of course, it’s great to fight in a big match in Japan with 3,000 people, and then the number of people increases by hundreds at the next tournament, but when I saw that, it was… I couldn’t be satisfied with that… I really realized that there is no limit to what I can aim for, and I want to continue with that feeling.

(Translated from Japanese)

When Will Giulia Make Her WWE Debut?

With regard to presentation, Giulia is expected to keep her ring name, but she’s likely to get new theme music.

There is a belief within NXT that Giulia will make her in-ring debut at Heatwave on July 7th, where she will challenge for one of the NXT Women’s Titles. WWE recently announced plans to introduce a Women’s North American Title, and there had been rumours that Giulia could be the inaugural champion but plans have since been put in place for how the first holder of that belt will be decided.