Latest WWE Signing Helps Launch New Company

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A new promotion based in Japan has been announced and after recent developments in the world of wrestling, it could have an association with WWE.

Back in February, Stardom’s owner Bushiroad announced that they had fired the promotion’s founder Rossy Ogawa. AEW boss Tony Khan celebrated Ogawa’s exit and made allusions to “corporate espionage.” While Khan has been aggressive in the free agent market recently, eyebrows were raised when it emerged that AEW refused to make an offer for Stardom’s biggest name, Giulia.

Giulia recently appeared on WWE TV at NXT Stand & Deliver and she is believed to be on her way to the company but it seems the rumours suggesting she’ll be in Japan a bit longer to help Rossy Ogawa launch a new promotion are true.

New Japanese Promotion Launches – Will It Be Linked To WWE?

A press conference was held on the morning of the 15th of April where Ogawa announced the formation of the new promotion Dream Star Fighting Marigold – or Marigold for short. The company’s first show, Marigold Fields Forever, will be held in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on May 20th.

The show will offer both Japanese and English commentary and will stream live on Wrestle Universe. The main event for that show will be a tag team match that will pit Giulia against Sareee, both with unnamed partners.

Marigold’s roster will contain many former Stardom stars and is currently comprised of Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Nanae Takahashi, Mai Sakurai, and Yuzuki (now going by Victoria Yuzuki), Nao Ishikawa, Natsumi Sumikawa, Miku Aono, Misa Matsui, CHIAKI, Chika Goto, and KOUKI.

Stardom is owned by the same parent company as New Japan Pro Wrestling which is heavily linked with AEW. Since Ogawa’s departure, Stardom stars have begun appearing in Tony Khan’s company as well. Whether Ogawa’s new Marigold promotion will have as strong a link with WWE remains to be seen.